AHN Schedules

AHN Schedules

Branches currently offering AHN workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops are available at select branches. Feel free to contact your preferred branch directly with any of your questions.

For all workshop schedules offered, please click here.

Virtual Classroom Format

CSNN Gatineau-Ottawa

  • Stay tuned for 2022-2023 schedules for a variety of AHN workshops.

Visit CSNN Gatineau-Ottawa website for more information.

Correspondence Format

All AHN workshops are available by correspondence (material is sent by mail). Click here to be re-directed to the Distance Education branch site for more information.

To register for individual AHN workshops or Certificate Packages via Distance Education, please click on the link below (registration form will open in new tab):

Advanced Holistic Nutrition Workshops and Certificate Packages

*Workshops are held via Zoom classroom or through correspondence with Distance Education. Click here to learn more about Virtual Classroom vs. Online Learning. Contact your preferred branch if you have any questions. 

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