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Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

The Natural Nutrition Diploma Program is CSNN’s flagship program with over 11,000 graduates worldwide. This is our foundation program with comprehensive science-based curriculum.

The dedicated purpose of CSNN’s teaching is to demonstrate the importance of natural nutrition in complementary health care. The Natural Nutrition Program prepares holistic nutrition professionals in a practical way to meet this goal through counselling individual clients as well as through community education. Through supervised live case studies the students learn to do individual client assessments and to give nutritional recommendations.

The connection between body, mind and spirit is an integral and important part of these studies. It is scientifically demonstrated that our state of mind and spiritual wellbeing affect our physical health. The study of this well-established phenomenon is not linked to any religious creed. It is purely academic and aims to enlighten in a broad way about the effects of life experiences and circumstances, on health.

An Enhanced/Intensive version of the Natural Nutrition Program is available with additional supervised clinical hours for those who are serious about becoming a practitioner and/or feel they require additional support and guidance with both their studies and launching their career.

These programs are also eligible for student loan funding. Available at CSNN Edmonton, Moncton, and Vancouver Island. Please contact your preferred branch to learn more. 

These are approved for CECs by canfitpro:

  • Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate
  • Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate
  • Holistic Culinary Certificate

Not ready to commit to the full nutrition program? Select branches offer an Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate. Students will get a feel for the program, learn the fundamentals of nutrition, and gain an appreciation of the basic principles required to make informed dietary decisions and take control of their own well-being. 

The below offerings are also available at select branches. 

A series of fun workshops that gives you a sneak peek into the world of holistic nutrition and provides you with some holistic nutrition tips for you and your family. No prior knowledge of holistic nutrition is needed. You will receive basic foundational knowledge about healthy fats, good digestion, gut health, and much more. 

Cook your way to better health! These culinary workshops are designed to enrich kitchen skills and confidence. Students are introduced to an array of whole foods, diverse methods of food preparation, and how certain techniques can enhance the restorative qualities of food. Workshops include International Cuisines, Alternative Baking & Raw Sweets, and more.