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The Many Facets of Holistic Nutrition

Explore our articles written by our graduates on various aspects of holistic nutrition and health.

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  • Nourish Your Wellbeing to Beat Burnout – Article from Sharon K. Summerfield, R.H.N. teaches you about different strategies to nourish your wellbeing, including some lifestyle and nutrition tips.
  • How to Get Healthy Skin Naturally – Article from Allison Tannis, MSc., R.H.N. Learn about 9 science-backed tips for healthy skin.
  • How to Stay Resilient in Difficult Times – Article from Kristina Virro, R.H.N. and Registered Psychotherapist. Resilience is a skill that can be learned. Find out more about the 3 characteristics of resilient individuals.
  • The Gut, Brain, and Mom Drain – Article from Karla Rice, C.H.N.C. Optimizing maternal mental health and avoiding postnatal burnout requires the need for a new integrative approach that includes nutrition, social support, and lifestyle education.

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The level of chronic mental and physical illness our population is experiencing is exhausting doctors and overwhelming our medical and insurance systems. And it’s only getting worse. The good news is that the latest research confirms that the vast majority of these chronic health conditions can improve when nutrition and lifestyle are well managed. This is where Holistic Nutrition Practitioners come in to fill the role of health advocate, educator, food expert, and lifestyle coach.

Jessica Sherman, R.H.N.Read the full article