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Celebrate Holistic Nutrition

We are celebrating 30 years of CSNN, Canada’s Leading Holistic Nutrition School. May is Holistic Nutrition Month, where we shine a light on our innovative industry and all those who have made exceptional contributions to the field of holistic nutrition.

Check out our latest blog post highlighting our milestones.

With warmer weather coming, that means there will be lots of fresh and delicious veggies. With all those seasonal veg, you should have a great all-purpose dressing to go with them. Creamy, tangy, and herbaceous. Recipe from Sarah Shoemaker, R.H.N.

Nutrition can be confusing for many. Some struggle with their relationship with food while wanting to be healthy but not exactly sure what healthy actually looks like. Health isn’t about just what you eat, but your relationship with food, your mindset, and how you nourish your body and soul. Healthy also looks different for everyone. Dani Ross, R.H.N. talks about this 80/20 guideline as a holistic nutrition practitioner and shares some tips.

This is a fun take on Caesar salad with spicy crunchy tofu and tahini Caesar dressing. No boring salads here. This is packed with flavour! Tip: add hemp seeds as a topping for extra protein and healthy fats. Recipe from Bailey Fitzgerald, R.H.N. 

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we’ve compiled 30 practical tips. Living a holistic lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult and small consistent changes can make a big difference that you and your family will feel. 

While we share lots of recipes to give you some ideas and inspiration in the kitchen, there is lots of freedom and flexibility. Everyone is unique with their own tastes and nutritional needs. This blog post from Nissrine Boufawaz, R.H.N. can be a starting point for how to create nourishing meals without a recipe based on your tastes and what you have available. 

You may already take vitamin C when you feel like you’re getting sick. Or you know certain foods have a lot of vitamin C and that’s good. But let’s take a deeper dive into this important nutrient. Blog post from Colleen Doucette, R.H.N. If you’re interested in learning a bit more, consider our Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate workshops.

Discover the Power of Holistic Nutrition

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  • I loved my time at CSNN. I found the teachers to be incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about their craft, and able to make someone who actively avoids science, able to understand the material…. I finished the program being confident in my knowledge and ability to apply it to everyday situations and learned that I thrive off of educating people on how to achieve a better quality of life through diet and holistic lifestyle choices. The class sizes are manageable, the students are from every walk of life meaning a variety of knowledge and opinions, the courses are engaging and hard but not too hard to digest and you leave feeling like you’re better equipped to live in today’s society.

    Jess P., R.H.N.
  • I loved my time at CSNN. I found the teachers to be incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about their craft, and able to make someone who actively avoids science, able to understand the material…. I finished the program being confident in my knowledge and ability to apply it to everyday situations and learned that I thrive off of educating people on how to achieve a better quality of life through diet and holistic lifestyle choices. The class sizes are manageable, the students are from every walk of life meaning a variety of knowledge and opinions, the courses are engaging and hard but not too hard to digest and you leave feeling like you’re better equipped to live in today’s society.

    Kseniya L., R.H.N.
  • There were numerous aspects that I loved about CSNN’s program, but what I enjoyed the best were the diversity of courses and their application as a registered holistic nutritionist. Coming from a science background, I found that often during my undergraduate degree I would learn the necessary material in class just to be tested on my memorization skills. The courses at CSNN taught the particular fundamentals and necessary background information, but also exactly how and when to apply them. For example, our chemistry course. Chemistry is often feared and perhaps overlooked, but everything that we learnt in the course is exactly applicable to our roles as holistic nutritionists. That is something I value and appreciate. It is one thing to learn material, but another to be able to recognize and understand the importance and application.

    Julianna M., R.H.N.
CSNN Instructor Highlight

Viktoria Jones, C.H.N.C.

After years of struggling with emotional eating, sugar addiction and the constant battle with food, Viktoria finally found the secret to breaking down limiting beliefs and addressing the root problem. Viktoria graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2016 with honors and has since worked with over 400 women in her virtual nutrition practice. 

CSNN Instructor Highlight

Yvette Styner, C.H.N.C.

Meet Yvette, founder of BUILD Holistic Nutrition.  Yvette is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™. Although she’s always been involved in the fitness and wellness industry, she only truly discovered the profound and undeniable benefits of optimally fueling the body with natural nutrition after training for her first natural bodybuilding competition in 2011. This sparked a curiosity to understand the inner workings of the body and her passion to share that knowledge with others.

CSNN Instructor Highlight

Keyrsten McEwan, R.H.N.

As a senior instructor, Keyrsten teaches several courses, including Nutritional Symptomatology, Allergies, Hormone Health, and Nutritional Literature Research. A former dancer and avid runner, Keyrsten prides herself on her healthy relationship with good food – and excellent wine – and on her involvement in local communities across the greater Vancouver area, where she often facilitates both public and corporate workshops on various nutrition and wellness focused topics.

Rejan Magee, R.H.N. writes about the gut-brain and gut-skin connection. Learn how to help your gut microbiome thrive so it can benefit your overall health and wellbeing.

Acid reflux, also known as indigestion, heartburn, and GERD can be extremely uncomfortable. But what is it exactly? In this blog post from Histamine Haven, run by Tracey Reed, C.H.N.C. and Luka Symons, C.H.N.C, learn about some possibilities behind why you might be experiencing these symptoms and how histamine plays an important role in your digestion.

There’s so much chatter on the internet about gut health, but there is also misinformation, and it can be very confusing, especially when you’re trying to get to the root of your own gut health symptoms – there is no one-size-fits-all! Brittany Nicholson, R.H.N., breaks down 8 common myths about gut health. There is also a podcast episode you can listen to.

What are digestive enzymes and where do they come from? This blog post sheds light on this topic, including some signs you may need digestive enzymes, the role of these enzymes in reducing inflammation in your body, and a holistic approach to getting digestive enzymes.

This tasty dish is an example of a balanced, candida-friendly meal with protein, healthy fats, fiber, carbs, and ingredients to help support your liver. Recipe is from Marisa Ricci, C.H.N. and she explains why it’s balanced and the nutritional benefits of the ingredients.

Here’s a recipe and video from Emma Levez Larocque, R.H.N. from her plant-based kitchen. You’ll learn about fermented food and why it’s good for your gut and immune health as well as pick up some tips and tricks for making sauerkraut to ensure it’s safe and successful.

Did you know that nearly 18% of us struggle with bloating once a week? It can be painful at times, but there is help. In this article, learn more about what bloating is, what are the causes (including what foods), and 11 natural solutions to help alleviate bloating and improve your gut health. 

Here are 5 science-backed facts about probiotics, including some answers to the most common questions people have, including what they are, should you take them, and single-strain vs. multi-strain, and the difference between prebiotics. Learn what foods are good sources of probiotics in this blog post from Allison Tannis, R.H.N.

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Certificate gives students a little taste of holistic nutrition. There are 10 online workshops (20 hours total) and they cover a variety of topics, such as Digestive Health. It’s not only about the nutrients we eat but what we absorb! You’ll learn how important gut health is to overall health and wellbeing.

An interactive discussion with Holistic Nutrition Professional and CSNN Grad, Tracey Reed, led by Becka Crowe (Going Grainless), about a holistic approach to digestive health.

The tools you utilize should allow you to harness the full potential of natural, wholesome ingredients. But more importantly, your tools need to make preparing nutritious, healthy foods easier. Feel more empowered to cook at home and find ways to make healthy cooking less stressful. The tools you utilize should allow you to harness the full potential of natural, wholesome ingredients. But more importantly, your tools need to make preparing nutritious, healthy foods easier.

Ever buy a big clamshell of leafy greens but don’t know what to do with it? Maybe you’re just trying to eat healthier, or maybe you needed it for a specific dish, but now you’re stuck with lots of greens that will go bad soon. This blog post from Alina Muresan, C.H.N.C. will give you some great tips to use them before they go bad. You’ll minimize your food waste and save money because you’ll actually be eating the food and not throwing it away!

Made on one  sheet pan (easy clean up!), this vegetarian recipe is packed with flavour and a quick meal to prepare. It can be served warm with a drizzle of tahini sauce on top, on rice, or served cold on a salad. This recipe is well-balanced with plant-based protein, complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fats. Recipe from Stephanie Kay, R.H.N.

This is a video from Paula Hingley, R.H.N. from September with the intention of helping with the back-to-school transition, but it works any time of year when you’re busy. 3 meal prep-friendly recipes that are delicious and convenient as they don’t require reheating: Cottage Cheese Frittata, Shrimp Macaroni Salad, and Crispy Tofu Soba Noodle Bowl. Meals are a little on the lighter side to embrace the coming spring and warm weather. Great for meal prep or pack-ahead lunches. Grocery list included!

This roasted eggplant lentil salad is made with roasted and tender cubes of eggplant tossed with earthy lentils, fresh parsley, and zingy olives and capers. Paula Hingley, R.H.N. also shares tips for cooking, storage, and what to pair with this punchy salad.

With the rising grocery prices, it can feel harder than ever to do a simple grocery shop. Many of us are looking for the most affordable items while still trying to be as healthy as possible. This brings us to the debate of fresh vs frozen and what are the pros and cons of each. Let’s talk about the differences and how you can make an informed choice for you and your family.

Why should you have these 8 staple ingredients on hand? They are nutritious, plant-based, and can help you eat healthier as you can create dozens of dishes with these versatile ingredients. See what these 8 staples are, what their health benefits are, and how you can incorporate them into your meal planning.

Do you struggle with the age-old question of what to make for dinner? Is grocery shopping stressful because you never know what to buy? Maybe you come home with ingredients, but don’t know what the best way is to cook efficiently for the whole week. This guide will be the starting point for you to discover tips and recipes and get inspired to make family meals quick, easy, and of course, nutritious.

Ready for your health to bloom and your career to blossom? Our Natural Nutrition Program can help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing while also providing you the foundation for an exciting new career in holistic nutrition. Our comprehensive curriculum with real-life case studies will teach you all about the human body, nutrition, the body-mind-spirit connection, and how to put the pieces all together so you can thrive!

Fitness pros already know that you can’t out-exercise a poor diet or lifestyle. If you’re going to talk about nutrition with your clients, you really need to know what you’re talking about. We talk about why nutrition is essential in personal training to help your client enhance performance, delay the onset of fatigue, support muscle repair and recovery, and more.

Let’s unpack this. Are high-fat foods unhealthy? We talk about this nutrition myth and give some insight because navigating this topic is tricky. Find out which foods you should avoid and which healthy high-fat foods you should eat more often.

Try a Mexican-inspired dinner night! These chicken fajita bowls have tons of flavour from the cilantro, lime juice, and jalapenos. You’ve got your protein from the chicken, healthy fat from the avocado, and loads of greens and veggies and fibre (quinoa) to keep us full. Yum!

Exercise and healthy food choices play a big part to naturally lower cholesterol, but when paired with a natural and healthy lifestyle, you can improve inflammation, lower body weight, increase energy, and lower cholesterol and the risk of many diseases. Here is the holistic approach and why it can be effective with the research to back it up.

We know about heart healthy foods, but lifestyle habits are just as important; even simple changes can make a big difference according to science. Prevention is key when it comes to heart disease so here are some ways you can incorporate it into your daily life today.

When working out, many reach for a sports beverage with electrolytes, but there are some natural options (and some you can eat). Find out more about electrolyte imbalances and what they actually do in your body. Learn about new drinks and foods you can consume to bring your electrolyte levels back in balance.

Here is some tasty inspiration to shake up your overnight oats and add extra protein to fuel your body. Oats have a high concentration of beta-glucan which is helpful at lowering cholesterol. Recipe from Yvette Styner, C.H.N.C.

What are areas in your life that you want to improve upon? Your healthy habits? What about mental wellness? Do you have career aspirations? Maybe you want to make more meaningful connections in the coming year. Having been around for almost 30 years, CSNN has some insight on the most common reasons students come to holistic nutrition and the school. Here are some ways that CSNN can help you achieve your goals.

Blueberry Breakfast Crisp with Peanut Butter Banana Nice Cream: Are you making it a habit to not skip breakfast this year? If breakfast is this tasty, you wouldn’t want to miss it! This breakfast doesn’t just taste like dessert, but it’s full of antioxidants, fibre, and vitamin C. Antioxidants help slow aging and help brain function. Recipe from Kyle Young, R.H.N.

The top resolution for many people is to lose weight in the new year. This post sheds light on how to lose weight effectively according to research. You may also be interested in the No-Diet Solution post. If you’re interested in learning more and are fascinated by nutrition science, the program might be for you!

Is improving your mental wellness one of your resolutions? Deep breaths and a good night’s sleep are probably the first things you think of when you want to improve your mental health. But here are 3 additional surprising ways.

Bonnie has helped several clients and also given back to the CSNN community. She chose digestive health as her area of focus and takes a whole person approach to health with her clients. Check out her inspiring career story.

So you have decided to talk to a holistic nutrition practitioner. Or maybe you’re curious about what it would be like to be one and what it would look like to consult with clients. Here’s a little peek into what a visit might look like. Article by Bonnie Wisener, R.H.N. 

Dry January is a wellness challenge where participants abstain from drinking alcohol for the entire month of January. There are plenty of mental and physical benefits from doing this. If this is something you’d like to try, here is some information on it and some tips to help you succeed.  

Here are 9 of the best foods you can have to impact your mood and help improve your mental health. Allison Tannis, R.H.N. doesn’t just share what to eat, but why these foods affect us in this way and also what to avoid.

Here’s a light meal so you won’t feel weighed down, but with tons of nutritional benefits from the sweet potatoes, avocado hollandaise, and eggs. Add a light salad for a tasty meal any time of the day! Recipe from Karen Edgerton, R.H.N.

Food and mental health are linked and there is more and more research over the years that supports the correlation between the two. Kristina Virro, R.H.N. shows us how holistic nutrition professionals can improve someone’s mood through food.

Do you need some help processing the diet culture around the holidays? Rigid rules rarely help and are not sustainable. Brittany Gordon, R.H.N. shares some insight on how you can adopt a more holistic approach and make the holidays healthful and joyous. She is also hosting a FREE lunch and learn on Dec. 15 at 12pm EST on Zoom to help you navigate the holiday chaos. Details here.

This is a tasty holiday treat that is simple to make and will have everyone coming back for seconds. It’s gluten-free and packed with superfoods and made without any refined sugar. This is sure to be a hit all season long! Recipe from Bonnie Wisener, R.H.N.

5 Nutrients You Need More Of in the Winter: Are you craving soups and stews and rich warm hearty meals? Let’s honour those natural cold weather cravings! Weather patterns affect what seasonal vegetables are available but also what we crave. Allison Tannis, R.H.N. talks about the science and what nutrients we need more of in the winter. Here are some ingredients to eat more of this winter.

Chocolate is a popular year-round treat (Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day for example) but especially so during the holidays. But did you know that it can be good for you too? Let’s dive a little deeper into chocolate, the nutritional and mental benefits, and how to choose a healthier chocolate.

Mint and chocolate are a classic holiday flavour pairing. This delicious cookie is the perfect balance between refreshing holiday peppermint and decadent chocolate. This recipe also freezes well so they’re perfect for when you need to quickly whip up a dessert for a party. Recipe from Joanna Brown, C.H.N.C.

When it’s cold, we all want heartwarming and soul-soothing meals. This is the perfect soup for that! There is a good amount of nutrients from the ingredients, like magnesium, B vitamins potassium, protein, and fiber, while delivering on smoky spicy flavours. Recipe from Ashleigh Grange, R.H.N.

Do you have lots of gatherings planned this holiday season? When spending time with friends and family, you may be tempted to overindulge. Healthy habits can easily go by the wayside. Here are some holistic tips and tricks from Brittany Nicholson, R.H.N. to help you feel your best.

These Indian-inspired flavours are sure to jazz up basic oven potatoes. Use them in a breakfast bowl too for a really delicious start to your day! The addition of spices in this recipe are not just for flavour, but also have anti-inflammatory qualities and can help soothe your digestive system. Recipe from Delia Mota, R.H.N.

It seems like baking is everywhere this time of year. Baking can be a real comfort but “traditional” baking can contain inflammatory ingredients. But don’t despair! Ashleigh Grange, R.H.N. shares some easy swaps you can do so you can still enjoy delicious baked goods this season.

Snack platters are hugely popular. It’s great way to satisfy lots of different tastes and are perfect for entertaining. Meaty, cheesy, salty, crispy, sweet, fruity, the combinations are endless! Here are some ideas on how to build a dairy-free charcuterie board for your next gathering.

Sweet potatoes are readily available and versatile in sweet and savoury dishes. Try this unique recipe that is full of plant-based protein, healthy fats, and fiber. This is a fantastic dessert but try it as a healthy breakfast too! Recipe from Lisa Cheverie, C.H.N.C. 

As we move past the pandemic, resilience continues to be an important skill to build and work on. Part of being proactive with your health is being consistent and working on your mindset. Article written by Kristina Virro, R.H.N and registered psychotherapist. 

A beautiful fall/winter dish with brown rice, pecan, and sage stuffing. This versatile recipe is also vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, and absolutely scrumptious! Ashley Madden, C.H.N., shares her recipe along with some nutritional benefits of the ingredients, time saving tips, and some possible variations.

When thinking about overall health, are you thinking about bone health? With healthy bones, they’re less likely to break, you’ll have better posture, protect your organs, help you move better, store calcium and other nutrients, and more! Here are 10 fruits that can help. 

Ashley felt like there was a missing piece in western medicine, which brought her to study holistic nutrition CSNN. She’s a pharmacist turned certified holistic nutritional consultant and plant-based chef with 2 published cookbooks. See how CSNN allowed her to find her passion and new career and help her adopt a healthy holistic approach to life. 

This is Magnesium 101. This important mineral has significant impact on your health and wellbeing. In this article, you’ll learn more about how it impacts you, how to tell if you’re deficient, and what foods can help. 

Caroline Chow, R.H.N. shares her journey dealing with perioral dermatitis and how it brought her to holistic nutrition. Her education and taking a holistic approach helped her clear her skin and sparked her career change from finance to nutrition. 

Out of the vegetables you could be eating, what is it that makes cruciferous vegetables so impressive? In this article, learn about the many nutrients and benefits and the science behind them. There are also some cooking tips on how to best prepare them. 

With a chronic health condition, Ciara turned towards CSNN and chose to study holistic nutrition to better her health, her family’s health, and create a new career in something she’s passionate about. She also created a niche community to help others with the same kidney disease. Learn more about her story. 

This is a delicious flavour combination you might not have discovered yet. This cookie has a soft and gooey centre and also happens to be gluten-free and made without any refined sugar. Recipe from Caroline Chow, R.H.N. 

Chanelle Lagassé, R.H.N. was featured in the Winnipeg Free Press. As a holistic nutrition professional with a focus in gut health, hormone health, and plant-based nutrition, she helps empower people to eat and live healthier while being more environmentally friendly. Learn more in the article. 

Cultivate a healthier mindset when it comes to food with the holistic approach. There are no “good” or “bad” foods and all foods can fit. No one diet is better than another. We are all unique and have unique relationships with food. Learn more from this post from Alyssa Flegg, R.H.N. 

Sleep, exercise, and eat your way to a stronger immune system. Staying healthy is a balance between immune boosters and immunity drainers.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Successful and sustainable weight loss comes with a healthy holistic lifestyle. Article by Allison Tannis, R.H.N.

CSNN Workshops

Immunity & Whole Foods

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the information (and misinformation) out there about health and nutrition, the Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate workshops are a great starting point. You will be surprised by the amount of information you get! You’ll get so much value out of this certificate from CSNN, the largest leading holistic nutrition school in Canada. These workshops are packed full of useful and practical information so you can start to understand holistic nutrition and its role in your overall health and wellbeing better.

Workshops are available at select branches via Live Online Zoom or through Distance Education through a self-study online learning format. 

Brittany Nicholson, R.H.N. had a science background before deciding to take control of her own health and study holistic nutrition. She wanted to help others with the same digestive issues and burnout she experienced herself. Now she works with clients with an evidence-based approach and also has a podcast where she discusses holistic health, nutrition, and finding balance. 

CSNN Graduates have comprehensive training that focuses on science, how the body works, how everything is connected, and how nutrition and lifestyle can impact one’s overall health and wellbeing. Could your impaired digestion be affecting your hormones? Brittany Nicholson, R.H.N. talks about the connection between estrogen and your gut health in her blog post.

Menopause can be a frustrating time for many with symptoms that can last years. It can impact your quality of life as physical, mental, and sexual health can deteriorate. Here are some holistic ways you can try to reduce symptoms and enjoy a healthy menopause.

This bowl is healthy, warming, and also happens to be vegan; it’s perfect for the fall weather. This recipe has plenty of fibre which is good for digestion, hormones, and weight management. It also has liver-loving ingredients and other antioxidants and other supportive nutritional benefits to help you get healthy skin and happy hormones. Recipe from Sisley Killam, R.H.N.

Our hormonal cycle affects us physically and mentally. Bailey Fitzgerald, R.H.N. shares some ways to optimize your workout to better align with your cycle and energy. By doing this, you can reap the maximum benefits of your workout as you’re not fighting against your own body and feelings. Learn to feel better overall in your fitness and your wellbeing.

Who doesn’t love a cookie? This classic treat can be made vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free! Lots of good things have been added into this recipe like additional protein and fibre so you can feel better. Recipe from Steffany Botchar, C.H.N.C.

As part of your fertility foundation, nutrition is so important. Here are the top 3 foods this holistic nutrition practitioner likes to recommend for those who are trying to conceive. Blog post from Rhiannon Lockhart, R.H.N.

How much do you know about perimenopause? This is the time leading up to menopause and has varied and intrusive symptoms. Luckily, small healthy adjustments to your lifestyle and nutrition can help you as you navigate this chaotic phase in your life.

The liver is a powerhouse organ within your complex and intricately connected body. Asher Kleiber, R.H.N. talks about the important connection between the liver and women’s hormones. Learn more about how you can support liver health through nutrition and lifestyle. Article from Winnipeg Nutrition.

Women's Health

  • Eat, Move, and Live with your Cycle – To be a little more in tune and aware of your body, here is a guide to syncing with your cycle and how to eat and move in each phase. Hannah Schmitt, R.H.N. shares some tips and insights, a brief look into seed cycling, and how to honour each phase and figure out what works for you.
  • Healthy Skin Naturally – As the seasons change, you may be changing up your skincare products, but what about nutrition and lifestyle? The key to healthy skin is limiting inflammation. Allison Tannis, R.H.N. shares 9 science-backed holistic tips to get a healthy and glowing complexion.
  • Pregnancy Nausea – Nausea and morning sickness is very common in pregnancy and can be overwhelming. Brittney Cox, R.H.N. shares 4 tips that may help reduce the frequency and severity. She also includes an anti-nausea smoothie recipe you can try!
  • Hormone Health – Marisa Ricci, C.H.N., gives a great overview on hormone health, what contributes to imbalances, and how you can support your hormone health.

Balance Your Hormones

  • How to Prepare for Postpartum – It can feel like there are endless things to do when prepping for the arrival of a new baby, but make sure you are thinking about yourself too and how to care for yourself during the postpartum period. Christiane Panesar, C.H.N.C. shares some of her personal tips that she learned that made baby #2 an easier go.
  • 10 Simple Sugar-Free Swaps – It’s no secret that sugar is less than ideal for our health, but it’s still a struggle for many to limit the amount they consume. CSNN grad Stephanie Kay shares some swaps and tips to get started.
  • The Menopause Diet – “There is growing research that suggests an alkaline-based diet combined with low carbs and low sugar can benefit menopausal women in several areas including weight management, improved growth hormone levels, memory and cognition, and sleep quality.” Article via Optimyz.
  • Improving Your Core Strength After Pregnancy and Delivery – Denise Chiriboga, R.H.N. teaches how to correctly engage your core for better lifting, toning your tummy, and minimizing lower back pain in her workout video.

As we enter the fall weather, eating seasonal root vegetables can help us feel more grounded. Chock full of minerals, antioxidants, and natural fiber, they can also help us feel full for longer, providing us with sustainable energy. This recipe also uses miso, one of our favourite fermented gut-friendly ingredients. Recipe from Olesia Guts, R.H.N.

Healthy can be within reach for everyone, even if budgets are a little tight. Stephanie Kay, R.H.N. shares 15 tips for grocery shopping and meal planning to make it easier to reach your health goals without sacrificing finances. Don’t stress about fancy ingredients! With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can support your health while sticking to your budget, no matter what that may be.

As the weather starts getting cooler, we want to turn to cozy dishes. This roasted tomato and walnut Bolognese shows us that pleasure foods can also be healthy foods! This has anti-inflammatory ingredients and is easy to prepare. Ashley Madden, C.H.N. also provides some helpful cooking tips and the nutritional highlights of the recipe.

Growing your own food can be a very rewarding hobby. Check out this article to learn 5 simple ways you can use organic gardening to boost your nutrition. 

Squash is abundant this time of year. Take advantage of this nutrient-rich powerhouse ingredient with this simple but extremely flavourful soup. High in vitamin C, iron potassium, magnesium, and beta-carotene, this starch is low on the glycemic index and is a wonderful satiating soup. This vegan soup recipe is from Cindy Spratt, R.H.N.

Whether it’s a large garden, some pots on your patio, or a few pots in your home, everyone can gain the nutritional benefits of herbs, even if you don’t have a green thumb! These 3 herbs are very easy to grow. They’ll add amazing flavour to your meals and you can save money as well.

Diversity in food looks good on your plate and is good for your health, but it’s also good for the planet! Find out what are the best and worst foods for the planet and ways you can eat better for the environment. 

Healthy Change One Bite at a Time: Join in Canada’s 15th annual Organic Week celebration, September 18-24. Canada’s national Organic Week is the largest celebration of organic food, farming, and products across the country. Organic Week has something for all, from organic farmers and retailers, to chefs, to consumers. Learn more at 

What does seasonal eating look like and how can it benefit your health and stress levels? Not only is this a great way to feel more aligned and healthier, it’s also more budget-friendly. Find some meal ideas in this article to help you eat with the seasons.

Eco-Nutrition explores the facts about metal and other elements in food, air and water and their effect on our health. Students gain insight into both the major causes of pollution and the existing threats to both the Earth’s and human immune systems. Students learn to make food choices that are wholesome and safe for everyone.

Food sustainability and eating organic go hand-in-hand with the green movement and caring about the environment. Random Acts of Green lets you earn green points for your eco-friendly actions and redeem them for real-life rewards. Download the app today. 

“Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto” by Rhona McAdam and “Ripe from Around Here: A Vegan Guide to Local and Sustainable Eating” are great reads to add to your list. You can find more books on holistic nutrition and cookbooks on our “Books Written by CSNN Graduates” page.

This article addresses why it’s important to find out if your child is adversely affected by foods, some common food allergies, and how you can help. Education about this matter is important as it can affect them into adulthood.

Whole foods are better than processed foods as it can prevent health problems down the road, prevent obesity in children, help you get the maximum amount of nutrients, and more. Kids will benefit when you eat like this as a family and model healthy habits and attitudes towards whole foods. This blog post shares 5 ways to eat more whole foods. 

Jess Sherman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional who arms parents with a powerful understanding of nutrition and the body so their entire family can relax, learn and grow. She has created a virtual clinic and community to teach parents the core dietary strategies for supporting physical and mental resilience, which are also outlined in her book, Raising Resilience. Jessica also hosts the podcast “Feeding Families” on EcoParent. 

Do you have a game plan ready for when school starts again in September? Here are 10 tips for better and healthier school lunches. Get inspired and set your kids up for success! We also share some insight from holistic nutrition practitioners in this post about why kids eat the way they do.

We’re sharing this article from Karen Kerr, R.H.N. for Our Children Magazine in Halifax. This is about how you can expand your child’s culinary world and encourage curiosity and creativity. There is also a recipe included for quick and easy egg bites. Check it out!

The skin’s outermost layer is dependent on good fats. A sign of a healthy child is lustrous hair and skin. Everything is connected and you may notice other improvements when addressing skin health with nutrition. This article provides some practical tips on how to incorporate essential fatty acids into their diet and start their health journey when they are young. 

This easy meal will become a family favourite in no time because you can make it in less than 30 minutes. This is a great meal for kids too as you can have a tasty array of colourful veggies. Recipe from Stacey Deering, C.H.N.C.

CSNN graduate Jessica Sherman shares some important information on how to build better breakfast routines to build a healthy lifestyle. Article via EcoParent. 

This Tuscan-inspired meal comes together quickly for a cozy delicious dinner. It also happens to be dairy-free, using coconut milk which is packed with MCTs and anti-inflammatory properties. Recipe from Jamie Ames, C.H.N.

Keep energy up with this playful spin on a popular snack. This nutrient-dense snack has carbs for energy, nut butters, hemp hearts, and coconut to prevent blood sugar spikes, and cinnamon to help with blood sugar control.

A super immune smoothie is a yummy way to eat the rainbow! This is one of our favourite ways to get those important antioxidants and vitamins into your kid’s diet.

Here are some fun ways to incorporate a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins. Brain Booster Boards can be made many different ways to include a variety of vitamins, healthy fats, proteins, textures, and tastes to keep things fun and interesting!

As we get busy with summer activities and maybe get a little lazy with our healthy habits, this is a good reminder to take it back to basics and eat simple balanced meals. What does eating a balanced meal look like? Stephanie Kay, R.H.N. breaks it down so you can understand what balance can look like, tips and tricks, the benefits of eating balanced, what macronutrients are, and some meal examples. 

Whether you’re doing a simple walking trail or hiking a challenging mountain, it’s important to prepare and fuel your body with the right nutrients to support your energy, health, and wellbeing. Enhance your hiking experience with healthy snacks so you can nourish yourself while you get some exercise, fresh air, and take in all the beauty that nature has to offer. Blog post from Bailey Fitzgerald, R.H.N.

Ciara Morin is a holistic nutrition practitioner who helps busy people how to nourish themselves. She’s also working on creating something for a niche community special to her. We sit down and chat with her to see why she chose to take the leap and study holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Get inspired by her story!

This is a fruity and invigorating dessert that has brain-loving ingredients. This recipe from Orsha Magyar, C.H.N. of Neurotrition uses coconut cream instead of coconut milk. Learn more about MCT fats and why they’re so great for you. Neurotrition works with brain and mental health and neuro-inflammation. This is just one of their tasty anti-inflammatory brain healthy recipes.

These drinks are sure to keep you cool while nourishing you at the same time. Recipes from Tracey Reed, C.H.N.C. are very versatile with some options for various dietary needs. Which will you try this summer to quench your thirst?

Why does our appetite change when it’s hot outside? How can we have our best and healthiest summer yet? This blog post provides insights and tips on how you can do just that with what foods to include, why buying local makes sense, and more including some healthy BBQ alternatives.

Watermelon is hydrating, but what else can you eat? When it is hot and humid outside, it is important to have constant reminders to stay hydrated. Kathleen Trotter, R.H.N., shares some tips and foods that can help keep us hydrated all summer.

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ, but is it healthy for us? This blog post breaks down the science behind grilling, some of best foods to grill, and some easy tips on how to keep grilling healthy this summer. Happy eating!

There’s nothing like fresh summer produce and flourishing gardens to help you get a variety of foods in your diet for a healthy lifestyle. “In order for our bodies to function in an optimal manner, we each need to look well beyond just a single superfood. A balanced, varied diet will always win out.”

Summer is zucchini season! Do you have more zucchini than you know what to do with? Whether fresh from the garden or from the farmers market, there are so many deliciously creative things to do with this versatile and nutritious vegetable. Check out these ideas and some recipes from Meg de Jong, R.H.N.

Looking for something fresh and new? These little salmon cakes are easy to make and a quick source of protein. Try adding them on top of your salads! This is a great addition to your summer menu. Recipe from Meghan Hickie, C.H.N.C.

Over time, an unhealthy gut can cause serious health problems, from mental health disorders to diabetes. The majority of chronic diseases can be linked back to the gut and the state of the microbiome. “It’s imperative that the gut be addressed in a comprehensive, holistic health care strategy,” says Debora Palmieri, R.H.N.

Celebrate Summer

  • 10 Healthy Eating Tips for Summer – Balance is key – you can enjoy the summer and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Brittney Cox, R.H.N. shares 10 practicals tips + 2 delicious summer salad recipes.
  • 3 Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer: Besides slathering on the sunscreen, here are some tips from Emily Bitz, R.H.N. to stay hydrated, healthy, and sun safe this summer.

Summer Activities

  • Creative Practices for Stress Relief: This article shares practices that can inspire creativity, a skill we can all access to help relieve stress. Consider integrating one or more of these activities into your self-care routine to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. Article by Ashleigh Grange, R.H.N.
  • Stressed? Take a 20-minute ‘nature pill’: Studies show that taking at least 20 minutes out of your day to be in contact with nature can significantly lower your stress hormones. Article from ScienceDaily.

A summery healthy pasta salad, perfect for a picnic, lunches, or anytime! We love the salty bite of capers and feta mixed with fresh veggies. Will you try this? What are some of your favourite pasta salads? Recipe from Catherine Switzer, R.H.N.

Cauliflower is such a versatile ingredient with great nutritional benefits. Here’s another easy and tasty recipe to try this summer. It’s made in the oven, not fryer, and you can serve it with any dipping sauce you like. Recipe from Lara Frendjian, R.H.N.

Rich, smooth, and silky vegetarian pate made with mushrooms! This recipe is from Olesia Guts, this year’s winner of the Danielle Perrault Trailblazer Award from the CSNN Alumni Association. She has shown enthusiasm and involvement in the holistic nutrition industry. As a holistic nutrition practitioner and professional French-trained chef, her recipes are gourmet-tasting with your health in mind.

Food affects your mental health and nutrition also can affect your brain. Healthy mind and brain to go with a healthy body. Everything is connected. Learn more about which foods can help (or hinder) your mood. 

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges that affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. Holistic lifestyle and good nutrition work together to help manage anxiety, says research. These are simple things you can start doing today.

Our bodies naturally detox, but we can support these things in simple ways. It’s about maintaining balance, removing stressors as best we can, and helping to alleviate the negative effects of our modern lives in order to function better (mentally and physically). Post from Caroline Chow, R.H.N.

You may already watch TV or take a bath to help unwind and destress, but what about taking a creative approach? These activities can be incorporated into our self-care routine to enhance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Are you taking advantage of your breath? Deep breathing techniques and breathwork have positive benefits on your overall health and wellbeing. It can help with better sleep, your muscles, staying mentally present, lowering cortisol levels, and more. Read this article to learn more about deep breathing and as a part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. Some techniques and resources are also shared.

Karissa Gibson, C.H.N.C., shares this feedback from one of her favourite courses from the Natural Nutrition Program: “My favourite course has been body mind spirit because I think the connection between our gut and our brain is profound and it helped validate my interest in combining nutrition and mental health. How could the food we put in our body not impact our mental health? My passion has been ignited!”

A twist on TikTok viral cherry tomato and feta pasta, this version is packed with a variety of veggies! Just dump ingredients into the pan and shove it into the oven for a quick and easy gourmet-tasting meal. Vegetarian and high in protein and bonus, easy clean up. Recipe from Brittany Gordon, R.H.N. 

This delightful and delicious dish of fish and rice is filled with protein, healthy fats, omege 3’s, and flavourful spices. Recipe from Katie Chemij, R.H.N. 

Lisa Cheverie, C.H.N.C. shares a formula to create your own tasty and beautiful grain bowl. Customize to suit your tastes or what you have in the fridge. Or try her Crispy Tofu Farro Bowls with Easy Peanut Sauce! These are healthy and filling and have all the protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

What’s the difference and what does the research say? Healthspan is the ability to age with good health, without chronic or disabling disease or dysfunction. Here are 8 practical ways to improve your healthspan starting today and some foods you can incorporate into your diet.

Fresh, local, and seasonal is always the ideal choice. However, there are many reasons why it’s not always possible, be it budget, accessibility, etc. This is why it’s important to have a well-stocked pantry. Stephanie Kay, R.H.N. shares a list of healthy non-perishable items you should keep on hand and some ideas on how you can use them in your meals.

Why Nutrition Education is Important: Holistic nutrition isn’t just about what to eat, but rather also about your digestion and other body systems, your state of mind, your lifestyle, your personal tastes, and the quality of your food. 

As a crucial part of the Natural Nutrition Program, students have to conduct 10 case studies. Doing these case studies help prepare students for a career in helping clients from all walks of life and give them confidence as a practitioner. Learn more about the Natural Nutrition Program and how you can build a career teaching others how to achieve optimal health. For expanded hours, check out the Enhanced/Intensive program offered at a few CSNN locations.

Jessica Mitton, C.H.N.C. is a CSNN graduate who won the 2018 Trailblazer Award from the CSNN Alumni Association for her enthusiasm and involvement in the holistic nutrition industry. She is also the author of 2 cookbooks.

“If you have an interest in nutrition and holistic health, you will love this program! The biggest challenge were the case studies at the end but they were definitely worth it! You never really grow and solidify the learnings until you start putting them in practice. The case studies and the final exam really help boost your confidence. I loved the program!” Danielle B, CSNN Grad

Holistic Nutrition Articles

  • Consistency and Cultivating “Perfect” Health – There is no such thing as “perfect”. Holistic nutrition is very much about the individual and about evolving and improving. Matt Wiebe, C.H.N.C. gives some tips on how to approach your health goals.
  • 5 Principles of Holistic Nutrition That Have Changed the Way I Parent – Ciara Morin, R.H.N., shows the benefits of holistic nutrition in a practical and life-changing way in her blog post. If you’re a busy mom like her, her story may resonate with you and help you find answers.
  • What is a Holistic Nutritionist? – Sisley Killam, R.H.N. answers the most common questions she gets, including where she went to school, her experience, and about holistic nutrition. This is a great resource if you’re considering a career change or are interested in seeing a holistic nutritionist.
  • How to Stay Resilient in Difficult Times– Now more than ever, we require resilience. Resilience is the process of adapting to adversity and lucky for us, it’s a skill that can be learned. Find out more about the 3 characteristics of resilient individuals. Article from Kristina Virro, R.H.N. and Registered Psychotherapist.
  • Vitamin K2 – The Grass-Fed Vitamin – Vitamin K2 is a powerful anti-aging vitamin that is connected to reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, osteoporosis, heart disease, and more. Learn more about this frequently misunderstood vitamin and how you can get more of it in your diet. Article from Renee Robbins, R.H.N.
  • 7 Tips to Ditch “Summer Body” Goals – Nissrine Boufawaz, R.H.N., shares some tips on how to ditch the “summer body” goals. It’s about mindfully and intentionally taking care of your body, overall health, and wellness. Holistic Nutrition can help you become the best version of yourself, mind, body, and soul.
  • How to Easily Preserve Herbs – Herbs are a delicious way to add life and amazing flavour to your meals. Joanna Brown, C.H.N.C., shares some tips so you can easily keep herbs available all year round!
  • Pantry Recipes – Kelly Aiello, R.H.N. shares some healthy, at-home meals made with foods from your pantry. Hopefully this inspires some creativity and excitement in the kitchen.
  • Why Nutrition Matters for Teenage Stress – “…The health of the body and the function of the brain aren’t two separate constructs, but were inextricably connected, and making significant improvements to the heath of the body would have direct effects on mood, behaviour, and capacity to learn.” Read this article by Jessica Sherman, R.H.N. for EcoParent.
  • Overnight Oats: 5 Ways – Oats are a simple, delicious, and versatile meal. Stephanie Kay, R.H.N., shares 5 delicious ways to make quick and easy overnight oats.
Gut Health

Our microbiome plays an essential role not just in our digestion but helps regulate many other functions in our body as well. Learn more about how everything is connected and how you can support your microbiome health. Article by Rejan Magee, C.H.N.

“How we feel emotionally really resonates in our gut.” CSNN Grad and Neuroscience Expert, Orsha Magyar, C.H.N., shares the key link for transferring emotional intuitions from your brain down to your gut – a physical representation of the mind-body connection.

“While studies on the health benefits of fermented foods are currently few, preliminary scientific research says that they can play a role in disease prevention and may even have a positive effect on mental health.” Debora Palmieri, R.H.N.,  shares why kombucha and other fermented foods should be a part of your daily diet.

Welcome Spring with this delicious dessert. This light and fluffy cake is also vegan and refined sugar free. This is the perfect recipe to use seasonal fruits. Recipe from Nissrine Boufawaz, R.H.N.

Enjoy a healthy bowl of goodness with roasted yams, quinoa, carrots and anything else you have in your fridge. Nourish yourself with this easy weeknight meal that has a tasty sauce you’ll want to pour over everything! Recipe from Cindy Spratt, R.H.N.

Despite sounding similar, a prebiotic is not a probiotic. Prebiotics are nutrients that get degraded by the microbes in your gut. Here are 11 prebiotic foods you should be eating and why they are so beneficial to your overall health. 

After graduating, Jessica helps support adults experiencing digestion-based symptoms and inflammation, among other things. Her story shows just one of the directions you can take your career after graduating and how you can share your knowledge, educate others, and really make a difference. “Attending CSNN was a life-changing experience in that it provided me the confidence and tools to both envision and launch a private nutritional consulting practice.”

Gut health issues are increasingly common, like bloating and acid-reflux. Here are some key nutrients that can help naturally support your digestion and get you back on track to overall health. Post by Laura Brining, R.H.N.

Digestive Health Articles

  • Food Combining: Myth or Fact? – You may have heard that combining certain foods can better support your digestive and and overall health, but is there any scientific proof behind it? Stephanie Kay, R.H.N. explores this topic in her blog post.
  • 5 Simple Tips to Improve Digestion – Bonnie Wisener, R.H.N., tells us why “One of the most fascinating and impactful things I learned during my time studying [at CSNN] was how important the link was between well-functioning digestion and good health.”
  • Should You Be Eating Your Veggies Raw or Cooked? – While there is a case for both, Laurian Green, R.H.N. talks about understanding which vegetables to eat in which way can impact your digestion, hormones, and overall health.
  • Healthy Fats & Digestion – Healthy fats are essential to good health and can help support digestion. Learn more from this blog post by Rachel Murray, R.H.N.
  • Benefits of Chewing – It seems obvious, but are you really chewing your food enough? In our fast paced lives and distractions, it can be hard to be mindful of this crucial step to our health. Geeta Sethi, R.H.N. goes through the science of chewing and how it benefits your digestive health.
  • Digestion: Head of the Dog – Why is digestion the “head of the dog”? What does that even mean? Milka Milicevic, R.H.N., shares why many chronic health issues develop over time as the result of poor digestion, as well as tips to aid digestion.
  • 10 Steps to Better Digestion – Stephanie Di Grazia, R.H.N., shares helpful tips on how to improve your digestion.

Grocery Shopping Tips

  • How to Read Nutrition Labels – “It’s important to know what we are putting into our body!” Monica Mander, R.H.N., shares some tips to help you understand nutrition labels.
  • Save Money While Eating Healthy – Want to eat healthy and save some money? Lisa Chilvers, R.H.N., shares 6 easy actions that may save you money at the grocery store.

Life-Changing Benefits

CSNN enlightens students with awareness of, and self-responsibility for, the Body-Mind-Spirit connection, in order for them to help themselves and guide others to achieve optimal health, wellbeing, happiness, and balance. 

CSNN is happy to provide flexible study formats to accommodate students. These study formats apply to the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, as well as all introductory, culinary, and advanced certificates and workshops. For more information on all CSNN offerings, please click here.

Pasta with yogurt and a spiced oil sauce? This combination might sound odd at first but it just might be your new favourite! Try out this recipe from Tanja Lindner, C.H.N.C. 

Miso is a wonderful fermented ingredient that is full of umami and great for your gut health. It is used in this tuna poke bowl recipe for healthy benefits and flavour. Recipe from Margaret Sung, R.H.N.

This is a good-for-your-gut recipe and it can all be conveniently made in an Instant Pot. Dana Green Remedios, R.H.N. shares this easy recipe and some tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

How to Make: Homemade Coconut Yogurt. New kitchen project alert! Have you tried to make your own yogurt yet? Petra Scott, R.H.N. walks you through the process on how to make a delicious dairy-free coconut yogurt.

These two are strongly connected and help you maintain good mental wellness. CSNN grad Jenna Kelland shares the reasons why and some practical tips on how you can get better sleep, improve your gut, and support your sleep through your diet.

Here’s a super delicious way to incorporate healthy fats into your diet and help support digestion. It’s perfect for busy days when you need to throw something together that is nutrient-dense and tasty. Recipe from Rachel Murray, R.H.N. 

If you’ve got celery left over in your fridge, this is a great recipe. It’s flavourful and good for your gut. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of celery. Recipe from Erin Lamb, C.H.N.C.

Will you be working on your garden this spring? Meg de Jong, R.H.N., shares why gut health is so important and how gardening can play a part in improving your health. 

A lovely, fresh, and cleansing salad from Jessica Pecush, C.H.N.C. Be sure to read the nutrition facts about the key ingredients. 

This recipe from Erin Lamb, C.H.N.C., is easy to digest and is full of anti-inflammatory spices to support a healthy gut. Keep the recipe basic or feel free to add some extras! 

Now that spring is here, we spring clean our house, but what about our bodies? Joanna Brown, C.H.N.C., gives us some tips on how to give our bodies extra love and support after winter. 

This oil-free recipe is great for those looking for plant-based protein and a super easy meal to make. It’s smoky and tangy with a BBQ-inspired marinade. There are also some tips and tricks included in this recipe. Recipe from Ashley Madden, C.H.N., who also has 2 cookbooks: The Plant-Based Cookbook and Plant-Based Delicious.

Dashi is a Japanese broth and the backbone of many Japanese recipes. It has a rich and complex flavour but is easy and quick to prepare. Petra Scott, R.H.N. goes into the different types, how to make it, and how you can use it in your recipes.

Do you struggle with what to make for lunch? These 4 tasty recipes from Brittney Cox, R.H.N. will be sure to spice things up and make life easier. She also shares some great make-ahead and packing tips. 

A baked salmon recipe that uses lime, maple, and chili powder for a sweet and smoky glaze. Try pairing this with a fruity salsa! This easy and healthy recipe can also be ready in 30 minutes! Recipe from Rebecca Dwyre, R.H.N.

Spices are not only used to add more flavour to your dishes, but they can also help you live healthier. Here are 9 spices you should keep on hand, and some ideas on how to use these spices in your next dish. Happy cooking!

A great breakfast or dessert, chia seed pudding is full of omega 3, fiber, and minerals. It’s versatile and affordable as well. Get the recipe and learn more.

This buttery vanilla mug cake is a quick and easy recipe for when you need a sweet little something. Caroline Chow, R.H.N. also shares some healthier baking swaps to make those sweet treats even better.

With 30 hours of experiential learning available, students sharpen their practical abilities while deepening their knowledge of whole foods and holistic health. Available via Zoom or Online. See Schedules.

A super immune smoothie is a yummy way to eat the rainbow! This is one of our favourite ways to get those antioxidants and vitamins. 

Healthy fats is something you’re sure to find in a holistic kitchen. Watch this video and find out why they’re so important and their health benefits. 

I was in desperation to find out all I could with regards to skin health and digestive health as my six year old son, at the time, had severe eczema. After several years of doctors appointments and cortisone creams I wanted an alternative solution. I was drawn to CSNN because of the in-depth training (science and research, fundamentals of business, connection of mind, body, and spirit), and course flexibility while trying to balance work life, parenting, and student life.

Marla Meneghin, CSNN Grad

With live online classes and hybrid study options to its existing in-class format, CSNN’s classroom locations are now able to serve communities beyond their geographical area. Distance Education’s self-study online format has added free webinars and workshops to the Natural Nutrition program. Find out more about CSNN’s flexible learning formats

Travel from your kitchen with this tropical yogurt bowl. It’s quick to prepare, full of nutritional benefits, and will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Recipe from Caelin Folsom, R.H.N. 

Treat yourself to a gooey and rich brownie. These also happen to be gluten-free and vegan. Try this decadent recipe from Erin Schmautz, R.H.N.

When it comes to heart health, which fats and oils are good for us? Download a free ‘Guide to the Best Healthy Fats and Oils & Their Uses’, prepared by Ashleigh Grange, R.H.N.

Try these amazing Chocolate Fudge Cookies (gluten and dairy-free) from Leora Barak, R.H.N. Chewy, fudgy, and a yummy dose of heart-healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants.

5 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners. These recipes are great for busy families who want to enjoy a healthy homecooked meal. Recipes from Joanna Brown, C.H.N.C.