Yvette Styner, C.H.N.C., PTS, CCP, Elite Pro Figure-Fitness Athlete

Yvette Styner


Meet Yvette, founder of BUILD Holistic Nutrition.  Yvette is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™. Although she’s always been involved in the fitness and wellness industry, she only truly discovered the profound and undeniable benefits of optimally fuelling the body with natural nutrition after training for her first natural bodybuilding competition in 2011. This sparked a curiosity to understand the inner workings of the body and her passion to share that knowledge with others.

Since graduating with merit from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2015, Yvette has created a thriving private practice, both online and in Victoria, BC where she lives.  She works with fitness and Crossfit enthusiasts of all levels to help them build the bodies they’re working so hard for in the gym.  Yvette is a passionate advocate for avoiding the diet extremes and all-or-nothing mindset often seen among the fitness community.  She works 1:1 with clients developing full spectrum customized nutrition programs, as well as offers a popular gamified online nutrition challenge series called Rx Habits, to help people build daily habits in a fun and flexible way.

Yvette teaches Fundamentals of Business, Sports Nutrition, and Advanced Holistic Nutrition Nutrition and Athletic Performance workshop.