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December’s theme is Healthy Holidays. While there are some tips and tricks to manage holiday stress and eat better, these tips can certainly be used year-round. See below for articles, recipes, and support from our wonderful community of holistic nutrition professionals.

Every month, CSNN highlights a different theme as it relates to holistic nutrition. We invite you to explore the various topics to see articles, recipes, tips & tricks, videos, and other resources from our knowledgeable community of holistic nutrition professionals.

Topics covered include anxiety, stress management, your brain, and how holistic nutrition is connected.
Cardiovascular health includes heart health, blood pressure, exercise. Includes some tasty heart-healthy recipes.
Good health starts in the kitchen! Find articles, healthy and tasty recipes, as well as grocery shopping tips.
A well-functioning digestive system is incredibly important and linked to optimal health. Find articles on an array of topics related to digestion as well as some delicious gut-healthy recipes.
We shine a spotlight on the holistic nutrition industry and the impact that our graduates have. See articles, videos, recipes, and more.
Holistic Nutrition is about the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Finding balance between all these areas is the key for achieving the optimal state of health and happiness.
Celebrate the summer with refreshing, tasty, wholesome dishes and all the tips & tricks to prepare you for all your adventures.
Find tips and tricks, articles, and kid-friendly recipes to help with your little ones, picky eaters, how to choose proper nutrition for kids, allergies, healthy habits, and more!
Learn more about how health and wellbeing is connected to the quality of food we eat, what the “Dirty Dozen” is, why eat choose organic, how to eat organic on a budget, and more.
Women’s Health covers topics such as breast health, hormone health, menopause, pregnancy, and more. See recipes and tips to help you feel balanced and vibrant.
Topics include preventative health, weight control, and the role holistic nutrition and lifestyle plays in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. It is never too late to take action and start living your best life.
Find healthy festive recipes, articles, and tips and tricks to manage holiday stress. These health and nutrition tips can be used year-round.

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