Food Sustainability

CSNN is all about food sustainability practices and eating organic! Check out the below for articles and tips on how our health is connected to the quality of food we eat, what are the “Dirty Dozen”, how to eat organic on a budget, and more. 

Miso Mashed Root Vegetables: As we enter the fall weather, eating seasonal root vegetables can help us feel more grounded. Chock full of minerals, antioxidants, and natural fiber, they can also help us feel full for longer, providing us with sustainable energy. This recipe also uses miso, one of our favourite fermented gut-friendly ingredients. Recipe from Olesia Guts, R.H.N.

Healthy can be within reach for everyone, even if budgets are a little tight. Stephanie Kay, R.H.N. shares 15 tips for grocery shopping and meal planning to make it easier to reach your health goals without sacrificing finances. Don’t stress about fancy ingredients! With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can support your health while sticking to your budget, no matter what that may be.

As the weather starts getting cooler, we want to turn to cozy dishes. This roasted tomato and walnut Bolognese shows us that pleasure foods can also be healthy foods! This has anti-inflammatory ingredients and is easy to prepare. Ashley Madden, C.H.N. also provides some helpful cooking tips and the nutritional highlights of the recipe.

Growing your own food can be a very rewarding hobby. Check out this article to learn 5 simple ways you can use organic gardening to boost your nutrition. 

Squash is abundant this time of year. Take advantage of this nutrient-rich powerhouse ingredient with this simple but extremely flavourful soup. High in vitamin C, iron potassium, magnesium, and beta-carotene, this starch is low on the glycemic index and is a wonderful satiating soup. This vegan soup recipe is from Cindy Spratt, R.H.N.

Whether it’s a large garden, some pots on your patio, or a few pots in your home, everyone can gain the nutritional benefits of herbs, even if you don’t have a green thumb! These 3 herbs are very easy to grow. They’ll add amazing flavour to your meals and you can save money as well.

Diversity in food looks good on your plate and is good for your health, but it’s also good for the planet! Find out what are the best and worst foods for the planet and ways you can eat better for the environment. 

Organic Week - September 18-24

Healthy Change One Bite at a Time: Join in Canada’s 15th annual Organic Week celebration, September 18-24. Canada’s national Organic Week is the largest celebration of organic food, farming, and products across the country. Organic Week has something for all, from organic farmers and retailers, to chefs, to consumers. Learn more at 

What does seasonal eating look like and how can it benefit your health and stress levels? Not only is this a great way to feel more aligned and healthier, it’s also more budget-friendly. Find some meal ideas in this article to help you eat with the seasons.

Eco-Nutrition Course

Eco-Nutrition explores the facts about metal and other elements in food, air and water and their effect on our health. Students gain insight into both the major causes of pollution and the existing threats to both the Earth’s and human immune systems. Students learn to make food choices that are wholesome and safe for everyone.

Food sustainability and eating organic go hand-in-hand with the green movement and caring about the environment. Random Acts of Green lets you earn green points for your eco-friendly actions and redeem them for real-life rewards. Download the app today. 

“Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto” by Rhona McAdam and “Ripe from Around Here: A Vegan Guide to Local and Sustainable Eating” are great reads to add to your list. You can find more books on holistic nutrition and cookbooks on our “Books Written by CSNN Graduates” page.

Why Choose Organic?

  • WEBINAR: Why Choose Organic to Impact Your Health and Wellbeing – Presented by Alexander Arthur, R.H.N. for Organic Week 2022. This webinar will explore the importance of how your food choices impact the environment and why we should be choosing organic. A brief overview will be provided on the benefits of biodiversity, microbiome in soil and in humans, and how food choice equals power.
  • Eating Organic on a Budget – It’s a common complaint that organic food is too expensive, but there are tons of benefits to eating organic. Debora Palmieri, R.H.N., shares the benefits and also some tips.
  • What it Means to Eat Organic – ‘Organic’ has become a very loose and overused term in our society. Rachel Murray, R.H.N., explains what ‘organic’ really means, and why it matters.
  • The Link Between Organic Food and Our Health –  “While it’s positive and empowering to have organic food become a mainstream item, it’s important to have a firm understanding of its benefits and impact on our health and the health of our planet.” Mara Panacci, R.H.N., shares how organic food can boost your health.
  • Why Purchasing Ethically Raised Meat Can Support Your Health – Rhiannon Lytle, R.H.N., shares some tips on buying ethically raised meat and how it can support the environment and your health and wellbeing.

Food Before Supplements

Environmental Working Group

Dirty Dozen: EWG’s 2023 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ – Reduce your exposure to toxic pesticide residues with the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen™’ and ‘Clean Fifteen™’ lists.

The Many Ways to Use Apple Butter – Fall’s Tastiest Condiment. It’s Apple Season! This versatile and tasty condiment is sure to please. Here’s an easy recipe for a sugar-free spiced apple butter along with some new ideas on how you can use it to boost your meals this fall. Recipe from Lisa Cheverie, C.H.N.C. 

Don’t waste those carrot tops! You can compost them, of course, but why not make it into a pesto? This tasty sauce has a huge nutritional punch. Pair it with pasta, salads, buddha bowls, or steamed veggies. Recipe from Alyssa Flegg, R.H.N.

Nothing says autumn like a cozy soup with warming spices. Here is a simple recipe to add to your soup repertoire. This is delightfully creamy while being vegan and dairy-free. Recipe from Brittany Gordon, R.H.N. 

The Best Slow Cooker Smoky Chilli – Here is an easy dinner idea that is nourishing, hearty, and sure to be a crowd pleaser this fall. It’s full of nutrients and fiber, healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. What more could you want? Recipe from Erin Lamb, C.H.N.C. 

This is a podcast from 2 CSNN grads, Leesa Klich and Lindsay Finnie-Carvalho (rEATsearch). They look over some studies about climate change mitigation through dietary change, greenhouse gases, sustainable diets, and more. Very interesting! Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

Pumpkins contain key nutrients to help support healthy blood pressure and a healthy immune system while being a great source of fiber. Add this amazing ingredient to your pancakes for a delicious and nutritious treat! Recipe from Nicole Biletski, C.H.N.C. 

Laura Brining, R.H.N., makes a rich and delicious classic comfort dish that is vegan and gluten-free. Try her shepherd’s pie recipe tonight! 

Looking for new ways to spice up your wraps? Or how about tasty new veggie combinations to keep things fresh? Nicole Kaumanns, R.H.N. shares her go-to version. Give it a try!

Tanya Church, R.H.N., writes about how we can all choose better produce with fewer pesticides and chemicals, even if you’re on a budget, and why it’s important. Article from EcoParent. 

 A simple how-to guide on how to use up herbs and make amazing tasting oil. Petra Scott, R.H.N. shares how to do this and also some of the benefits of herbs, different herb flavour variations, and more.

Fall Spiced Apple Chutney

Andrea Brown, R.H.N., has a delicious way to use up those apples this fall.  Full of warming spices, this versatile chutney can be eaten many ways!

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