Why Hire a CSNN Grad?

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Why Hire a CSNN Graduate?

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CSNN Graduates are dedicated holistic nutrition professionals who help educate individuals about the health benefits of natural nutrition. They are conscientious and well informed about the connections between the environment, toxins, food production and preparation, and the resulting quality of food.  Their comprehensive training focuses on science, body functions and symptoms, whole foods and quality food production and processes, natural source supplements, healthy lifestyle practices, and the connections between the body, mind and spirit.

Enhance Your Practice

Whether you are a Doctor, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, or other Healthcare Practitioner, CSNN Grads may add value to your practice. They are professionally trained to:

  • Assess their clients’ health through one-on-one consultations and focused questionnaires, identifying symptoms that indicate health imbalances.
  • Recognize food intolerance and allergies, blood sugar fluctuations, and the multiple causes of inflammation, which are the source of many common health conditions.
  • Evaluate their clients’ stress, exercise, alcohol consumption, sleep, relaxation and overall lifestyle practices, among other factors.
  • Provide clients with an individualized health and lifestyle plan, which includes nutrient-dense whole foods, lifestyle recommendations and/or natural source supplements in order to help bring the client’s health back to a state of equilibrium.
  • Decode food labels to help clients make optimal food choices, and provide them with food shopping advice, recipes, and other relevant information.
  • Monitor their clients’ progress towards their individual health goals.
  • Most importantly, encourage self-responsibility by empowering clients through personalized education and information.

Employer Testimonials

These employers and health care practitioners share how CSNN Graduates have complemented their business or healthcare practice.

Lisa Flanders, Registered Physiotherapist of Bloom Integrative Health and Movement Centre (Ottawa, ON) on working with working alongside a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

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Dr. Joe Klassen, ND, of Fishcreek Naturopathic Medicine (Calgary, AB):

Why Hire a CSNN Grad?

As an employer, I’ve hired two CSNN graduates that have brought a multitude of skill sets and incredible knowledge in their fields of expertise. Their focus on holistic health allows them to not only help customers with their needs, but also educate customers on the best product to better their health. They take the time to help get to the root-cause of a customer’s complaint, and provide them with a solution to best suit their needs. Our customers often return with raving reviews of my staff because we didn’t just sell them a product, we sold them a solution.

C. Southin
Store Manager of Nature's Signature Ottawa

What can a CSNN grad do for you? 

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