Culinary FAQ

Holistic Culinary Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

CSNN has added 100% virtual interactive classroom and hybrid study options to its existing in-classroom format. This applies to the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program as well as other workshops and certificates that may be offered, including Holistic Culinary Certificate workshops. Learn more about CSNN’s flexible learning formats.

1. Do I need to be enrolled in the Natural Nutrition Program in order to take these culinary workshops?

Generally no. Many branches offer these culinary workshops to the general public as well as their own students and graduates. It is recommended to ask your preferred branch directly about registration.

2. What’s the difference between these culinary workshops and a regular cooking class?

Holistic Culinary Workshops offered at CSNN are unique in that you are getting some valuable knowledge about holistic nutrition and how to properly prepare foods in order to maximize their restorative qualities. Taking 30 hours of these workshops also allows you to earn a Holistic Culinary Certificate. These classes are taught by holistic nutrition professionals who may also be certified and trained professional chefs.

These holistic culinary certificate workshops are also unique in that they have something to offer everyone. Beginners and novice cooks will receive a strong foundation while more experienced chefs will walk away with an enriched skillset in holistic cooking and how it benefits your overall health.

3. Can I take individual workshops that interest me or do I have to take the whole series of culinary workshops?

If you are not interested in earning the Holistic Culinary Certificate, you are able to pick and choose which culinary workshops you’d like to take. However, some branches may require you to take the whole certificate program. Please inquire with your preferred branch for registration details as it may vary from location to location.

4. What if I have allergies or food intolerances/sensitivities?

You are responsible for informing CSNN staff of any food allergies or special needs prior to attending the culinary workshops. This will be indicated on your registration form and in the waiver form that you sign. Instructors are able to make accommodations for you so that you can safely participate in the classes. It is still your responsibility to take all necessary precautions during the class.

5. Do I need to bring anything to the classes?

It is not necessary to bring anything such as utensils or equipment to the culinary workshops. All materials will be provided unless otherwise specified.

6. How do these culinary workshops benefit me as a holistic nutrition professional?

These culinary workshops help you take what you are learning/have learned in the Natural Nutrition program and apply them in a practical (and delicious!) way in the kitchen. You receive specialized hands-on training so you’ll gain confidence and valuable skills in the kitchen which will benefit you and your clients.