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Enhanced Clinical Studies/Intensive Natural Nutrition Program

Available at select CSNN branches

An Enhanced Clinical Studies/Intensive Program is available with additional supervised clinical hours for those who feel they require additional support and guidance with both their studies and launching their career. 

  • This diploma program has an additional Enhanced Clinical Studies/Intensive Clinical component offered in the classroom that complements the original Natural Nutrition Program
  • Allows more learning time in the classroom and more hands-on time with the instructor
  • Enables students to bring some of the independent work on the required case studies into a classroom setting
  • Provides additional business tools for the practitioner who wants to set up their own business
  • Eligible students may be able to apply for student funding 

Students who successfully complete the Enhanced Clinical Studies/Intensive Program will also receive an Enhanced Clinical Studies seal on their diploma.

To find out the topics covered in Enhanced Clinical Studies/Intensive Program and additional details, please contact the branch directly.

Enhanced Clinical Studies
Intensive Natural Nutrition Program