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Intensive Natural Nutrition Program

We’ve taken our popular and successful Natural Nutrition Program to the next level! At the heart of the Intensive Natural Nutrition Program is all the course content respected by the industry and that students and graduates love—then we’ve added more!

How does it differ from the Natural Nutrition Program?

  • The Program is delivered in an accelerated format in only 30 weeks
  • This Intensive program has an additional Clinical Studies Course offered in the classroom with more than 20 hours per week that complements the original Natural Nutrition Program.
  • CSNN Vancouver Island is a designated institute with StudentAidBC. Eligible students can apply.

All other curriculum hours, corequisites, and culinary program hours are the same as the original Natural Nutrition Program. Both programs provide a strong foundation for a career in the holistic nutrition industry.

Is the Intensive Program Right For You?

It may be right for you if any of the below questions resonate with you:

  • Are you passionate about holistic health and want to help others?
  • Are you on your own health journey?
  • Do you want to work in the field of natural nutrition?
  • Are you interested in local, live, and natural food and how it affects your wellbeing?
  • Are you currently working in healthcare and want to enhance your education and services?
  • Do you want natural nutritional knowledge and practical kitchen skills?
  • Do you want an extraordinary education that promotes and supports optimum health? 

What Will the Intensive Program Look Like?

Currently, the Diploma Program requires independent clinical hours outside of the classroom, where the student completes 10 case studies on volunteer clients at home in their own time frame. Some students have expressed a desire for extra support with guided clinical supervision with a practitioner; CSNN Vancouver Island will provide that in the classroom with 10.5 hours of clinic per week.

Students in this program will benefit from the unique hybrid learning environment of virtual plus in-class. This will be supervised by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Naturopathic Doctor or a qualified instructor and will give the student needed guidance and an opportunity to interview clients in a supervised setting. This will enable the student to complete his/her 10 requisite case studies in the classroom, as opposed to independently at home.

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Case Study Practicals and Application

Case studies are the perfect opportunity to transfer the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it to real people with real health concerns. Students will work with their own case study volunteer clients. 

What will students learn with case studies?

  • Understand the process from initial assessments, understanding dietary links, making nutritional recommendations, and follow-up
  • How to further integrate their learning in a practical way
  • Practice public speaking when presenting their case study to classmates for group discussion, analysis, and feedback
  • Practice motivational interview skills and using the correct terminology
  • Understand the therapeutic value and consequences of their recommendations

Time will be given for students to work on their case study reports with instructor supervision.  Additionally, the instructor will present further cases for students to practice. These extra sessions will help the student improve their nutritional understanding and ability to conduct effective consultations and write case study reports.   

Holistic Culinary Certificate

This CSNN certificate ensure students will have the skills necessary to work with clients in food preparation and meal planning.  This series of ten, 3-hour cooking classes provides hands-on learning in whole foods preparation. Each class focuses on an element of a whole foods diet with recipes, nutrition information, lecture, and demonstration.

See Culinary Workshop Descriptions

Program Builder

These sessions add or build to the learning outcomes of the curriculum courses.  Examples of program builders: Stress & Its Effects – Meditation; Organic Gardening; Life Mastery in Career & Business; Business Marketing & Social Media. 


These sessions are additional support or practical application to concepts taught in some of the curriculum courses such as Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry & Epigenetics, Motivational Interviewing, Body/Mind/Spirit, and Nutritional Literature Research.

Students can expect to improve their study skills, review course material, benefit from additional exercises to understand concepts, work on assignments/projects/presentations, and hands-on practice of concepts including role playing or group work.

Community Connections

Following CSNN’s Code of Ethics, students are taught the importance of practicing within our Scope of Practice as graduates. Sometimes a client indicates imbalances in their health that is outside our scope, which is why it’s important for students to be knowledgeable about a variety of holistic health services their clients might benefit from. These classes will allow students to meet and network with health care professionals while learning about their services and benefits. We invite health care professionals (e.g. naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, etc.) to give mini workshops so students can make these connections. These relationships are mutually beneficial so other professionals learn the important role our graduates can play in their client’s health. 

Other services or modalities such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) and Reiki/Therapeutic Touch (TT) practitioners hold the same educational and networking benefit to students. As well, upon being introduced to these services, students may wish to study them later and add these certifications to their nutritional consulting services. These services and others, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) all help to build the students’ toolbox to work in our industry. 

We also invite our graduates to share their stories and experiences. There are many entrepreneurs, business owners, and employer/employee stories, giving students the opportunity to hear what graduates are doing locally, regionally, and nationally. This is an opportunity to network within our field, build relationships, and meet real mentors in the field of natural nutrition. 

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