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I’d like to express my gratitude and thanks to Dona and the CSNN school for helping me to walk the path that I do. It has been a matter of choice and destiny to meet Dona at the CSNN booth in 2018 at the business fair event. I took the chance and at present, I am employed in the field, working for Taymount Canada Microbiome Health. I have lots to learn ahead in this type of work but I am happy to be a part of the important and promising field of gut flora transplant and the wonders it can achieve. Dona, thanks for letting me know about the job opportunity with Taymount Clinic when I start the Immunology advanced course. It was meant to happen and it seems you have been more than a mentor to me. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs to all of you over at CSNN Nanaimo and all the best in the future. Keep up the good work!

D. Pietrosanu, R.H.N.

When CSNN opened up on Vancouver Island I knew immediately that I was meant to go there. I’ve always had a keen interest in nutrition and this seemed like the perfect fit. Throughout my educational experience at CSNN I was inspired by the diversity of instructors and the wide range of courses. It challenged me to think more holistically about my diet, my health and my life and it also solidified my business plans to educate and empower people to cook more (and ferment more) for themselves.

K. Etheridge, R.H.N.

When my own health issues were not being solved by allopathic medicine, I turned to nutrition – and it changed my life. I knew I had to help others see that there were answers out there to their health problems – I just didn’t know how. When searching for nutrition schools, I came across CSNN. I knew right away that it was what I was supposed to do and I enrolled almost immediately. My time at CSNN was eye-opening, fascinating, and transformative. I’m so glad that I took my health into my own hands, and that I now have the knowledge, experience, and understanding to help others do the same. I love that there are so many different paths you can take as an RHN, too. I’ve worked in supplement stores, wellness centres, ran two businesses – a healthy smoothie delivery service and nutrition consulting, I work with health food brands to create content for social media, and I now have my dream job as the nutritionist for an amazing company helping people achieve optimal health all over Canada.

R. Magee, R.H.N.

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