CSNN Vancouver Island: Workshops and Corequisites

Holistic Culinary Classes at CSNN Vancouver Island

We are thrilled to offer 10 separate culinary workshops in Nanaimo and Victoria that can be taken separately for important nutritional information, or, if all 30 hours of classes are attended, will result in a Culinary Certificate from CSNN. These hands-on and informative classes show the student:

  • what a whole foods kitchen is and how to set one up, including a discussion of the quality and types of foods involved
  • how to prepare foods for the greatest bio-availability, soaking, sprouting and cooking to minimize anti-nutrients
  • safe food preparation and knife skills
  • important information about cookware, what to use and how to best use it
  • an important discussion about sugars
  • how to select foods for the greatest nutritional content and best environmental impact
  • the value and preparation of our most nutrient-dense foods and why we consume them
  • the benefits of fermenting foods, and learning how to ferment
  • the therapeutic benefits of bone broth and how to prepare it
  • a discussion of digestion, allergies and specialized diets/menu planning for these conditions
  • foods that fight inflammation and how to prepare them
  • blood sugar, diabetes and the ketogenic diet
  • the value of raw foods, the importance of enzymes, and how to prepare raw foods for the greatest nutritional benefit
  • alternative grains, gluten free baking lessons
  • recipes and methods of preparation

The classes consist of:

  • Introduction to Whole Foods
  • Knife Skills / Food Safety
  • Foods 2
  • Fermentation and the Microbiome
  • Making Bone Broth and Soup
  • Practical tips for menu planning/ shopping and healthy snacks
  • Digestion and Allergies
  • Foods that fight Inflammation
  • Blood sugar, Diabetes, Ketogenic Diet
  • Alternative Grains/Breads & Crackers

Click here to download one-Year Natural Nutrition Diploma Program nnsymbol Workshops and Culinary Classes schedule for October 2019-June 2020 (note: document will open in new tab).

  • If you are interested in registering for culinary classes in the Nanaimo classroom, please contact v.i@csnn.ca.

Schedule coming soon for the Victoria Classroom. 

  • If you are interested in registering for the culinary classes in Victoria classroom, please contact victoria@csnn.ca