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Here are some frequently asked questions we get at the CSNN Vancouver Island branch. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. 

When do you run the Natural Nutrition Program and for how long?

We have 2 intakes each year: Spring (commencing in March) and Fall (commencing in September). We offer a 1-year day program and a 2-year night program. We don’t offer this full complement of classes for each intake so please check our Schedules page or contact the school to find out which classes are being offered for that intake. Both the 1-year and 2-year programs offer the same content but have different class schedules.

I've heard there is a "practical" during the program. Can you tell me more about this?

In addition to regular classroom instruction, we run workshops throughout the program that CSNN refers to as “practicals” nationally, but we call workshops at the Vancouver Island branch. The workshops enhance and enrich the curriculum and puts it into practical application. This work includes presentations, group studies, lectures, and guest speakers and provides an opportunity to develop essential skills. The workshops are a mandatory part of the curriculum. The workshops are held at the school on a date you will already be in attendance. The schedule for workshops will be handed out on the first day of classes.

I'm interested in the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, but have some questions I'd like answered specific to my circumstances.

We invite you to contact the branch directly to arrange an appointment with the owner/manager.

I want to register for the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. What do I do next?

Please read the documents and instructions on our Registrations page.

Once I send in or drop-off my completed registration package, how will I know that I've been accepted?

You will receive an “Acceptance” letter welcoming you to the school and confirming your registration.

When should I register?

Our classes fill up well in advance. To avoid disappointment, the sooner you register for the program of your choice, the better.

Is there any preparation I need to do before attending the first class?

Yes, we expect you to complete the pre-reading before your first course (as we do with all the courses). Details will be provided to you by email before classes start.

When do I pay tuition?

We have the following payment options: full payment, quarterly payment, or monthly payment. Please refer to the Student Contract which outlines payment due dates.

Would I be able to work and attend school?

Past students have commented that working and attending school was far more challenging than they anticipated. However, we appreciate that it isn’t always financially feasible to not work while attending the program. If you are working, please be aware that you will need to be extra diligent in structuring your schedule to complete the expected reading, studying, assignments, case studies, etc. that are required. We estimate you will spend approximately 20 hours per week outside of the classroom for homework and class preparation. We do not recommend working full-time while taking the 1-year course.

After graduating from CSNN, where would I work?

Each graduate of CSNN has a diploma as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. An R.H.N. can translate their diploma in Holistic Nutrition in their own individual way, given their interests, educational background and ambitions. Many conduct private consultations, open their own restaurants or bakeries, cater food to elders in the community, work at a naturopathic or chiropractic office, midwifery clinic, fitness centre or natural food store. Many educate individuals in the community or give talks to corporate clients.

A graduate could also be a sales representative for a natural products company, Inspire Health (an integrated cancer care clinic) hires R.H.N.’s, as do local doctors who practice Naturopathic, Functional and Integrated medicine. Some graduates may continue their formal education in international studies, nursing dietetics or naturopathy.

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