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CSNN Publications

Recognizing a need to fill a gap in the holistic nutritional educational field, CSNN publishes works by experienced and reputable Holistic Nutrition professionals and other expert health care professionals. These books are exclusive to CSNN and are available to CSNN students and graduates, including:

  • Nutritional Symptomatology Handbook
  • Cultivating Wholeness
  • Biochemistry & Epigenetics
  • Business Legal Handbook
  • Nutritional Pathology
  • Nutritional Literature Research Handbook

Books written by CSNN Graduates

Many CSNN graduates have gone on to write or co-author books. We invite you to explore all the book published by our graduates. If you are a CSNN graduate interested in promoting your published book on the website, please email marketing@csnn.ca for more information.

Holistic Nutrition Articles

Explore the many facets of holistic nutrition, such as food sustainability, proactive health, and healthy food trends. These articles have been written by some of our graduates. 

Summer Self-Doubt: Tips to Cultivate a Positive Body Image

Summer’s arrival brings warmer weather and an opportunity to shed layers of clothing. But, for...
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Rosemary Sweet Potato Wedges with Vegan Garlic Aioli

Raise your hand if your favourite side dish to order in a restaurant is sweet...
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Vitamin D: 10 Things You Should Know from Scientific Studies

Surprisingly misunderstood and undervalued, vitamin D is a nutrient worth learning more about. Science knows...
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CSNN Videos

CSNN has a variety of videos, from testimonials to informational videos to Facebook Live videos. Learn more about what CSNN has to offer by hearing from our students, graduates, and instructors. See all videos here.

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