Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate

Get a Taste of Holistic Nutrition

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate

A series of fun workshops that gives you a sneak peek into the world of holistic nutrition and provides you with some holistic nutrition tips for you and your family. No prior knowledge of holistic nutrition is needed. 

Learn about a new way to look at nutrition and the role nutrition plays in your overall well-being. You will receive basic foundational knowledge about healthy fats, good digestion, gut health, and much more.

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Course Outline:

  1. Proper Digestion & Gut Health
  2. Good Carbs/Bad Carbs
  3. Demystifying Fats
  4. All About the Protein
  5. Vitamin & Mineral Essentials
  6. Phytonutrients
  7. Immunity with Whole Foods
  8. Detox What?
  9. Basics of a Whole Food Pantry
  10. Stress & Mindset

You will also receive a free eBook of meal plan ideas.

There are 10 workshops, 2 hours each, for a total of 20 hours*. 

After completion of all workshops, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance. For those looking to receive the Certificate of Achievement and Continuing Education Units (CEUs), students will need to complete all workshops and take 1 test with a passing mark of 75% (21 hours total including the test). 

*Schedules may vary between branches but the total number of hours and material is the same.

Select CSNN branches are currently offering the Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate. Please click on your desired branch below to see when workshops are being offered and to access registration details.


CSNN Edmonton will be offering these workshops from via Zoom.

  • November 16 – December 16, Tues and Thurs, 8-10pm (MST)

Visit the Edmonton website or register here.


CSNN Ottawa will be offering these workshops from via Zoom. Classes will begin January 4, 2022, 6-8pm.

Registration Form

Richmond Hill

CSNN Richmond Hill will be offering these workshops from via Zoom. Classes will begin January 5, 2022, 7-9pm.

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CSNN Mississauga will be offering these workshops from via Zoom. Classes will begin January 22, 2022.

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Become a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner


For more in-depth holistic nutrition training and to pursue a career in holistic nutrition, please see CSNN’s full comprehensive Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. The program comprises of 18 courses. The curriculum covers natural nutrition relevant to each stage of life, as well as sciences, research, and fundamentals of business. With practical tools and cutting-edge science courses, the program provides a strong foundation for a career in the complementary health industry.

*For more individualized nutrition needs, please consider making an appointment with a CSNN grad. These workshops are only intended for general interest purposes.

**Please note: Until further notice, workshops hosted by classroom branches will be held virtually via the Zoom platform. Click here to learn more about the flexible learning formats available. Contact your preferred branch if you have any questions.