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Holistic Kitchen

Good health starts in the kitchen! Find loads of nutritious and delicious tips, tricks, articles, and recipes below from our community of holistic nutrition professionals. 


Learn some tips and tricks for healthier meals and a more holistic kitchen.

Spring Cleaning

March is the season for spring cleaning and detoxification.
  • Detox Your Way to a Brand New You – “Detoxifying is about minimizing the amount of toxins that enter your body, while supporting your detox organs, so that you can achieve and maintain optimal health.” Article written by Debora Palmieri, R.H.N. to help you understand what detox means. 

Grocery Shopping Tips

  • How to Read Nutrition Labels – “It’s important to know what we are putting into our body!” Monica Mander, R.H.N., shares some tips to help you understand nutrition labels.
  • Save Money While Eating Healthy – Want to eat healthy and save some money? Lisa Chilvers, R.H.N., shares 6 easy actions that may save you money at the grocery store.

Cooking Tips

What you choose to cook with is important too!
  • How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil – “Depending on whether you plan to bake, broil, grill, fry, deep-fry, or roast, different cooking oils will produce different results.” Petra Scott, R.H.N., shares her recommendations on choosing the right cooking oil.
  • To Salt or Not to Salt? – Here are some quick tips and information from Kelli Etheridge, R.H.N., for those who are confused about just how much salt needs to be in their food.
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Sharpen your culinary skills and cook your way to better health with CSNN’s Holistic Culinary Certificate workshops. You’ll learn a variety of methods and techniques to prepare food and enhance the restorative properties of food. Workshops are offered at select branches. Please click here to see which branches are offering these culinary workshops.


Reading Recommendations

A lot of our graduates are published cookbook authors! From desserts to gluten-free meals, there’s a huge variety of delicious and nutritious recipes. 

Spring Tacos

CSNN graduate, Bethany Bierema, shares her fresh and seasonal taco recipe with charred avocado, baby broccoli, and asparagus.

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wrap

CSNN graduate, Samantha deSousa, puts a healthy spin on one of our favourite restaurant meals. Feel free to add extra veggies!

Quinoa Salad

Not sure what to make for dinner? Want something fresh and tasty? Check out this easy quinoa salad recipe from CSNN graduate Viktoria Jones.

Bulgogi Bowl

Simple, filling, and oh so tasty, these Bulgogi Bowls are the perfect weeknight dinner. Recipe from CSNN grad, Melanie Robinson.

Rainbow Bowl

These colourful bowls are the perfect way to eat a variety of veggies. CSNN graduate, Sisley Killam, teaches you how to build your own. 

For me, holistic nutrition is a perfect marriage between my love for helping others and for all things culinary.