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Good health starts in the kitchen! Find loads of nutritious and delicious tips, tricks, articles, and recipes below from our community of holistic nutrition professionals. 

This oil-free recipe is great for those looking for plant-based protein and a super easy meal to make. It’s smoky and tangy with a BBQ-inspired marinade. There are also some tips and tricks included in this recipe. Recipe from Ashley Madden, C.H.N., who also has 2 cookbooks: The Plant-Based Cookbook and Plant-Based Delicious.

Dashi is a Japanese broth and the backbone of many Japanese recipes. It has a rich and complex flavour but is easy and quick to prepare. Petra Scott, R.H.N. goes into the different types, how to make it, and how you can use it in your recipes.

A baked salmon recipe that uses lime, maple, and chili powder for a sweet and smoky glaze. Try pairing this with a fruity salsa! This easy and healthy recipe can also be ready in 30 minutes! Recipe from Rebecca Dwyre, R.H.N.

Do you struggle with what to make for lunch? These 4 tasty recipes from Brittney Cox, R.H.N. will be sure to spice things up and make life easier. She also shares some great make-ahead and packing tips. 

A great breakfast or dessert, chia seed pudding is full of omega 3, fiber, and minerals. It’s versatile and affordable as well. Get the recipe and learn more.

Spices are not only used to add more flavour to your dishes, but they can also help you live healthier. Here are 9 spices you should keep on hand, and some ideas on how to use these spices in your next dish. Happy cooking!

Cook along with us! With 30 hours of experiential learning available, students sharpen their practical abilities while deepening their knowledge of whole foods and holistic health.

A super immune smoothie is a yummy way to eat the rainbow! This is one of our favourite ways to get those antioxidants and vitamins. 

Healthy fats is something you’re sure to find in a holistic kitchen. Watch this video and find out why they’re so important and their health benefits. 

We love traveling from our kitchen. This recipe is full of bright flavours to wake up your tastebuds for spring. It also happens to be egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Recipe from Delia Mota, R.H.N.

This buttery vanilla mug cake is a quick and easy recipe for when you need a sweet little something. Caroline Chow, R.H.N. also shares some healthier baking swaps to make those sweet treats even better.

Travel from your kitchen with this tropical yogurt bowl. It’s quick to prepare, full of nutritional benefits, and will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Recipe from Caelin Folsom, R.H.N. 

CSNN graduate Lucia Di Cesare shares 5 of her favourite kitchen tools and how they contribute to healthier living. She also includes a recipe for vegan chili. Check it out! 

Rainbow Bowl

These colourful bowls are the perfect way to eat a variety of veggies. CSNN graduate, Sisley Killam, teaches you how to build your own. 

Kimchi is one of our favourite fermented foods with tons of nutritional benefits. Even if you’re a beginner, this is something you can easily do in your own kitchen. Renee Robbins, R.H.N. walks you through the process.

This decadent dessert from Orsha Magyar, C.H.N. is full of brain-boosting and heart-healthy ingredients. Check out the recipe and learn more about the nutritional benefits. 

Workshops available at select branches via Zoom/Online

Sharpen your culinary skills and cook your way to better health with CSNN’s Holistic Culinary Certificate workshops. You’ll learn a variety of methods and techniques to prepare food and enhance the restorative properties of food. Workshops are offered at select branches via Zoom and through Online Distance Education. Please click here to see which branches are offering these culinary workshops.

Discover Renewed Energy

  • 9 Favourite Self-Care Habits & Practices for Spring – Self-care tips work all year around, but here are some habits and practices to help you feel renewed and refreshed for spring. Ashleigh Grange, R.H.N. shares 9 of her favourite ones.
  • Pulses: The New (Old?) Superfood – Pulses include dried beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas. Debora Palmieri, R.H.N. dives into why these are great for your health and how you can incorporate them into your diet.
  • Detox Your Way to a Brand New You – “Detoxification is essentially the way your body rids itself of harmful toxins and unwanted waste products.” Detox can help you feel like the best version of you. Debora Palmieri, R.H.N. shares more about the process in this article.
  • Spice It Up: Let’s Talk Turmeric – This powerhouse spice can add a load of health benefits. Emma Levez Larocque, R.H.N., highlights this amazing spice and how to use them, and shares yummy recipes for Golden Milk and Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea.

Helpful and Healthful Cooking Tips

  • Your Guide to Soaking/Activating Nuts, Seeds, and Grains – Bethany Bierema, R.H.N., shows us in her simple and informative guide why it’s important to soak/activate nuts, all the benefits, and just how easy it is.
  • 9 Healthy Meal Prep Tips – These days, there seems to be more to do but we have less energy to deal with all the things we must do effectively. Meal planning can help make healthy eating so much easier. Stephanie Kay, R.H.N. shares some easy and practical tips to help you meal prep.
  • How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil – “Depending on whether you plan to bake, broil, grill, fry, deep-fry, or roast, different cooking oils will produce different results.” Petra Scott, R.H.N., shares her recommendations on choosing the right cooking oil.

Grocery Shopping Tips

  • Save Money While Eating Healthy – Want to eat healthy and save some money? Lisa Chilvers, R.H.N., shares 6 easy actions that may save you money at the grocery store.

Reading Recommendations

A lot of our graduates are published cookbook authors! From desserts to gluten-free meals, there’s a huge variety of delicious and nutritious recipes. 

For me, holistic nutrition is a perfect marriage between my love for helping others and for all things culinary.