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Brittany Nicholson


Britt is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Bachelor of Science degree holder located in Northern Ontario. She is rooted in science and uses evidence-based approaches to help her clients get to the root of their digestive issues, beat burnout, eat to ease anxiety, and build long term healthy habits without restrictions. She loves helping her clients find joy in the kitchen, enjoy a loving relationship with food and finally feel like they can eat some of their favourite foods after years and years of restriction.

Having been through all the digestive issues, anxiety and burnout herself, Britt is incredibly passionate about all things gut health related and the connection that it has with the mind.

Britt has worked with many 1:1 clients and has been able to help them uncover the missing pieces of their health picture, creating health plans that feel realistic, and aligned with her clients values and lifestyle.

Britt also has a podcast, “The Balance with Britt Podcast” with new episodes weekly.

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I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition when I was at the peak of my own health crisis. I had digestive issues that were interfering with my life, unrelenting anxiety and at 26 years old I felt like I was falling apart. With a background in science, I was determined to learn more about how I could support myself (and hopefully others as well!).

Wanting to remain in Northern Ontario, I took advantage of the CSNN Distance Education program, and it was EXACTLY what I needed. I felt supported and learned a great deal throughout my time spent studying at CSNN, from the comfort of my home. 

I had no problem completing the course in the recommended time frame, and when I had questions I always felt supported. 

I graduated in 2017, and I am so happy that I am now able to help others on similar health journeys to my own back when I was 26.

Brittany Nicholson, R.H.N.