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Setting goals and resolutions is something most of us think about at the end of the year. However, we can do this at any time when we want to reset and refocus on the things important to us. We don’t have to wait for a specific day or time of year to start.

Our goals and resolutions are typically based on what we value and creating habits and actions so we are more likely to succeed and meet our goals. For example, if you value mental health or calmness, your goal could be to make a habit of daily meditation or journaling. If you value health, your goal could be to start exercising more times a week and learning what are the healthiest foods to incorporate into your diet.  

As Canada’s leading holistic nutrition school for almost 30 years, we have some insight into what drives students to study holistic nutrition and succeed in their chosen path. When we say, “Learn to Change Lives”, we mean it, and it starts with you.

Here are some of the reasons why someone has chosen to study holistic nutrition at CSNN and how we helped them achieve their goals.

If some of these goals resonate with you, we hope you take this blog post as a sign to stoke that fire within you and take action.

You Want to Improve Your Health

Do you want to eat and live healthier? Maybe you have a passion for healthy living and nutrition but want to make sense of all the information out there.

Do you want to raise healthy kids and help your family achieve better health?

Do you want to lose weight, cook healthier meals at home, know what groceries to buy, and how to make customized meal plans based on your needs?

Maybe you simply want more energy to do the things you love.

Do you hunger for knowledge on nutrition and wellbeing? Maybe you suspect you have an imbalance and want to learn how to better support your health naturally.

Part of improving your health is learning to understand the body, how body systems communicate, and how to achieve balance through nutrition and lifestyle choices. Holistic nutrition looks at the whole being; it’s about taking a bioindividual approach and making nutrition and lifestyle recommendations specific to the individual based on their specific needs. The Natural Nutrition Program will teach you how everything is connected.

Why Is Nutrition Education Important

The program curriculum is comprehensive, practical, and in-depth, with 1/3 of the courses being science-based. Here are some examples of courses in the program:

  • Pediatrics – You will learn about children’s nutritional needs, how to support one’s health from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth to raising school-age children, how to manage allergies, food sensitivities, and how to establish a healthy intestinal microbiome, health weight, handle picky eaters, and much more.
  • Sports Nutrition – This course teaches you about scientifically-based information on the relationship between nutrition and sports performance, how to adjust nutritional recommendations for student athletes all the way to professional competitive athletes, and the importance of nutrition for recovery.
  • Perspectives on Aging – This is all about longevity and health, key factors related to cognitive health and function and the specific nutrition to support individuals as they age.
  • Eco-Nutrition – Gain insight into environmental effects of corporate industrial system of food production, soil microbiome and health, GMOs, food security, sustainability, carbon footprint, and regenerative agriculture.

Here is video overview from our curriculum coordinator. Our curriculum is always being revised and improved upon so you are up to date on the latest research.

Here are some testimonials from our grads who improved their own health:

After dealing with a cancer scare in my early 20s, I started to get curious about what I could be doing to make sure I was living my best, healthiest life.  My research eventually brought me to CSNN’s website, and after looking at the course list and all the amazing topics that are covered in the program, I was immediately sold and signed up the next week.  The program was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. I consider the knowledge I learned to be the most precious gift and I am so honored that I now get to share it with others.

Keyrsten McEwan, R.H.N.

CSNN changed my life! It gave me an environment where I could talk about my health challenges without feeling judged or weird. It gave me the knowledge I needed to properly take care of myself and finally understand my health condition. It also gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start helping others with similar health conditions as mine. I am now working part-time at the government and part-time as a nutritionist. It feels awesome to help others and to have found a new life’s purpose.

Robert Martin, R.H.N.

My experience at CSNN was life changing. Coming into the program with health problems I felt there was no explanation for, I learned how to investigate imbalances and search for the root cause to support my body rather than applying short term solutions to manage symptoms. I use this knowledge daily for myself, clients and family members to support them with their health journeys.

Salina Naber, R.H.N.

You Want to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Are you passionate about nutrition and want to start a new career?

Do you want to learn how to help others with nutrition but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to enhance your existing career? We have students that come from fitness, yoga, mental health, and other holistic/alternative health fields.

The Natural Nutrition Program is a robust practitioner training program where graduates earn a diploma, professional designation, and title. It also allows you to be a part of these professional associations: CSNNAA, CAHN-Pro, CANNP, and NANP.

Courses like Nutritional Symptomatology and Motivational Interview Skills are foundational in becoming a practitioner and helping clients (see video here).

  • Nutritional Symptomatology – This is used to assess nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, This courses will teach you how to effectively use these assessment tools, how to put the pieces together, and how to write client case study reports in a professional manner.
  • Motivational Interview Skills – Learn to support clients in achieving positive behaviour change. You’ll learn more about the background philosophy, components, and techniques to apply principles when conducting holistic nutritional consultations.

Real-life case studies make up the important clinical component of the program. There are also enhanced/intensive program options available at select branches (learn more here).

As part of the program, 10 live case studies must be completed by all students; they will use comprehensive intake forms to examine all internal and external factors affecting a person’s nutritional health and wellbeing. By applying their education to real-life clients and situations with some guidance from instructors, students gain confidence and skills and tools in their new career.

The biggest challenge was the case studies at the end but they’re definitely worth it! You never really grow and solidify the learnings until you start putting them in practice. The case studies and the final exam really help boost your confidence. I loved the program!

Danielle Belanger, R.H.N.

After graduation, find career support in the form of the CSNN Alumni Association. They provide members with webinars, master classes, mentorship and networking opportunities, and other professional resources, support, and discounts. They also organize the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference (CHNC) every year – learn more here.

CSNN provided me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, skills and understanding with regards to truly embodying a holistic lifestyle, upon realizing that I wanted to pursue formal education in the field of Natural Nutrition. Attending CSNN was a life-changing experience, in that it provided me the confidence and tools to both envision and launch a private nutritional consulting practice. The Natural Nutrition program not only impacted and supported my health on a personal level, but provided me the avenue to be of service to others and impact the lives of others in indescribable ways.

Jessica Pecush, C.H.N.C.

Many of our graduates find success as clinical practitioners, but also in multiple industries. This can depend on their unique education and work experience – many graduates combine their holistic nutrition training with their background and create their own career path and niche.

Ciara’s Coffee Chat – See what it was like for Ciara to go back to school to change her career and improve her and her family’s health.

See other career stories here.

CSNN also offers Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops and certificates to help further your knowledge after graduation, allowing you to upgrade your skills and focus in specific areas of holistic nutrition that can benefit your practice and clients.

You Want An Enhanced Sense of Wellbeing

Is mental health and wellness important to you?

Are you curious about adopting a more holistic lifestyle?

CSNN teaches you to look at the whole person without judgement – all graduates must adhere to our Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Health, nutrition, and wellness are intrinsically linked – have you heard about the gut-brain connection or the importance of your microbiome? An integral part of the program is the connection between body, mind, and spirit and aims to enlighten in a broad way the effects of life experiences and circumstances on health.

  • Body-Mind-Spirit (Mind and Spirit Connection) – the important role nutrition plays in maintaining optimal mental health, learn about key factors that influence mental health such as blood sugar, food sensitivities, inflammation, and methylation, microbiome-gut-brain axis, learn about the connection between physical disease and emotional/psychological/spiritual themes, how patterns in our life affect us emotionally and physically, and how to recognize and heal those patterns

You will be well-equipped to meet clients from all walks of life and learn to improve your own sense of wellbeing to feel calm, connected, and balanced.

New and profound mindfulness of the body-mind-spirit connection is the catalyst for students to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. They gain new knowledge and awareness of how the body works and how it can be transformed positively through natural nutrition, to achieve optimal health and balanced wellbeing.

Here are some articles from our graduates that touch on how your physical health affects your mental health and how to support both in a holistic way:

You Want to Make Connections

Do you want to make new friends? Is your goal to make more professional connections?

Do you want to be a part of a supportive and uplifting community?

This place changed my life! The teachers are all awesome, the students I attended with are such amazing open people, the feeling of community is like no other, and the inspiration coming out of there to share my knowledge is unreal! Ultimately, the people there, who are now all good friends of mine, made the experience off the charts! I highly recommend!

Kenneth Fields, R.H.N.

The Natural Nutrition Program is great not just because of the education, but also because of the unique learning environment.

Classroom branches have a variety of flexible learning formats where you can learn and interact with your classmates and instructors in real-time.

CSNN instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and education and bring their experience to the classroom, encouraging curiosity, facilitating discussions and conversations, and answering any questions to make sure students are comfortable with the material.

CSNN also has Distance Education for those who prefer a self-paced self-study online format. There is a student forum and Facebook group as well as helpful academic advisors to guide students along the way.

My experience with CSNN has been incredible. Throughout the past three years, I have felt supported by my instructors, and gained a wealth of knowledge in the field of holistic nutrition. After graduating, I feel confident in my skills to go out and help people with my knowledge of holistic nutrition. Distance education made it easier for me to juggle my crazy life schedule and fit in schooling when I was able to. I highly recommend taking the holistic nutrition diploma, you won’t regret it!

Sarah L., R.H.N.

Because of CSNN’s flexible learning formats, it means you can study from anywhere – you’ll meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet otherwise.  

I came to it from a life in the Air Force I cherished and had no idea I would be entering this new “family” that was for me so refreshingly non-judgmental and nurturing. Because my hobby was studying health, I will admit to coming in a bit confident but found myself challenged in ways I did not expect. I adored it all – the learning, the management, teachers, and my fellow classmates – the sense of oneness there was hard to leave when returning to “normal” life. As luck would have it, I got the chance to come “home” and be a teaching assistant/teacher which I took very seriously in attempting to uphold the standards of the teachers I held in such high esteem. All my experience at CSNN prepared me to start my own business which I am ever so grateful for! Now I get to transform people’s health by educating them on food as medicine and tweaking their lifestyles to nurturing their mind, body and spirit – how does it get any better than that?

Laura Kissmann, R.H.N.

I found a home at CSNN. It was the first time I felt like I was among a group of like-minded people, who all were passionate about health and helping others. I learned so much about the human body and about the impact food can have on all body systems. I graduated in 2014 feeling prepared to start my own business, and still work with clients to this day.

Sarah Klesko, R.H.N.

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Distance Education

Self-study online format allows students to create their own schedules. This is for students who prefer to work on courses in the program on their own, reaching out to an academic advisor when they need one. The self-study method is good for students who are self-disciplined to stick to the schedules they have created.

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