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A career path isn’t always linear. Many CSNN graduates take their unique education and skills and combine it with their holistic nutrition diploma to create something new. Melissa Sorge, R.H.N., combines her dance background and holistic nutrition training into The Body Project. This is a post-secondary dance education program with a holistic focus. Read on to find out about her career story.

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Connect with Melissa

Tell us about yourself!

I began my post-secondary education studying dance. Dance is part of my blueprint and my love for it pushed me to train across the country to gain the foundational tools I would use as an educator. In my early years I had the opportunity to perform with various professionals including my biggest performance, the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. In 2011 I dove headfirst into teaching dancers the skills I had obtained through my own studies and experience.

Wanting to gain more knowledge about the body to inform both myself as well as my students, I studied with CSNN to gain my diploma in Holistic Nutrition. When I graduated in 2014, I started a nutritional coaching business “Body Fuel Nutrition”. I had no specific area of focus until my husband and I had great difficulty conceiving our first child. This is when I dove deep into as much information as I could about holistic methods including nutrition for fertility. I created a fertility program “Making Babies” in 2017 and then extended my focus to include post-pregnancy nutrition and nutrition for children. This area expanded into my dance field as I began working as the nutritionist for a dance studio, focusing on giving dancers and their families the tools to live healthy, vibrant lives.

After a deeply profound personal experience I had in 2016, I began diving more into alternative healing and began my studies of meditation and intuitive healing with award winning medium Els Basten. My ongoing learning with Els and my own journey with my higher self has created an entirely new way for me to live which is expansive and connected, allowing me the opportunity to guide others to transform their lives in a profound way.

Wanting to branch out, my husband (also a dance educator) and I took a leap and started a post-secondary dance education program with a holistic focus called The Body Project. The program aims to educate dancers how to care for their whole body, mind and spirit, creating space for them to explore their artistry, open their hearts and enhance their inner light.

In the last few years, I have had many opportunities to share my knowledge and artistry throughout B.C., collaborating with a number of different artists of various disciplines. My focus on community and helping others tap into their own bodies and their spirit through a multi-faceted approach has allowed me the recognition as an important guide to girls and young women. As an intuitive and empath, I understand people on a deep level and know how to guide them with the utmost care on a physical, mental, emotional, and artistic level. I am committed to educating dancers how to respect themselves and align their entire being in total health and love, supporting dancers through their creative process and life journey.

Why did you decide to work in this industry?

While I was living in Vancouver I worked for Whole Foods. It was there that I really started to understand the connection between what I was eating and how I was performing in my dance classes. I became passionate about learning as much as I could about nutrition to help me feel good in my body. Once I started teaching my own students, I wanted to give them more information on how to be really healthy. I saw my fair share of eating disorders and mental health issues among dancers over the years and I though that gaining more knowledge about nutrition could help my students.

What brought you to study holistic nutrition at CSNN?

I have always been connected to the natural world. I became a vegetarian when I was 14 because my body and spirit told me that’s what it needed. The awareness of self was always there. When I looked into studying nutrition I felt instantly drawn to holistic nutrition. I had looked at becoming a dietician, but it felt too clinical and disconnected for me. Holistic nutrition felt intuitively right to me and the values that I hold.

How did you choose your specialty/area of focus?

My specialty has changed over the years. I think that being flexible enough to allow your area of focus to change with you as you grow older is important. When I was going through and coming out of infertility issues, fertility nutrition was my passion. When I was working with dancers non-stop, I wanted to focus more on them. Currently I am working in both areas, but my main focus right now is helping others shift their bodies, minds and spirits into heart centred living as we all go through this conscious awakening of humanity.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I have 2 young children so I am up early. I start my day off getting grounded by singing mantras, drinking lemon water and smudging. After I drop my daughter at school I spend the day with my son. We go for walks in nature, play and enjoy being alive. Some days I lead dance class in the morning. Sometimes I work with clients online or I spend my time in various creative works or I prepare for my dance students I teach some of my evenings. I always end my day with meditation, salt baths or reading. I used to be someone who was overworked, stressed and tired all the time. I was an energy over-giver. Even though what I do everyday might differ, I have a consistent rhythm of self-care to it. I do more for the world by taking care of myself and doing less. It’s working out so much better for myself, my students, and the people around me.

What was your career "a-ha" moment?

I think the first “aha” moment I had was the first client I had working through fertility issues come to me at the end of our program and tell me she was pregnant. It really grounded into me that what I was doing with her was working and that I was really good at what I do!

Do you have a go-to recipe? What are your 3 favourite things in your fridge/pantry?

A family favourite of ours is from “Pick Up Limes”. Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup. So good! My daughter is picky, but she would eat this every night if given the choice. As for my pantry I always have coconut in all forms (shredded/oil/cream/milk/butter/water) as it is the best thing ever. I always have some sort of organic dark chocolate (need that extra magnesium kick) and I love different kinds of hummus type spreads. “Spread Em Kitchen”’s Nacho Cheeze spread is amazing! Oh, and tea. I drink it all day long. My cupboard is stock full.

“…I have the steps I can take to make the best me possible, so that I will be able to have a healthy
pregnancy, which I have faith will come. I may yet have arduous days ahead, but I am far better equipped
to meet those days with greater force and power gained through the knowledge and experience that this
program has allotted me. With deepest sincerity, thank you Melissa. God blesses our lives with angels,
sometimes they surround us as spirits, other times they are the people around us… thank you for being
one of God’s angels in my life. May your pathway be blessed because of the light that you have brought
into mine.” 

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