Jessica Sherman

Jessica received the Clinical Excellence Award 2019 from the CSNN Alumni Association. 


Jess Sherman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional who arms parents with a powerful understanding of nutrition and the body so their entire family can relax, learn and grow.  She offers dietary support for symptoms and conditions common to infants, children and mcsnn-certification-mark-colour-smothers including digestive disorders, food intolerance and allergy, picky eating, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety, fatigue and overwhelm, and postpartum adjustment struggles.  She has created a virtual clinic and community to teach parents the core dietary strategies for supporting physical and mental resilience, which are also outlined in her book, Raising Resilience.


I was taking a break from high school teaching and preparing for the arrival of my first baby when I found CSNN. Having already worked in education for about a decade and getting ready to start my own family, I wanted to better understand how food influences learning, growth and behaviour – so it seemed the next logical step. What I started learning at CSNN brought me down a new exciting path and opened my eyes to fantastic new tools that I now use for helping children and families.

Jessica Sherman, R.H.N.