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Get a Taste of Holistic Nutrition

Discover a new way to look at food & nutrition from Canada’s largest and leading school of holistic nutrition. A online self-paced study series that educates you on a overview of nutrition, which helps you understand how to eat well for yourself and your family. No prior knowledge of holistic nutrition is needed. **Qualifies for 4 Continuing Education Credits with Canfitpro.

Course Outline


Full Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate package: $200*

Individual courses: $34.75* each

Those who register for the full package receive free access to the Alternative Baking & Sweets Culinary workshop!

*Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents

Proper Digestion & Gut Health

  • Basic understanding of the GI tract & functions
  • How and where certain foods are broken down and digested?
  • Optimal digestive habits to have at your dinner table
  • What is the microbiome?
  • Functions of the gut bacteria & it’s connection to health or illness
  • Benefits of diversity & prebiotics
  • Fermented foods

Basics of a Whole Foods Kitchen

  • What is in your pantry?
  • Meal prep
  • Essential culinary herbs
  • Eating on a budget
  • Cookware and method of cooking
  • Improving your home environment – reducing chemical exposure

Good Carbs/Bad Carbs

  • Hidden Sugar & health effects
  • What about artificial sweeteners?
  • Whole grains vs refined grains
  • Different categories of vegetables
  • Fibre with water…

Demystifying Fats

  • Functions of fats
  • Bad fats vs good fats
  • Effects of fat-free living
  • Oils – what to cook with?

All about the Protein

  • Functions of protein
  • What is considered quality protein?
  • How much protein is essential?
  • Meat vs plant-based

Vitamin & Mineral Essentials

  • What are the essential vitamins & minerals?
  • Some of the basic functions of vitamins and minerals in the body
  • What are the main foods high in these nutrients?

Immunity with Whole Foods

  • Basic function of immunity
  • Inflammation – when is it good & when is it bad?
  • Foods & nutrients that support overall immunity

Detox What?

  • Toxic load & illness
  • Routes of detoxification & elimination
  • Foods that support liver function
  • Cleansing the body using whole foods

Stress & Mindset

  • Stress – good or bad
  • How stress effects the body?
  • Benefits of a positive outlook


  • A phyto…what?  Why is this important?
  • How eating different colours can benefit health?
  • Eating a rainbow at every meal

*For more individualized nutrition needs, please consider making an appointment with a CSNN grad. These workshops are only intended for general interest purposes.

Become a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner


For more in-depth holistic nutrition training and to pursue a career in holistic nutrition, please see CSNN Distance Education’s full comprehensive Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. The program’s 2,100 study hours contain a solid foundation of cutting-edge science, and include 900 hours of real-life case studies, as well as over 200 hours of video lectures with course instructors. Our program enables you to facilitate deep, lasting life changes for you and  your clients.

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