CSNN Edmonton

Nutrition Courses

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate

Live Online (Zoom) Format
  • Teaches easy ways to feed your family to achieve healthy bodies and minds
  • Simple easy strategies to eat for your body
  • A new way to look at food and nutrition
  • No previous experience required
  • An easy way to change the way you eat!

Holistic Culinary Certificate

Recorded Workshops
  • Hands-on cooking in your own kitchen
  • Deepen your knowledge of whole foods and holistic health
  • 10 different topics to enhance your knowledge
  • Recipes provided!
  • Workshops are recorded; complete according to your schedule 

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition

Live Online (Zoom) and Blended Learning
  • Earn your diploma, professional designation, and title
  • Practical, science-based program
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Learn to consult with clients
  • Discover a new career in holistic nutrition!

Let's Get Started

Live Online (Zoom) and Blended Learning Format

Scheduled Live Online Instruction with some In-Person Learning Available


grads share their experience at CSNN Edmonton
  • I wanted to pursue nutrition with a holistic approach; it has always been a passion of mine. I truly feel it’s so important to address the whole body, mind, and soul when addressing health. 

    The instructors are amazing and I’ve learned so much in the ECS program. Lots of interesting hands-on practicals and ways of teaching that keep everything fun and so you can get the best learning experience possible. 

    If you’re passionate about health and wellness and you want to educate people on how they can create a healthy lifestyle, then do it! It’s a very rewarding career/education to pursue. 

    Megan Leduc
    Class of 2023
  • At CSNN Edmonton, you’re constantly learning and evolving your lifestyle as you make your way through this course. By the end of the very first day of class, I was able to implement my learnings into my lifestyle! I’ve learned so much already, CSNN has opened the door to so many different opportunities I didn’t even know existed after I graduate. Knowledge is power, and if you’re passionate about your health this is the place to be!

    Georgia Braye
    Class of 2023
  • CSNN came highly recommended by some friends. It was so nice to connect with other like-minded people, especially when it came to health and nutrition.

    At CSNN, they put you to work – I was always studying but I loved learning. My education with CSNN helped me figure out what I loved talking about all day, which was gut health and food sensitivities! It led me to pick a niche for my business. 

    You will never regret gaining more knowledge! I am so glad I went to CSNN to help myself, my family, and others live their best and healthiest life!

    Erin Lamb
    Class of 2018
learning to put the pieces together

Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

Practical Knowledge

Courses like Nutritional Symptomatology and Motivational Interviewing are crucial to helping you build your career as a holistic nutrition practitioner. Learn how to create customized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Whole-Being Approach

Learn to navigate the complexities of the human body, now nutrition and environment can impact our health and wellbeing, and what to do about it. Real-life case studies allow students to apply their knowledge.

Science-Based Courses

Body-Mind-Spirit is important to holistic nutrition, but the curriculum also has a robust curriculum with science and evidence-based courses like Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry & Epigenetics, Pathology & Nutrition, and Hormone Health.