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Registration Process

Welcome to Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – Edmonton branch.

Following is the registration process to help you along your journey.

  1. Fill out registration documents and send them into the school
  2. The school will send you an email requesting you to review several documents including the ones below. At this time, you only need to review; you do NOT need to sign them
    1. Private Vocational Training Act (under which our school is licensed)
    2. Student Handbook
    3. AB Advanced Education Program Outline & Student Enrollment Contract
  3. Once you have comfortably reviewed the documents, return to the original interview package email and hit REPLY to send us an email requesting an interview appointment. Please include some options of your availability for us.
  4. Once our staff have reviewed your preferred time, we will confirm the appointment.
  5. All interviews are done virtually, via ZOOM.
  6. The interview will happen at the agreed time. During that interview, you will be asked several questions in order to ensure that:
    1. You have read the student handbook
    2. We have answered all your questions you may have on the program
    3. We are satisfied that you would do well in the program and that it is a good fit for you
    4. You have passed all entrance requirements
  7. You need to decide which program you want to be enrolled in.
  8. Once the above step is completed, then we will hold your seat. At that time, we require a $500 registration deposit. The fee will be deducted from your total tuition fees.
  9. Any paperwork for student aid/grants will be processed at that time.
  10. We will process your application, and then send you the documents for signature. Note that we are unable to do electronic signatures, so you must print off the documents and return them to us.
  11. Once we receive your signature on all documents indicating your acceptance into the program, we will then send you a detailed schedule so that you can add it to your calendar and make necessary arrangements.
  12. You will be enrolled onto the Student Portal. All of our documentation and delivery of all materials is done in that Student Portal. Take the time to get logged in. We will update you with further instructions via email or the Student Portal closer to class.


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