Edmonton: Faculty

Dr. Janice Dacyshyn, N.D.

Dr. Dacyshyn graduated in 2005 from Bastyr University, the pre-eminent authority on science-based Naturopathic education. She has been in practice as a Naturopathic Doctor in the Edmonton area for over a decade, growing in her skills and experience as an expert in diagnostic evaluation and natural medicines.

She began her pre-medical studies initially to pursue conventional medicine, but quickly realized that it was naturopathic medicine that would nurture her desire to empower and educate her patients on the powerful principles of preventative medicine. She feels that it is truly an honour to do this work, and is inspired by the changes that her patients make.

She enjoys particular focus in her practice in the areas of female/male, thyroid and stress hormones, digestive concerns of all kinds, depression, anxiety, and allergies. She is also the Executive Director of the Edmonton Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine, a multi-disciplinary clinic of collaborating professionals working towards the betterment of their patients’ physical and emotional wellness. She has appeared on Breakfast Television, performed various speaking engagements in and around the Edmonton area, and enjoys serving her community and engaging with other local businesses.

Dr. Dacyshyn has been teaching at CSNN since the branch opened in Edmonton. She enjoys bringing clinical relevance to some of the basic science elements of this program and gets immense satisfaction and knowledge from students sharing their views and experiences. It has been her sincere pleasure working at CSNN and she looks forward to meeting new students and forging relationships that continue beyond their student experience and into their new, professional lives.

Alissa Liska, B.Sc., C.H.N.C.

Alissa Liska is a holistic nutrition professional and Outside Sales Representative for United Natural Foods, Incorporated in Edmonton. She was previously a Wellbeing Counsellor for Southbrook Sobeys, where she found her passion for the natural food industry. Before completing the Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol at CSNN, Alissa obtained her Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Nutrition and Food with a minor in Physical Activity from the University of Alberta. She is also a certified Spinning instructor, an AFLCA certified personal trainer, and a ringette goaltender instructor for 5-Count Goalie Instruction. 

Alissa’s education and personal experiences feed her passion for helping others see how easy it can be to provide their bodies with the best fuel possible to feel good, and look good too! “When it comes to our health and wellbeing, the three principles that I believe in are convenience, simplicity, and making the healthy choice, the easy choice. This has worked for me and I aspire to educate others on how these principles can work for them too.” 

Alissa firmly believes in balance and ensures her recommendations are realistic and solution oriented. She loves teaching at CSNN and thoroughly enjoys watching students find their niche and success after completing the program.

Lindsay Finnie-Carvalho, B.Sc.H., C.H.N.C.

Lindsay’s love for Holistic Nutrition started after she developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2008 and she learned how much of a role good food played in her health and wellbeing. She started her career in Molecular Biology and Genetics after graduating from Guelph University with a Bachelor of Science with Honours, working in labs doing research up until her family needed her at home. She completed the Natural Nutrition Program  at CSNN in 2015 and has been integrating her knowledge of holistic nutrition with her family, friends and clients. Her background in Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics has helped give her a deeper understanding of the workings of nutrition and the role it has on the body, which she now shares with the students at both CSNN and Grant Macewan University. She is a firm believer in evidence based nutrition science and brings per passion on this topic to the classroom to ensure students are up to date on current research.which enables graduates to provide the best possible recommendations to their clients. She is passionate about coaching clients and encouraging healthy diet and lifestyle habits for anyone wishing to better their health.

Ardelle Viau, C.H.N.C.

Ardelle Viau is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and an Essential Oil Educator with over 12 years of nutrition coaching experience. Ardelle graduated from CSNN in June 2013 and has been instructing there since September 2013.  In addition to instructing at CSNN, she owns her consulting business, Aromas & Avocados, she is the C.H.N.C. for Park Integrative Health Clinic and co-owns The YEG Collective, a workshop rental space here in Edmonton.  

Her passion lies in educating people about healthy living and enabling others to transform their physical, mental and spiritual health. Using her knowledge in holistic nutrition and essential oils, Ardelle’s programs are built on the foundation of toxic-free eating, living and thinking. You can learn more about her here: Website (aromasandavocados.com), Facebook (@aromasandavocados), and Instagram (@aromasandavocados).

Dacia Mead, C.H.N.C., Pn1

Dacia Mead graduated with honors and represented her graduating class as Valedictorian, in 2016, from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  Since then she has been working in the industry as an owner/operator of her own nutritional consulting business out of Full Spectrum Chiropractic Clinic in Sherwood Park.  She has also worked at Urban Organics and with a small local juice company.

Dacia is very passionate about sport and has her Level 1 certification in Exercise Nutrition from Precision Nutrition and her certification in Spin & Kickboxing, which she has been teaching for the past six years, out of Exist Fitness.  She works closely with youth sport teams, coaching dryland fitness and giving many nutritional talks on proper fueling for sports performance.  Dacia has currently been training in functional fitness and competed at the 2019 Crossfit Games in B.C. this past summer.

She is very excited to be teaching at CSNN and sharing her personal and professional experiences with students on the daily life of a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and the many opportunities it can lead to in this amazing profession.

Amanda Cook, C.H.N.C.

With a background in counseling, Amanda has merged her previous experience with her holistic nutrition diploma to create several businesses that build community and help to reclaim women’s health holistically.  Amanda co-owns The YEG Collective, MOON|WELL and independently operates amandacook.ca, where she consults with corporations, does public speaking events, teaches and blogs about all things related to conscious, intentional + simple living.  Amanda also created and facilitates health and wellness curriculum to a program that serves marginalized women recovering from trauma as well as offering wellness consultations to participants.  Amanda is a teacher of meditation and a busy mother of two with a deep passion for intuitive eating and supporting women to reconnect to their body through food and healthy lifestyle choices.

Natasha Butt, B.Sc., C.H.N., Certified Meditation/Mindfulness and Spring Forest Qi Gong Teacher

Natasha is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s department of biological sciences, focusing on Genetics, with a minor in Psychology. For most of her 10+ year career, Natasha worked in the non-profit educational sector, working with adults and children and families, including in the field of literacy. In 2010, she co-authored a multi-level financial literacy curriculum for adults and facilitated courses based on it and in health literacy. Natasha has worked with Edmonton Public Schools teaching science workshops, and facilitated programs with the City of Edmonton and the Centre for Family Literacy.

When Natasha burned out in 2011, she realized it was partly due to not fueling her body the way it needed nor finding time to nurture her creative spirit. Natasha found living holistically with attention to mind, body and spirit, helped her feel better creatively and wholly. Her education in biology and brain development cemented an interest in learning about the body and the brain and especially how they work together; she truly believes they are one and the same. Her love of cooking and writing led Natasha to start her food blog and when she discovered meditation as a way to center herself and her creativity, she fell in love with it, certifying to teach meditation and mindfulness in 2017. Natasha has always taken an interest in health and the nutrition and the Natural Nutrition program from CSNN was a natural fit for her. She resonates with Eastern teachings, like those of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in early 2020 certified as a Spring Forest Level 1 Qi Gong Instructor.

Natasha will start teaching in the upcoming 2020-21 school year, and is excited to share her knowledge of nutrition, along with what she’s researched and learned over her career in the areas of mindfulness, brain development, self-compassion and creative expression. She is currently completing a course in nutrition according to Chinese Medicine and learning about the world of podcasting. Apart from her interest in nutrition, Natasha is a poet, artisan, avid community volunteer and is currently working on her food memoir/cookbook. When not tinkering in the kitchen or writing, you’ll find her reading, in a yoga class, going for walks to inspire poetry and painting abstract masterpieces.

Mandy Gefle, BScN, RN, LHNC

Mandy Gefle specializes in helping clients who struggle with adrenal fatigue, and burnout related to chronic stress. Associated symptoms have a major impact on the individual; both personally, and professionally. 

Mandy realized her passion for prevention after her recovery from postpartum depression.  When the support she received from traditional resources only offered pharmaceutical and  psychological intervention, she was determined to develop a program that creates an environment that encourages the body to thrive. This program incorporates improved nutrition, appropriate sleep, and effective stress management. She takes a holistic approach, and integrates easy-to-follow strategies to promote a balanced lifestyle for individuals who feel they have nowhere else to turn.