Lynn Gagne, C.H.N., C.P.B.

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Lynn Gagne, C.H.N., C.P.B.

CSNN Edmonton Branch Manager

As someone once said, “Do what you are passionate about” is a statement that reflects my every day career. I own my strengths of being a problem solver, critical thinker, and decision maker. I know that I am good at multi-tasking, leading team members, planning, working independently. Those qualities make a difference. This means that every day, I live both my passion and my strength!

My strength is still in business, but my passion is “from food to poop”. I found holistic nutrition after a personal health crisis, and have never looked back. I am a nerd for nutritional research, emerging science, understanding cellular biology, and how to biohack my own body as much as possible. My own personal health crisis (and successful return to health) led me to management with Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and now my focus is on making the ultimate experience for students to learn and be successful in this industry.

What is interesting is that if you looked at my resume of the last 20 years, you would think I am a nerdy accounting “bean counter” and nothing could be further from the truth! I love to hear about all modalities, learn about people’s journey as they come to learn their own body. I believe that we have neglect our spiritual side, and yet it is the one that will bring us fulfillment. I believe every modality matters, as long as it works for a body. From medical and pharma to chakras and meditation, there is room for everyone on contribute to health and wellness.

My greatest wish is that I leave a mark on everyone that crosses my path, whether it is for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.