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Introduction Certificate

Who is this for?

The Introduction Certificate is for those who:

  • Have an interest in nutrition, health, and wellness
  • Want to gain a deeper understanding of the food they eat
  • Want to start improving their lifestyle but not sure where to start
  • Struggle with some health issues and want to start learning about a holistic approach
  • Are active and want to support their body with some knowledge of nutrition 
  • Are interested in the full program but not quite ready to take the plunge
  • Are practitioners who want to learn more about nutrition to help their clients 
  • Want to support their family and gain a better understanding on how to prepare healthy meals

The Introduction Certificate offers a comprehensive overview of the field of nutrition, which leads to a study and understanding of the link between nutrition and preventive medicine. The course explains the role of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the importance of water in the diet. It describes how certain dietary habits undermine our health and provides suggestions for overcoming these habits. It looks at the effect of pollution on our health and the health of our planet.

These courses explain the ten key components of a healthy diet and discusses the changing nutritional needs of various age groups during growth and development. Students learn the health benefits of and basic guidelines for fasting and detoxification.

Grades earned in Fundamentals of Nutrition I and Fundamentals of Nutrition II will transfer to the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program should students wish to carry on in their studies.

The Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate is also approved for CECs by canfitpro. If you are a member of canfitpro, learn more about our approved courses here.

Upcoming Schedules

Fundamentals of Nutrition Part 1 = 21 hours

Fundamentals of Nutrition Part 2 = 15 hours

The Introduction Certificate transitions into the full Diploma Program should the student wish to do so.


  • Started March 5 2023
  • Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings (sometimes 1 class per week, other times 2 classes per week)


  • Starting Apr 20 – Jun 29

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