Alona Gagne, C.H.N.C.

Alona Gagne, C.H.N.C, NNCP, Metabolic Balance Practitioner, Group Specialist Fitness Coach, Retired Primary Care Paramedic

Alona is an Edmonton born and raised Mother of two, Cycle bar Spin Instructor, and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. 

Alona originally went to school to be a paramedic, which was an exhilarating job in her early twenties, but she soon began to realize that her passion for helping others would be better suited in a more proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach. 

Alona was thrown into the role of motherhood with a child born with complex medical needs. She learned very quickly, that she needed to be an advocate for her daughter’s health, ask questions, push for answers, and constantly fight to be heard in our medical system. Her daughter is alive today because of western medicine, but is thriving today because of the collaborative work her family has done through holistic alternatives. 

This is where her spark for Holistic Nutrition was born. She understands all too well what its like to feel lost in the medical system, to not feel heard or have symptoms dismissed. She truly believes there is a place for both worlds to work collaboratively together to achieve better health.

She has witnessed first hand, the power of nutrition with her own daughter’s health journey, but she, herself has experienced drastic transformation shedding over 75lbs of weight, ditching the yo-yo diet mentality, and building resilience through life’s chaos with nutrition, movement and lifestyle practices.

Alona Gagne graduated with top marks from CSNN Edmonton in 2023. Upon graduating from CSNN, she opened her own business and private practice, Flourish Wellness Co. where she works predominantly online seeing clients remotely via zoom. She has a deep passion for educating individuals on how incredible the human body is, and what it is capable of, if we create the right environment. Alona is so excited to be joining the CSNN team as an instructor, and is ready to share her personal knowledge and experiences to educate and inspire others about the benefits of the holistic approach to wellness!

When she’s not with clients, or teaching, you can find Alona on the stage on a spin bike, gardening, camping with her family or hiking summits in the mountains!

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