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Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate

Discover a new way to look at food & nutrition from Canada’s largest and leading school of holistic nutrition. A online classroom series that educates you on a overview of nutrition, which helps you understand how to eat well for yourself and your family.

An online classroom series that educates you in a wide variety of nutrition basics. This course is meant to guide you through a variety of topics for simple, actionable nutrition information. Classes run for a total of 21 hours over 5 weeks.


Course Outline

  1. Proper Digestion & Gut Health (Free Class)
  2. Good Carbs/Bad Carbs
  3. Demystifying Fats
  4. All About the Protein
  5. Vitamin & Mineral Essentials
  6. Phytonutrients
  7. Immunity with Whole Foods
  8. Detox What?
  9. Basics of a Whole Food Pantry
  10. Stress & Mindset

(see below for full course outline)

The full schedules of upcoming classes can be found on our registration page.  Click the REGISTRATION button below to see the schedules.

For more in-depth holistic nutrition training and to pursue a career in holistic nutrition, please see CSNN’s full comprehensive Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. The program comprises of 18 courses. The curriculum covers natural nutrition relevant to each stage of life, as well as sciences, research, and fundamentals of business. With practical tools and cutting-edge science courses, the program provides a strong foundation for a career in the complementary health industry.

Teacher, Mandy Gefle, BScN, RN, LHNP

Mandy Gefle specializes in helping clients who struggle with adrenal fatigue, and burnout related to chronic stress. Associated symptoms have a major impact on the individual; both personally, and professionally. 

Mandy realized her passion for prevention after her recovery from postpartum depression.  When the support she received from traditional resources only offered pharmaceutical and  psychological intervention, she was determined to develop a program that creates an environment that encourages the body to thrive. This program incorporates improved nutrition, appropriate sleep, and effective stress management. She takes a holistic approach, and integrates easy-to-follow strategies to promote a balanced lifestyle for individuals who feel they have nowhere else to turn.

Teacher, Viktoria Jones, C.H.N.C.

Viktoria Jones helps health-conscious women lose weight, overcome emotional eating patterns and increase body confidence.

After years of struggling with emotional eating, sugar addiction and the constant battle with food, Viktoria finally found the secret to breaking down limiting beliefs and addressing the root problem.

Viktoria graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2016 with honors and has since worked with over 400 women in her virtual nutrition practice. She specializes in helping women lose weight, overcome emotional eating, and develop a healthy relationship with food their bodies.

She has since gone on to take additional training in Culinary Nutrition, Sports & Exercise Nutrition, and Self Compassion & Mindfulness.

In 2019 she earned the title of Holistic Nutritional Therapist with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners. Using a proven methodology, she has helped hundreds of women develop a healthy relationship with food and establish a healthy maintainable lifestyle.

After completion of all workshops, receive a Certificate of Attendance. For those looking to receive the Certificate of Achievement and Continuing Education Credits, students will need to complete all workshops and take 1 test (passing mark is 75%).

*For more individualized nutrition needs, please consider making an appointment with a CSNN grad. These workshops are only intended for general interest purposes.

Upcoming dates for 2023 for the Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Workshop

  • Jan 9, Mon & Wed, 5pm – 7pm MST
  • Feb 16, Tue & Thu, 9am – 11am MST
  • Apr 25, Tue & Thu, 7pm – 9pm MST

Course Outline

Pricing: $300 + GST
First class is free – includes a supplemental workbook

Proper Digestion & Gut Health (Free Class)

  • Basic understanding of the GI tract & functions
  • How and where certain foods are broken down and digested?
  • Optimal digestive habits to have at your dinner table
  • What is the microbiome?
  • Functions of the gut bacteria & it’s connection to health or illness
  • Benefits of diversity & prebiotics
  • Fermented foods

Basics of a Whole Foods Kitchen

  • What is in your pantry?
  • Meal prep
  • Essential culinary herbs
  • Eating on a budget
  • Cookware and method of cooking
  • Improving your home environment – reducing chemical exposure

Good Carbs/Bad Carbs

  • Hidden Sugar & health effects
  • What about artificial sweeteners?
  • Whole grains vs refined grains
  • Different categories of vegetables
  • Fibre with water…

Demystifying Fats

  • Functions of fats
  • Bad fats vs good fats
  • Effects of fat-free living
  • Oils – what to cook with?

All about the Protein

  • Functions of protein
  • What is considered quality protein?
  • How much protein is essential?
  • Meat vs plant-based

Vitamin & Mineral Essentials

  • What are the essential vitamins & minerals?
  • Some of the basic functions of vitamins and minerals in the body
  • What are the main foods high in these nutrients?

Immunity with Whole Foods

  • Basic function of immunity
  • Inflammation – when is it good & when is it bad?
  • Foods & nutrients that support overall immunity

Detox What?

  • Toxic load & illness
  • Routes of detoxification & elimination
  • Foods that support liver function
  • Cleansing the body using whole foods

Stress & Mindset

  • Stress – good or bad
  • How stress effects the body?
  • Benefits of a positive outlook


  • A phyto…what?  Why is this important?
  • How eating different colours can benefit health?
  • Eating a rainbow at every meal

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