CSNN Mississauga


I was in a health food store and stumbled upon a health magazine where I came across an ad for CSNN. I registered for the open house and the rest is history! Coming across the ad and registering for the Holistic Nutrition program has been so instrumental in my journey in life both personally and professionally. Each teacher was so knowledgeable in the areas they taught and really took the time to ensure the course content resonated with students in an understandable and meaningful way. The staff at the school were always extremely helpful, making navigating the program and responsibilities outside of the program manageable. The Holistic Nutrition program has impacted the trajectory of my life in a profound way. I look forward to launching my holistic nutrition practice and sharing all the valuable content I’ve learned at CSNN with the world! I am truly looking forward to serving others utilizing the many resources that I’ve added to my roster from my time at CSNN. 

A. Johnson, R.H.N.

Going back to school was a huge decision so it had to be the right one. I investigated different schools but once I had my interview with Carolyn May Steiss, the branch manager, I found her to be a true visionary pioneer. Her experience, compassion and no nonsense personality were strong attributes that went a long way in helping me to make my decision. I found during my initial interview with Carolyn May that she was intelligent, thoughtful and personable. She covered all the course details in great depth as well as what it would be like for me to go back to school as a mature student – she was patient and very excited about Holistic Nutrition as a whole. By the end of the interview I think we both knew it was a great fit!


I was very impressed with the inspiring and diverse teachers – everyone was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. The entire program, everyone I met and studied with ….it’s all rich in memories.


Going to CSNN Mississauga changed the direction of my life, a new direction that I get to live every single day!! Thank you so much.”

Penny Hopp, R.H.N.

How do I begin to explain a decision that completely changed my life? When I am asked about my experience attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and how it has impacted my life today I am almost lost for words. There are too many opportunities of growth, learning and memories to accurately capture my time at the Mississauga branch but I feel that my story will shed some light.


I discovered the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition after transitioning from my career as a Paramedic in Peel Region. After more than three years of emergency medicine, I knew that I wanted to become a part of the prevention of illness and disease. After attending the Mississauga branch open house and meeting with Carolyn May Steiss it was clear that CSNN was what I had been searching for. The theory focused curriculum combined with the years of experience each instructor had left me feeling confident that I would be given a solid foundation of nutritional sciences—there is a lot of conflicting information out there!


Carolyn May has over 30 years experience herself in the nutrition industry, she is very particular with the caliber of instructor, course material and resource manuals she provides to her students. Throughout the program, Carolyn May visited our classroom regularly and was always available for questions; she was genuinely concerned with the student experience.


I began the natural nutrition program with an excitement and sense of community knowing that CSNN is the first nutrition program in Canada to go nation wide, coast to coast. I left the natural nutrition program at CSNN with the knowledge base, experience and tools to successfully consult and support my clients. Since graduating I have had the privilege to work with companies in the organic food and professional nutraceutical industry, consult privately and with wellness centers/naturopathic clinics as well as come full circle and work as a student liaison and practicum instructor at CSNN Mississauga. When I am asked what the job opportunities are for a CSNN graduate my answer is, your possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Thank you Carolyn May Steiss and CSNN for being a part of this amazing journey.”

Melissa Ieraci, R.H.N.