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Certificate Packages

The Immune Support Package and Cognitive Support Package consist of a series of relevant and multifaceted Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops providing a rounded and focused approach to each specialty. Not only will Holistic Nutritional Consultant professionals and other Health Care Practitioners gain knowledge that is integral to their practice, but they will also earn successful completion certificates after each workshop plus a specialty certificate upon completion of a certificate package. 

Receive a certificate after successful completion of each workshop plus a specialty certificate upon completion of a certificate package.

Immune Support Certificate

This certificate package gives students a more focused and scientific look of how to use their nutrition tools to support a weakened immune system, how to help prevent breast cancer and disease, and how to safely guide clients through a detoxifying protocol.

Total Credits: 11
Approximate Hours: 36 hours

AN101A Immunology | 4.5 credits
AN111 Understanding Breast Cancer | 3.5 credits
AN115 An Advanced Course in Detoxification | 3.0 credits

Cognitive Support Certificate

This certificate package goes into more detail of the connection between mood disorders and physical health, and how to use nutrition to help support mood disorders and mental health issues. This certificate also looks at the science of mindful eating and regulation of food intake, in order to guide clients in their quest to modify unwanted eating and lifestyle behaviours.

Total Credits: 11.5
Approximate Hours: 37 hours

AN102 Mood Disorders – Mental Health (Part 1) | 3.5 credits
AN103 Alzheimer’s Disease – Mental Health (Part 2) | 3 credits
AN119 Mindfulness and the Neuropsychoendocrinology of Regulating Eating | 5.0 credits

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Enrich your practice with relevant holistic nutrition knowledge, focus on holistic nutrition workshops that interest you, or choose the AHN workshops that best complement the needs of your practice, your strengths and your goals. For a list of AHN workshop CEUs that may be earned upon achieving a minimum grade of 80% in each workshop, please click here.

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