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Supporting Mental Wellness with Plants Foods

Article by Denise Massie, B.Sc., R.H.N.

The challenges of the past few years have shown the importance of mental health. We inhabit one body and it is impossible to isolate the state of the body from the state of the mind. Mental wellness is a complex issue and demands a holistic approach. While it is not sufficient, good nutrition is essential, since the foods we choose to eat can either support or oppose optimal functioning.

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Earth Day Challenge

Happy Earth Day! Check out this Earth Day Challenge and share it with your friends.
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Transparency on GMOs Needed

New proposals from Health Canada aim to “increase transparency” but will end it. CBAN’s new report discusses how unregulated GMOs will be secret GMOs. If the ministers allow these changes, the last remaining transparency on genetically modified organisms will be eliminated for the public, farmers and the government. Please send our new report to your...
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Gene Editing Risks Need Regulation

Today, CBAN and Testbiotech (Germany) have published a new report that discusses the scientific literature that shows the basic differences between genome editing (often called gene editing) and plant breeding, and argues that these differences need to be considered in regulation. The report makes the case that all gene edited foods and seeds need rigorous,...
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Genome Editing Patent Race

Today, CBAN released a new factsheet examining the complex patent landscape for genome editing (commonly called gene editing). The factsheet is published just as Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are proposing to exempt many genome-edited foods and plants from regulation, which would lead to a flood of patented, unregulated genetically engineered seeds...
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Largest bacterium ever discovered has an unexpectedly complex cell

Giant microbe from a mangrove could be a missing link between single-celled organisms and the cells that make up humans By definition, microbes are supposed to be so small they can only be seen with a microscope. But a newly described bacterium living in Caribbean mangroves never got that memo (see video, above). Its threadlike...
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Natural Mineral May Reverse Memory Loss

Selenium – a mineral found in many foods – could reverse the cognitive impact of stroke and boost learning and memory in aging brains, according to University of Queensland research recently published in Cell Metabolism. Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) lead researcher Dr. Tara Walker said studies on the impact of exercise on the aging brain found levels...
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