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Student Loan Funding

The 1-Year Full-Time Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies is considered eligible for student loan funding, the NB TAB Tuition Access Bursary (for NB residents only), and TSD Training and Skills Development.

To learn more about NB TAB, please click here.

Our Student Loan designation may be applicable to any student, who is registered for the 1-year full-time Enhanced Program – CSNN Moncton Branch, regardless of the province that they reside.

Please contact a WorkingNB office here prior to the beginning of your training in order to meet with an Employment Counsellor. 

Accepting Registrations for 2023. Click here for more information about registration.

Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies

1 Year Full-Time: There are 2 options:

    1. Limited in-person classroom seating with distancing (half capacity).
    2. Virtual Learning from home, the same time as students in class are learning.

Students will receive the same instructor lecturing live, discussions and interactions, and testing done all the same way, regardless of study format option. All scheduled practicums will be done virtually for everyone’s convenience. Full time students are eligible for student loan funding.

Natural Nutrition Program

2 Year Part-Time: Learn virtually from home, with your instructor lecturing live, regular scheduled class, discussions/interactions, and testing. All scheduled practicums will also be done virtually. This option provides the most flexibility for busy lifestyles.

Holistic Culinary Certificate 

These workshops will be offered virtually, live and interactive with each person taught and guided to prep and cook in their own kitchen, with the “how-to” and recipes provided. This is included as part of the Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies and is optional for the part-time Natural Nutrition Program. This certificate is also approved by canfitpro for CECs.

General Interest Workshop

Next Intake: September 2023. Students looking to dip their toe into holistic nutrition can do so by learning virtually from home. Click here to learn more.

Welcome to the Moncton Branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition! We are conveniently located at 1201 Mountain Road, Suite 205.

Out on the east coast of Canada, Moncton is one of the largest cities in New Brunswick. It is bustling with energy, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and lively culinary and restaurant scene.


Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program
with Clinical Studies

1-Year Full-Time

Natural Nutrition
Diploma Program

2-Year Part-Time

General Interest Workshop

Holistic Culinary Certificate

Passionate about food, health and wellness? Turn it into a career in holistic nutrition.  

At the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Moncton, you can expect a top-notch facility with instructors who have years of clinical experience and a progressive, hands-on approach to nutrition education that empowers you – body, mind, and spirit.

CSNN is the industry leader in providing holistic nutrition education and the largest in Canada. Please click on your preferred offering to learn more:

  • Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies, the same curriculum as the Natural Nutrition Program but with added instructional time, intensive case study work, holistic culinary training, and more! This full-time program is eligible for student funding.
  • Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, our part-time program leading to the R.H.N., C.H.N., or C.H.N.C. designation (note: registered in a private registry) with accompanying professional title, Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ professional, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ professional, or professional Certified in Holistic Nutrition™.
  • General Interest Workshop, for those interested in nutrition to get a ‘feel’ for the program, school, and classroom environment
  • Holistic Culinary Certificate workshops, designed to integrate the benefits of food into the kitchen, provide recipes, and give students increased confidence and skill in the areas of meal planning, food shopping, and food preparation.
  • Natural Nutrition Upgrade Courses, open to CSNN graduates and other healthcare practitioners who want to update their knowledge, skills, and earn CEUs and upgrade hours

Start your career today and learn about the medicine of the future!

Contact Information

CSNN Moncton
1201 Mountain Road, Suite 205
Moncton, NB.
E1C 2T4


Branch Manager
Judy Underhill, R.H.N

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Practitioner Program
Changing Lives

We are the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada with 11,000+ grads worldwide.

⦁ Multiple classroom locations + online learning
⦁ Practical, science-based curriculum
⦁ Flexible part-time and full-time study options
⦁ Provincially-licensed classrooms
⦁ Active and supportive Alumni Association

The CSNN Natural Nutrition Program trains highly professional nutrition practitioners.

⦁ Earn a diploma, professional designation, and title
⦁ Comprehensive, foundational curriculum with 1/3 being science courses
⦁ Protective Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics and board exam
⦁ Tools to work effectively alongside other health care practitioners
⦁ Receive intake forms, case studies, and practice hours.

CSNN opens many doors professionally and provides ongoing job support.

⦁ Program provides foundation for a variety of careers
⦁ Strong student services and supportive alumni network
⦁ Job board and job support from CSNN’s Alumni Association
⦁ CSNN provides promotional opportunities for graduates
⦁ Access to workshops to upskill and enhance practice for competitive advantage.

CSNN graduates benefit both professionally and personally.

⦁ Personal growth, empowerment, and self-awareness
⦁ Fulfilling and lasting career
⦁ Tools to achieve improved health and energy
⦁ Critical thinking skills
⦁ Learn about eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Why CSNN Moncton?

“Life changer, 

CSNN Moncton branch provided me with something I could never have found anywhere else, compassionate guidance. The staff was all amazing and the fellow students that all came together helped to setup an experience that I highly recommend to anyone interested. I went into CSNN Moncton not really knowing exactly what I was looking for but I quickly realized that this course was going to it. I graduated in 2009 with a much better understanding of what to do, how to do it and who I was/am. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t give me the blue pill and send me on my way, they simply guide you towards your own personal goals with you at the wheel. You will dive much deeper into some unfamiliar topics and it can get bumpy but remember, change does not come for being comfortable. Thank you Judy, Lise and all the instructors that helped shape my new life.”

Tyson Pitre
R.H.N (2009)

Experience the transformative power of holistic nutrition. Whether you are looking for an exciting career or a way to live healthier, CSNN has the program for you.  

Learn to Change Lives, starting with your own.