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Our staff at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition are active in all areas of nutritional development and organizational research. Click on a faculty member below to jump to their bio: 

CSNN Moncton Branch Manager

Judy Underhill is the current Manager of CSNN Moncton Branch.  True to her Newfoundland(NF) roots, you will find her to be one of the friendliest, kindest and most welcoming persons you will meet.  You see this the first time you step in the Moncton classroom and the basket of homemade knitted slippers for everyone’s use, specially made by her mother & late grandmother from NF.   This is just part of the ‘care & experience’ you get at the Moncton Branch.

Her passion is to live life with purpose & most importantly with health, as ‘health is wealth’.  Upon graduating from CSNN Moncton in 2006 Judy continued her work as a BioMeridian Allergy Technician at Forever Healthy Allergy & Wellness Clinic and combined that with nutritional counselling & teaching at the Branch  – Pediatrics and Body/Mind/Spirit courses.  All of this lit a fire in her to want to make a bigger difference.

Judy’s educational experience includes business at Oulton College and nursing at AJ McMaster School of Nursing.  It is no wonder she leaped at the chance to work more at CSNN Moncton when the opportunity presented itself in 2008.  One could say she was ‘coming full circle’ combining her education, experience and passion all together. 

Along with the daily management of the Branch, where she wears many hats from admissions to counsellor and everything in between, Judy is a wife and mom to two sons who are young adults now and her family is a big part as to why she pursued this education.   When not at the school or home, you will find Judy at her happy place embracing the peace and country living, overlooking Grand Lake, and enjoying every aspect Mother Nature has to offer.

She is a consummate learner, always with a book in hand, either for knowledge or for fun.  Judy also gives of her time with CSNN’s Advertising and Curriculum Committees and recently became a Board Member with the new Moncton Wellness Expo. Judy continues learning having completed CSNN’s Certificate in Holistic Culinary Cooking, as well as ongoing CSNN Advanced Nutrition workshops.  She loves to learn other areas of holistic health such as Healing Touch, Reflexology,  and German New Medicine as well.   

She is proud to be a part of a school who’s education and experience is ‘life-changing and empowering’.  This spurs her on as she celebrates more than 10 years in her current position. 

Laura Staples is a graduate of CSNN Moncton and has been an Instructor at the Moncton branch since 2012 and is currently teaching multiple courses in the program. Along with teaching and facilitating case study practicums, Laura also works in the office with Judy where she takes care of such things as daily administration, student affairs and admissions.  Laura is also a curriculum contributor to materials currently in the Natural Nutrition program.

Laura has university education from both St. FX University as well as the University of Manitoba and has held her Canadian Securities licence through education from the Canadian Securities Institute. Laura has also completed courses from the Advanced Nutrition workshops of CSNN as well as completed the Holistic Culinary Certificate.

When not working, Laura loves spending time with her two beautiful daughters Emma and Olivia. She enjoys organic gardening, cooking, reading and is a life-long learner. She is passionate about teaching others and living the holistic lifestyle. Laura truly believes proper nutritional practices learned at CSNN can benefit anyone looking to achieve good health.

Lesley Baker is a graduate of CSNN Moncton from 2019. Her interest in healthcare started with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in the early 90s and continued through a corporate career in the insurance industry for healthcare and later government. Her focus of interest includes nutrition for mental health, and prevention of burnout and she is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology along with CSNN’s Advanced Cognitive Health certification. Besides being a proud mom to two adult children, she has a passion for lifelong learning, and memory keeping through art and is a self-confessed foodie. She is the owner of Lesley Baker Nutrition and a part-time team member at Sequoia Trinity in Moncton.

Chris started his professional life not knowing at all in which direction he was heading. Listening to other people instead of his own inner guidance, he found himself working at various correctional facilities surveying medium to maximum security inmates. This caught up to him and after almost a decade behind bars, he decided to change his life 180 degrees towards a purposeful direction that he was passionate about.

Now, a Certified Master coach and graduate of CSNN Moncton, with knowledge and wisdom in a variety of other disciplines such as, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy®, Trauma Recovery Coaching, Reiki, Theta Healing, Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Managements, Marketing, and Business development and so much more.

Chris re-discovered his passion for life and is now helping others discover their optimal life direction and shares the wisdom he’s gathered from life’s lessons and various teachings.

Joanne Rolfe, R.H.N. is a designer and facilitator of personal development courses, seminars, and workshops for adults and youth. She is a wellness coach in youthful aging, hormone health, and emotional and mental wellbeing. Joanne earned her certification as a psycho-spiritual therapist at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto and is also certified as an Emotional Fitness Coach. 

Joanne is passionate about travel and experiencing various cultures and ethnic cuisines. She owned and operated a successful all-natural spice blend business for 8 years. She has been an instructor with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for over 10 years, also attending CSNN in 2015 to obtain her diploma in Natural Nutrition at the school to expand her knowledge and enhance her teaching abilities. Joanne is an avid student in all aspects of nutritional healing, human consciousness, and alternative wellness modalities. 

Tatum Andrews is the farmer and co-owner of Bear Roots Forest, which is primarily a medicinal herb farm where fruits and veggies are also grown using permaculture, biodynamic and regenerative growing practices.  Tatum is also the founder and primary teacher of the Bear Roots School of Plant Medicine which offers various educational programs based on herbalism, nutrition and nature.

She graduated from NSCC from the Business Administration program with a concentration in Accounting; she then became a CGA and spent over 10 years working in this field with companies who focused on manufacturing natural health products.  When her son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, she decided it was time to study holistic nutrition so she could better understand its role in overall health.  She attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant.  This program sparked her interest in herbalism, so she then took and graduated from the Chartered Herbalist program offered through the Dominion Herbal College.  She has also completed the Practical Herbalist and Master Herbalist programs at the Wild Rose College.  To gain more knowledge in herbalism she took the Community Herbalist program with Gail Faith Edwards, as well as various courses from Sajah Popham, Susun Weed, Paul Bergner, Don Ollsin, Cat Lane and others.

Tatum is one of the founding members of the Herbalist Association of New Brunswick.

Spending time among the plants on the magical land of Bear Roots Forest is where she can be found when not teaching people about the many nutritional and medicinal benefits of the plants that are growing around them.  

Jennifer Miller is an RHN, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher. She runs her business Pure Joy Fitness & Nutrition in Sussex NB. She is passionate about helping her clients adapt happier healthier lifestyles that align with their health and wellness goals. She is a CSNN graduate and has been teaching the Sports Nutrition course since 2020.  Before starting her own business she worked at a contact centre for over 15 years. In her time there she held many roles but spent the majority of her time as Trainer, Team Manager and then Workforce Analyst. After years in a stressful work environment she learned that regular physical activity and eating well are essential in maintaining physical and mental well-being. This is when she found her love for group fitness and began to embrace a cleaner way of eating. 

In 2013 she was certified as a Fitness Instructor Specialist and began teaching group fitness classes on evenings and weekends for the gym she attended. In 2016 while on maternity leave she was offered a new role as a Corporate Wellness Consultant. Travelling to businesses in Atlantic Canada to offer wellness coaching and fitness classes further sparked her interest in the health and wellness field. At the end of 2017 her position at the contact centre was eliminated and that career came to a close. A week later her  contract as a Wellness Consultant was discontinued. Seeing this as an opportunity to pursue her real passion she dedicated the next year to expanding her fitness training and enrolled in the Natural Nutrition program that began that fall.  In 2018 she became a certified Personal Trainer, completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training and took an extensive Mat Pilates course in Halifax with Stott. She graduated from CSNN in 2019. During this time she continued to teach fitness classes for two gyms in Sussex and was starting to conduct some of her own fitness programs.

After graduating from CSNN she worked at Simply for Life in Sussex for a year as a Nutrition Coach. During this time she began offering more of her own fitness classes and personal training services. In September 2020 she opened her new office for Pure Joy Fitness and Nutrition where she offers client centered nutrion and wellness coaching, personal training and group fitness classes. Her purpose is to educate and empower others to live well and love themselves by nourishing their body with good food and moving their bodies in ways that feel good to them. 

Jennifer is the mother of two wonderful children and loves spending time with her family. Her favourite things to do are camping, hiking and exploring new beaches, trails and waterfalls. She also loves spending time working in her gardens during the Summer months.   

Alyson’s educational background is in agricultural sciences majoring in Animal Science, and she has a degree from McGill University. She has worked on farms in many parts of Canada and New Zealand, has taught agriculture in Botswana, and managed a teaching farm in Lesotho for the World University Service of Canada. She ran a rural development program focusing on Permaculture in Albania through Oxfam UK/I and has traveled extensively through Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe. She also helped start a community co-op farm in BC, Glen Valley Organic Farm, and farmed there for 11 years. She currently runs the Windy Hill Organic Farm in New Brunswick. 

Alyson currently teaches Ecology & Nutrition at CSNN Moncton, and the students love the knowledge and experience she adds to the course. Her interests include food preservation (cheese, wine and sauerkraut-making, drying, canning and freezing), music (she plays Old Time fiddle), fibre (spinning and knitting), reading, cross-country skiing, walking with her dog, and she’s trying to learn French.

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