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Holistic Culinary Certificate

These workshops will be offered virtually, live and interactive with each person taught and guided to prep and cook in their own kitchen, with the “how-to” and recipes provided. Please contact us if you have any questions at moncton@csnn.ca

The Holistic Culinary Certificate is included as part of the Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies and will ensure you have the kitchen skills necessary to work with clients in food preparation and meal planning. 

CSNN Moncton is offering a 10 session HOLISTIC CULINARY CERTIFICATE that complements the academic component of their program.  These interactive, hands-on workshops provide opportunity for direct and practical application of the holistic health principles learned in the classroom.  Each three-hour class is designed to enrich practical kitchen skills and confidence, introduce participants to an array of whole foods, their diverse preparation methods and the therapeutic qualities they can offer.   Classes can complement an experienced cook’s skill set but also provide a strong foundation for the kitchen novice.  Workshops are facilitated by CSNN instructors, RHN graduates and holistic practitioners each sharing in the philosophy that whole food feeds the mind body and soul.

Students who complete all 30 hours of training will receive CSNN’s Holistic Culinary Certificate. These workshops are designed to integrate the benefits of food into the kitchen, provide recipes, and give students increased confidence and skill in the areas of meal planning, food shopping, and food preparation.

The Holistic Culinary Certificate is approved for CECs by canfitpro. 

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