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CSNN Moncton offers flexible study formats for all offerings. Please select an offering below to view schedules, tuition and fees, and registration details:

This program is intensive and requires students to be focused on their studies and prioritize their education over other competing needs.  Graduates from this program will enter the workforce with greater confidence in their abilities as a direct result of the enhanced content and instructional hours. The Enhanced Program consists of the 18 core courses (same as the 2-year Natural Nutrition Program) but also includes extra components like the Holistic Culinary Certificate, Program Builders, Labs, and more. 

Program Schedule & Time Commitment: The program is 33 weeks including 3 weeks for breaks with classes scheduled Monday through Friday (average of 20 instructional hours per week) for 612 hours of instruction time plus expected reading, assignments, case study and homework.

*The 1-Year Full-Time Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies is eligible for student loan funding and TSD Training and Skills Development. Click here for more information.

Full-Time Schedule

1 Year Full-Time Schedule
Starting September 4, 2024

There are two study options:

  1. Limited in-person classroom seating with distancing (half capacity)
  2. Hybrid learning – In-person classroom or Virtual Learning from home
  3. Virtual learning from home, the same time as students in class are learning

Students will receive the same instructor lecturing live, discussions and interactions, and testing done all the same way, regardless of study format option. All scheduled practicums will be done virtually for everyone’s convenience. Full time students are eligible for student loan funding.

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Contact us at moncton@csnn.ca if you have any questions.

The Natural Nutrition Program at Moncton is being offered in the 2-year part-time format. Earn a diploma, professional designation and title with CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. The Natural Nutrition Program consists of 18 courses. The curriculum covers natural nutrition relevant to each stage of life, as well as sciences, research and fundamentals of business. It provides a strong foundation for a career in the complementary health industry.

Part-Time Schedule

2 Year Part-Time Schedule
Starting September 4, 2024 – one evening/week, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Learn virtually from home, with your instructor lecturing live, regular scheduled class, discussions/interactions, and testing. All scheduled practicums will also be done virtually.

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‘Fundamentals of Nutrition’ offers a comprehensive overview of the field of nutrition, which leads to a study and understanding of the link between nutrition and preventive medicine. The course explains the role of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the importance of water in the diet. It describes how certain dietary habits can undermine our health and offers suggestions for replacing these habits. It looks at the effect of pollution on our health and the health of our planet. 


Learn virtually from home, with your instructor lecturing live, regular scheduled class, discussions/interactions, and testing.

Email us to find out the next intake: moncton@csnn.ca

How to Register

Contact us at moncton@csnn.ca to register for the General Interest Workshop.

These interactive, hands-on workshops provide the opportunity for direct and practical application of the holistic health principles learned in the classroom. There are 10 sessions and each class is 3 hours. They are designed to enrich practical kitchen skills and confidence and introduce participants to an array of whole food, their diverse preparation methods, and the therapeutic qualities they can offer.

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Contact us at moncton@csnn.ca if you are interested or have any questions. 

The Holistic Culinary Certificate is included if you take the 1-year Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies.

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