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Culinary Workshop Descriptions

Starting January 2023. These workshops will be offered virtually, live and interactive with each person taught and guided to prep and cook in their own kitchen, with the “how-to” and recipes provided. Please contact moncton@csnn.ca if you have any questions. 

The Holistic Culinary Certificate is included as part of the Enhanced Natural Nutrition Program with Clinical Studies and will ensure you have the kitchen skills necessary to work with clients in food preparation and meal planning. 

These holistic food preparation and tasting classes teach basic cooking skills and techniques. Learn to apply them to foods like grains, legumes, greens, bone broths, and fermented foods. These classes have something to offer everyone, from beginners to more experienced chefs. Students walk away with an enriched skill set in holistic cooking and how it benefits overall health.

Kitchen Culture and Knife Skills

This session focuses on kitchen basics beginning with food safety essentials: maintaining a clean, organized kitchen, proper temperatures and conditions for cooking, cooling and storing food.  You can brush up on knife skills and learn tips for working efficiently in the kitchen as well as the use and function of standard kitchen tools and equipment as we prepare our first meal of many together. 

Ancient Grains and Legumes

This session introduces a variety of whole grains and legumes and their nutritional benefits with a focus on preparation for optimal nutrition and digestibility.  Discover the benefits of soaking and sprouting beans, nuts, grains and seeds and how to incorporate them into everyday life.

Plant-Based Cooking

This session provides some tips and tricks on how to prepare plant-based foods. Whether it’s by choice or due to food allergies, many are finding themselves eating vegan, vegetarian, and/or dairy free. This class will delve into the preparation of plant-based protein, plant milks, and alternatives to some dairy favourites including “cheese” sauce and chocolate pudding.

Meal Planning - Simplified

Our meal planning session is designed to provide the tools and insight on how to plan for and execute a successful week of healthy eating that incorporates personal tastes and healthy whole foods while keeping time and budget under consideration.  We will take a look at recipe creation and provide meal planning tips and templates that can be useful with clients or your own family.  Versatile recipes will be provided that can be adapted for batch cooking and allow for personal preferences.

Probiotic Foods & Beverages

Cultured foods were always an integral part of Traditional diets providing digestive and immune support.  This session introduces you to the ancient world of pickled, fermented and fizzy, live culture foods, the important role these probiotic rich foods and beverages play in our health and how to make and incorporate them into your everyday diet. 

Raw Food Fundamentals

This session takes a boot camp approach to the fundamental techniques used in raw food preparation as well as a discussion of the theory and nutritional pros and cons of this dietary regime.   Demonstrations and hands-on practice will cover the topics of sprouting, dehydrating, raw ‘pastas’ nut milks, etc… to help familiarize you with the tools, equipment, and recipes of raw cuisine.

Alternative Baking

Join us in this session as we learn to satisfy that sweet tooth with healthier alternatives and substitutions for common inflammatory, allergenic and trigger foods.  Discover the world of natural sweeteners, healthy fats, gluten free flours as we create a variety of treats that can accommodate grain free, gluten free and vegan diets.

Fueling Our Kids

This session focuses on addressing the specific nutritional needs of children. From toddlers to teenagers, we will discuss how best to fuel our children for healthy growth and development. Discussion will also include foods and elixirs for helping with common childhood ailments such as fever, coughs and colds, and boosting immune system function. We will see how easy it is to make elderberry syrup in our own kitchen and learn why it is one of the “liquid golds” for parents to have on hand!

Healing Broths

The nutritional and therapeutic benefits of bone stock and vegetable broth are explored in this session. Participants will learn how to create delicious broths and soups using a versatile ‘recipe skeleton’.  We will also learn how gelatin can play an important role in our health and make a delicious jelly dessert!

International Cuisines

Our final session will provide a lens into how geography and climate have influenced some of the world’s major cuisines by providing not only different key ingredients, but also the herbs and spices which define their flavor profiles.   Recipes will be selected to provide participants with templates to prepare a variety of ethnic dishes.

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