Best Tools for a Holistic Kitchen

Be empowered to cook more often with this guide to the best tools for a holistic kitchen. Yes, you can feel confident about what you need in your kitchen to be successful. Learn everyday cooking practices and which kitchen tools will help you be successful – research shows it will help you on your quest for holistic well-being. It starts in the kitchen. Come find the tools you need to create your favourite foods, support your health, and avoid potential toxins. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or new to the kitchen, here’s how you can find the best tools for a holistic kitchen.



At the heart of a holistic kitchen lies the understanding that food is medicine. 


How to Find the Best Tools for Your Holistic Kitchen

The tools you utilize should allow you to harness the full potential of natural, wholesome ingredients. But more importantly, your tools need to make preparing nutritious, healthy foods easier.

One of the best tools for a holistic kitchen is a high-speed blender. It effortlessly transforms both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables into nutrient-rich smoothies and soups. Not to mention, a blender also enables you to transform many nutritious, whole foods into delicious culinary creations, such as homemade nut milk, sauces, and plant-based dips without the need for preservatives or additives.

Similarly, the food processor emerges as a champion in the pursuit of holistic nutrition. With its multifunctional capabilities, this versatile tool simplifies the process of chopping, shredding, and pureeing a myriad of ingredients, from fresh herbs to nuts and seeds.


What Kitchen Tool is the Most Useful?

Ask a chef, “What is the best tool in the kitchen?”, and likely the answer will be. “A good knife.” Useful for chopping, cutting, dicing, and mincing some of the most nutritious ingredients in your holistic kitchen, you may agree your knife is the most useful tool. If you lack the knife-skill confidence you want, let the experts in our Holistic Workshops help.

 Yet, perhaps the best tool for a holistic kitchen is knowledge. Research has found that culinary experiences in interactive lessons, activities, and demonstrations favourably change nutrition behaviour, helping you get closer to your health goals. Get the holistic kitchen tool you need – here.


6 Tips to Find the Best Holistic Kitchen Tools


  1. Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re cooking for a big family or just for yourself in a small apartment, everyone has different needs. Consider the types of foods you like to eat – do they need certain tools? A fan of shaved carrots in your Buddha bowls – be sure your holistic kitchen includes a stainless-steel grater. From spiralizers that transform vegetables into nutritious noodles to dehydrators that preserve the vitality of fruits and herbs, these innovative tools can empower you to explore the endless possibilities of plant-based cuisine.


  1. Consider Size

Tiny kitchens lack space for larger kitchen tools. To create the best holistic kitchen, consider making a space that reduces stress and offers room for creativity.


  1. Avoid Potentially Harmful Materials

Nylon and non-stick cookware, PBA containing plastic containers, and certain metals in stoveware (copper, aluminum, lead) can leech potentially harmful materials into your food. Instead, go with these for the best tools in a holistic kitchen:

  • Stainless Steel Utensils
  • Wooden Kitchen Tools
  • Wooden Cutting Boards
  • Glass Cookware


  1. Safety First

Choose knives, peelers, and graters with non-slip texture material handles to make cooking easier, even with wet hands. Long handles, such as spoons or tongs can help you avoid burns.


  1. Energy Efficiency

Not only a great way to avoid paying more than you need to cook, energy-efficient items are nicer on the planet, making them the best tools for a holistic kitchen.


  1. Delicious Ingredients

Cooking good food requires more than the best tools – you need delicious ingredients. Here are the best ingredients for a holistic kitchen:

  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Good Fats: olive oil, coconut oil, flax seeds
  • Plants: beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits
  • Whole grains


Other Must-Have Tools for Your Holistic Kitchen

  • Natural Dish Soap: Your holistic kitchen should include tools that consider all aspects of your wellness, including clean hands and reducing your exposure to potential toxins.
  • House Plants: Add some greenery and open the window often to improve the air quality in your holistic kitchen.
  • Community: Studies continue to show the vital importance of social interactions and community in well-being and longevity – invite a friend into your kitchen.


Why Your Holistic Kitchen Needs the Best Tools

Research has shown that cooking at home is associated with healthier dietary patterns and better overall health outcomes. Individuals who frequently cook at home consume fewer calories, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats than those who rely on processed foods or dining out, reported a study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. By taking control of our food choices and embracing the art of cooking, we empower ourselves to prioritize health and well-being in every aspect of our lives.


How to Cook Healthier: Best Tools for a Holistic Kitchen

You want to enjoy more health and wellbeing. You seek an easier, more confident kitchen experience. Mounting scientific evidence shows your food skills matter: a 2023 study of physically active Canadian adults found those who took nutrition or cooking courses enjoyed higher nutritional quality diets.


Find a culinary experience to help you reach your goals, here at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.







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