What You Can do With a Holistic Nutrition Diploma

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What You Can do With a Holistic Nutrition Diploma

You’ve studied at a holistic nutrition school, joined an organization to become licensed, and you’re ready to enter the real world. Awesome! What’s next? Many holistic nutrition graduates have one question at this stage: “What can I do with a holistic nutrition diploma?” and we have the answer.

There are many career paths and options to choose from with your new education. This can make it daunting and confusing when deciding what is best. Let’s solve that today. Continue reading to learn what you can do after you’ve graduated with a holistic nutrition diploma.

Holistic nutrition-related careers

Those who graduate from a holistic nutrition school can enter many different rewarding and lucrative careers. These have to do with–as you could presume–nutrition, diet, healthcare, athletics, and science.

For instance, you could enter professions, including:

  1. Holistic healthcare consulting
  2. Holistic nutrition education
  3. Health food store positions
  4. Fitness and wellness advisor
  5. Food and food prep industry
  6. Presenting health workshops
  7. Personal training (Requires additional certificate from institutions like the NASM or NSCA.)
  8. Research and development

Many of these positions involve answering health questions, helping others with diet decisions, and managing physical health stores. You will be able to earn a competitive salary, enjoy what you do every day, and assist others in becoming healthier.

Read our full list of career opportunities to learn more.


Some individuals who complete a holistic nutrition diploma program use it to start their own business. Going the self-employed route offers flexibility and the ability to help others in different ways. There are also small business grants and loans entrepreneurs can take advantage of to launch their holistic nutrition company.

With new business models and technologies becoming available, graduates have the opportunity to use their skills to become a part of this evolving landscape. Newfound holistic nutrition knowledge can be mixed with these advancements in their early stages.

Some holistic nutrition-related businesses include nutrition consulting, personal training, or starting a health clinic. With the boom of internet companies, it’s also possible to start an online business teaching others about nutrition, diet, and health through courses or coaching.


There’s no limit to the career paths you can pursue once you’ve completed holistic nutrition courses. Some professions to consider include becoming a healthcare consultation, nutrition educator, or starting your own holistic practice. 

If you’re ready to start a new career and make a difference in your life, check out the holistic nutrition courses we offer at CSNN today.