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In the Distance Education format, there are no deadlines for individual course completion or assignment submission. No need to schedule your life around classes. You decide how to prioritize your studies around your work/life commitments at times that are convenient for you. With the exception of your final exam, which must be completed with a computer, all of your learning materials (apart from textbooks) are online and fully accessible on any device 24/7. Study from your living room, your backyard, while travelling, or at the beach! Anywhere in the world where there is internet, you can work on your program.

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You have a maximum of three years to complete the program, but it can be completed in a little over a year.

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Go Beyond Health Coaching and Become a True Holistic Nutrition Professional with CSNN's Natural Nutrition Diploma Program.

CSNN’s 2,100 study hours contain a solid foundation of cutting-edge science, and include 900 hours of real-life case studies, as well as over 200 hours of video lectures with course instructors. Our program enables you to facilitate deep, lasting life changes for your clients. At CSNN, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to health, but instead teach you to consider the biochemical and physiological uniqueness of each individual, allowing you to create supportive health programs specific to each client. Our dedicated instructors (many of whom are practising holistic nutrition professionals) provide you with hands-on training with a practical application of knowledge and expertise.

Our learning methods include textbooks, interactive exercises, video lectures, recorded and live webinars. You also get direct access to all your instructors.

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This Introduction Certificate is comprised of the first 2 courses of the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. It provides a general understanding to the links and connections between health and nutrition.

Upon successful completion of these courses within 6 months of registration, you will receive a certificate, letter of completion and will be invited to register into the full Natural Nutrition Program beginning with NN102 Anatomy and Physiology.

Successful completion of the Introduction Certificate qualifies for 4 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) from canfitpro.

Successful completion of the full Natural Nutrition Program will mean qualifying for your professional designation as well as for status with one or more professional organizations.


$683.58 + tax
Canadian Residents add: 15% hst if in NL, NS or PE; 13% in ON or NB; 5% gst AND 9.975% qst in QC; 5% for other Canadian residents. No tax on materials being shipped out of Canada

Course Descriptions:
Fundamentals of Nutrition Part 1:

This course offers a foundational overview of natural nutrition. This course explains the role of macronutrients, micronutrients, and the importance of water to overall health. It introduces the importance of proper digestion, absorption, and elimination to one’s health, and how certain dietary habits undermine the digestive process. It looks at the nutrient-nutrient interactions and the nutrient-drug interactions. This course also includes one of the main root issues in the development of disease – inflammation and the specific nutrients to help reduce a chronic inflammatory process.

Topics covered include:

  • Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins & lipids
  • Vitamins & minerals – sources, functions, health benefits, supplementation, toxicity
  • Function of the digestive system and why it might need support
  • Comparison of diets from around the world, including both plant-based and omnivore options
  • Common environmental pollutants, how they affect us and our planet, and steps that may be taken to reduce them

Fundamentals of Nutrition Part 2:

With a quality, whole foods diet, consumed during each phase of our lifecycle, overall health can be supported. This course identifies specific components of various diets that support health and discusses the changing nutritional needs of various age groups during growth and development. Students also learn about specific health imbalances such as cardiovascular disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, and bone and joint health, and the nutrition to help these health disorders. Students will also learn about the exposure of environmental and nutritional toxins, the related health risks, and the basic guidelines and benefits of detoxification.

Topics covered include:

  • Key components of a healthy diet
  • Nutrition through life stages – infancy through senior years, plus pregnancy and menopause
  • How stress & nutrition affect athletic performance and sexual vitality
  • Specific imbalances such as weight gain, immune function, bowel ecology, allergies, and more
  • Environmental & nutritional toxicity, water & fibre as detoxifiers
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CSNN Distance Education offers a variety of workshops available to the general public, including, but not limited to select courses from the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, Holistic Culinary Certificate Workshops, & Healthy Eating Certificate workshops.

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CSNN is committed to supporting the growth of holistic nutrition professionals and other health care practitioners by offering continuing education workshops. Interested professionals may take Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops via select classroom locations, distance education studies, or a combination of both flexible formats. Natural Nutrition Upgrade Courses are available to CSNN Graduates to learn about the courses that have been added or changed since they graduated.

For more information, click below:

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What do our grads thinks?

  • I had a wonderful experience studying at CSNN. Most of all I enjoyed the content of the lessons. I feel like they were able to select interesting and relevant content that will help me in my future practice. I also very much enjoyed the books that were offered for the additional reading, I was able to learn a lot of new information and see different viewpoints on what healthy way of eating means. What I really appreciated is that they did not push any specific viewpoint, but allowed me to form my own opinion based on the lectures, books and the information learned throughout the course. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, I feel like I could always reach out to an instructor with a question, even if it was not directly related to the specific class I was taking. I cannot say that it was a very easy road for me, there were plenty of challenging assignments and tests, but I feel like they helped me to better prepare for my future role is a holistic nutritionist. I highly recommend this for someone who is interested in pursuing holistic nutrition as a field.

    Kseniya, L.
    Graduate March 2024
  • I had a great experience at CSNN. Their administrative staff and instructors answered questions quickly and were there every step of the way. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in alternative health and living a healthy lifestyle.

    Jade Jamieson
    Graduated November 2023
  • My experience with CSNN has been incredible. Throughout the past three years, I have felt supported by my instructors, and gained an wealth of knowledge in the field of holistic nutrition. After graduating, I feel confident in my skills to go out and help people with my knowledge of holistic nutrition. Distance education made it easier for me to juggle my crazy life schedule and fit in schooling when I was able to. I highly recommend taking the holistic nutrition diploma, you won’t regret it!

    Sarah L.
    Graduated October 2023
  • I had the most profound experience with the Natural Nutrition program at CSNN Distance Education. Not only did I learn the tools necessary to guide clients to optimal health and wellness, but I also discovered so much about myself along the way. The program is well thought out and gives different perspectives on diets, history of agriculture, farming and also addressing the spiritual side of nutrition and health. I would recommend this program for personal growth as well as working in the professional world. Thank you to CSNN for being such a big part of my transformational journey into the world of health and wellness.

    Christine G.
    Graduated February 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the registration process look like?

Before registering, potential students may request a brochure or schedule a meeting with one of our advisors to see if the Natural Nutrition Program is the right choice. We strive to answer all questions, so you feel confident in your decision to register with CSNN Distance Education.

Once you are ready, you will be asked to fill out the Natural Nutrition Program’s registration form.

Once the registration form has been submitted, you will be redirected to a payment page to provide a down-payment via credit card. If you are not paying by credit card simply disregard this page, a member from our team will be in touch to provide instruction for alternative methods of payment (IE, Cheques, Money Orders, E-transfers, etc.).

Upon receipt a member of our administrative staff will review it in detail, including questions/comments. If all is clear, your registration will be processed, including payment dependent on payment plan chosen and access to the Online Learning Management Platform will be provided.

You will be sent a welcoming email containing important information regarding their enrollment, instructions on how to access the online system and an invitation to the next upcoming virtual (Zoom) student orientation. Textbooks are shipped at about the same time and how long they take to get to you depends on where you live, but typically within a week for Canadian addresses. 

What do I need to register?

Individuals must be at least 19-years of age or hold a high school diploma. For assistance with the registration process please do not hesitate to reach out by calling 1-800-328-0743 or by email

You can access the registration form by clicking here!

What is the cost / are there payment plans?

Payment plans are available! Simply pick which payment plan you would like on the registration form.

Tuition, fees and payment plans are all broken down within the “Tuition & Fees” tab found at the top of this page!

What do I do if I'm not in Canada?

The Natural Nutrition program is delivered in English. 

CSNN Distance Education accepts students world-wide! We have graduates in over 30 countries. Shipping textbooks outside of Canada is at additional cost, please get in touch with us to receive a quote!

Our contact info is
Local: 819-682-6066
Toll-Free: 1-800-328-0743 (USA & Canada only)

To avoid long-distance charges, individuals may get in touch via email to schedule a one-on-one appointment over Zoom with one of our support specialists!

When can I start?

The distance education program runs on a continual intake model. This means you can register at any time that is convenient for you! 

Individual timelines are set upon registration, students have a maximum of 3-years in which to complete the program. Extra time is added to account for shipping time.

What is the difference between a Holistic Nutrition Professional and a Health Coach?

A Holistic Nutrition Practitioner’s training includes science courses, many holistic nutrition courses, and a practical component that includes client intake forms, how to identify clients’ symptoms and imbalances, how to address these symptoms and imbalances using food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, and how to coach clients in their individual health journey. The training can be anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

A Health Coach’s training and training hours vary greatly depending on the educational institution, however, the training can be as short as 12 weeks, which may be enough time to help a client make a lifestyle change, but definitely not enough time to understand the complexity and interrelationship  of different health issues, varying individual bio-chemistry, and the many tools  needed to help clients in their individual health journey.

With over 2,100 hours of study, CSNN graduates have the in-depth knowledge, tools and skills needed to effectively help clients in their individual health journey.


CSNN offers the most in-depth, comprehensive and practical programs in the industry. Our 2,100 hours deliver a solid foundation of cutting-edge science, and include 900 hours of real-life case studies. Giving graduates the tools to be a true high-level holistic nutrition professional and address the unique individual needs of each client.

Our online program uses a variety of teaching methods – interactive exercises, video lectures with your instructors, recorded and live webinars, group forums, etc. We currently have over 200 hours of video content and are continuously adding more. You have access to your learning materials 24/7, and the ability to study from anywhere in the world there is internet at any time that is convenient for you.

CSNN has been operating for more than thirty years and has over 12,000 graduates in over 30 different countries. All of our instructors are professionals in the fields they teach; many have their own holistic nutrition practices.

Is there support after graduation?

CSNN is the only Holistic Nutrition School in Canada that has a designated Alumni Association!

CSNNAA is a national not-for-profit professional organization that represents the largest number of holistic nutrition professionals in Canada.

Their mission is to establish CSNNAA as the starting point for CSNN grads. Through community, information and partnership they endeavour to support, encourage and guide all holistic nutritional professionals to achieve success.

CSNNAA supports the interests of the holistic nutrition industry in order to improve awareness and recognition about the benefits of a holistic nutrition approach for the general public, insurance companies and within the medical and wellness industries.

Graduates receive lifetime access to the Online Learning Management Systems to review coursework, connect with peers review webinar recordings, additionally; all graduates are invited to participate in exclusive student events such as live webinars or workshops!

Why does CSNN have a Scope of Practice?

Educational institutions that care about protecting the reputation of all of its graduates provide their students the necessary information and tools to practice as a holistic nutrition professional in a safe and responsible manner.

CSNN has done this by providing a Scope of Practice that is supported by industry insurers and clarifies to the public and other health practitioners the role CSNN graduates play in the health care industry.

CSNN students learn about the nutrients found in supplements, natural health products, and food. Also, many health food and whole food stores, and natural pharmacies look for CSNN graduates because of their level of understanding and knowledge about these nutrients.

Staying within the bottle recommendations in regards to dosing levels protects both graduates and their clients. CSNN’s Scope of Practice is just another example of how its Natural Nutrition Program is truly a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner’s program in contrast to other programs that teach various modalities of wellness, but lack practitioner focus, or that teach only portions of a practitioner’s responsibility such as ‘coaching’.

By supplying a Scope of Practice, CSNN demonstrates how much it cares about the safe practice of its graduates, the health and safety of the public, and how much CSNN and its graduates respect the unique scopes of practice of other health care practitioners.

What professional designation do I get once I complete the program?

There are three designations that are exclusive to graduates of CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program. These are: R.H.N. (Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ or Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant™), C.H.N. (Certified Holistic Nutritionist™ or Certified in Holistic Nutrition™), and C.H.N.C. (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™). Which designation(s) and accompanying title(s) you may use depends on the regulations in the province(s) where you practice and the province(s) where your clients reside.

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*Results based on responses from online students/graduates. Survey date range: March 06, 2019 – January 24, 2023