How to Get your Online Holistic Nutrition Business Off the Ground, Part I

This is the first post in the series that will help you get your holistic nutrition business off the ground. This is the perfect series for new graduates, or maybe you graduated from CSNN a while ago and have yet to move your practice online. You’re going to learn how to stand out in the busy online space and attract your dream clients. We’ll cover the basics of setting up your online practice, as well as how to grow your business afterwards. Part 1 is all about gaining clarity so you can stand out amongst the crowd so the people who are best suited to working with you can find you. You can definitely start on this before you graduate. The earlier on you gain this clarity, the better!

What does it mean to gain clarity for our business?

When we are talking about gaining clarity here, we are really talking about choosing a niche and differentiating yourself from all of the other health coaches out there. In the online space, people have endless options when it comes to who they want to work with. You need to get clear and specific on who you are, what your unique gifts are, who your ideal clients are, and how you can help them.

Why is it important?

Like I mentioned above, in the world of online business, there are endless options for people who are seeking out a health coach or nutrition practitioner. When you gain clarity in your business, you can magnetize the exact people who would benefit from working with you the most. Getting clear on who you are and who you help makes it easier to create blog posts, social media captions, videos, podcast episodes, and more. You have a clear idea of who you are talking to and what they need most from you. This means that your free resources target only the people who would be a good fit for working with you, allowing you to easily sell your services and programs to those who have already gotten to know you through your free content.

Gaining clarity on your unique gifts

It’s important to know how you are different from all the other practitioners out there. People aren’t only looking for someone with credentials. They are looking for a real person that they feel comfortable with and can connect with. Receiving help on a health journey is deeply personal, so don’t worry about trying to be overly “professional” and formal. When you show up as yourself, you allow people to feel connected to you so they feel ready to work with you on their health journey.

What makes you different? What are you exceptionally good at? What do people often come to you for? Maybe you’re a good listener, or you are upbeat and positive, or you’re funny. Get clear on what makes you unique and infuse your personality into your brand and business.

Also, think about what aspects of nutrition and health you have the most passion for. Something that gets some new graduates feeling stuck is thinking that they would get more clients if they offer services to anyone and everyone with all kinds of different health complaints. This backfires because trying to appeal to everyone means you actually appeal to no one. You don’t stand out amongst everyone else. So use your passions to your advantage.

Gaining clarity on your ideal client

Who do you really want to help? Make sure that you aren’t making the mistake mentioned above by trying to help everyone. Get clear on their age, lifestyle, health complaints, income level, and family structure. Create a whole character for them. You can even give them a name if you want. Imagine what life is like for them: what their struggles are, why they haven’t made progress so far, and what they want to achieve from nutrition education and coaching.

We do this so we know exactly who we are talking to in our marketing and in the free content we put out to draw in our ideal clients and give them some quick wins that reinforce our ability to help them. If you want to work with executives who need high energy levels, your marketing and content will be much different than if you want to work with menopausal women needing hormonal support. Get specific here so you can really magnetize the people you would be amazing at serving and stand out in the online space.

Contributed by Melanie Maxwell, R.H.N.