Is a Career in Holistic Nutrition a Good Fit for You?

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1. You like to combine ancient wisdom with the latest scientific research.

This is one of the biggest reasons people choose to be holistic nutritionists. We recognize that there is so much wisdom in ancient health systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. For example, many of us love to opt for herbal health support like what was used a very long time ago, instead of modern pharmaceuticals whenever possible. At the same time, many of us love to read the latest research on nutrition and health, and we believe that there is a place for both holistic and modern medicine in healthcare. An effective holistic nutritionist works with allopathic medical professionals to create a well-rounded and supportive approach for their clients.

2. You have a deeply rooted passion for helping the people of this world thrive.

Holistic nutrition professionals are world-changers. If you are someone who envisions a healthier, happier world and you want to be a part of that movement, then you would be an amazing holistic nutritionist! We are advocates for people. We are advocates for the planet. We are here to restore the Earth to a vibrant and flourishing place.

3. You don’t believe in a “quick fix”, and you believe an individualized approach is most effective.

The holistic approach is all about individualized care and focusing on long term health improvements. We recognize that each person’s body is unique due to genetics, past health history, gut flora, and more. We don’t give all people the same set of recommendations. We take the time to ask the right questions and analyze sets of symptoms and nutritional inadequacies so we can create a custom plan for each person to improve their health. Then we stick with them for the long haul. Long term health improvements can take time to manifest and it’s important that we continue to support our clients along the way.

4. You love to be always learning.

Education never ends when you work in the field of holistic health! This field changes rapidly. Scientific studies are constantly being conducted and published. There is always something more to learn. If you are the type of person who is always seeking out a new book or a new topic to learn more about, you are a perfect fit! There are so many different modalities when it comes to holistic health, you can always broaden your range of knowledge by learning more about herbs, hormones, gut health, ayurveda, supplements, etc. The more you understand the human body systems and the modalities of supporting them, the more you can assist your clients in achieving their health goals.

5. You are compassionate and empathetic.

If you are considering a career in holistic nutrition, then you probably care about others very deeply. This is an important quality to have when you are coaching people on something so personal as their health. Holistic nutritionists need to be perceptive listeners so they can pick up on what lies below the surface. Body language, tone of voice, and a look in their eyes can all convey what is really going on with a client’s state of health and wellbeing. We also must listen without judgment and exercise compassion. We have not walked in their shoes, so we don’t know what it’s like to be them– but we can certainly try to understand so we can provide the best care possible. For example, if we listen with judgment, we might think that a person who hasn’t made the changes we’ve suggested is just lazy. If we listen with compassion, we might understand that change is hard for them because it triggers a reminder of something negative from their past. This makes us able to work with the client instead of simply telling them what to do which gets them long lasting results.

6. You like to gather information, then form your opinion.

One of the interesting things about graduates of the Natural Nutrition program is that they all go on to cultivate practices that centre around their beliefs, and no one set of beliefs is the same. In the program, you will come to find that information is abundant, and conflicting information is always present. You gain the skills to read studies and analyze them for any biases or faulty assumptions, then you decide what pieces of information you keep and which ones you’ve considered but don’t subscribe to. The beautiful thing about the human body and health is that it is extremely complex. Conflicting research and information is inevitable because of that complexity. Recognizing that, and keeping an open mind, is an amazing quality for a holistic nutrition practitioner to have.

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Contributed by Melanie Maxwell, R.H.N.