The 3 Steps Needed to Become a Holistic Nutritionist

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Becoming a holistic nutritionist is one of the most fulfilling careers someone can pursue. You help improve people’s lifestyles and health while enjoying your passion. Furthermore, an example of a holistic nutritionist’s average salary is $63,921 according to ZipRecruiter.


If you’re interested in entering this satisfying and lucrative career path, follow these three steps:

1. Complete education related to nutrition

Education is the key to becoming a holistic nutritionist. That’s why the first step is completing education from a recognized institution related to nutrition, diet, or similar. These programs educate you about diet, science, biomechanics, metabolism, and related studies.

While many opt to attend college or university, consider a distance education program like what we offer at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Our holistic nutrition courses provide hands-on training and knowledge to future-proof your success as a nutritionist.

2. Become qualified to practice

Graduates of holistic programs and certified nutritionist courses are able to apply for qualifications from organizations such as:

  1. Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals
  2. Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners
  3. National Association of Nutrition Professionals

These give you membership and credentials to professionally practice holistic nutrition while connecting you with others in the field.

3. Continue your education

Once you’ve completed your education and have become qualified to practice holistic nutrition, your learning doesn’t stop. In fact, it just begins. Many graduates opt to continue their education by completing nutritionist courses online, attending workshops, and leveraging similar resources to continually become better at their craft.

This increased amount of knowledge allows them to improve their practice, increase their income, and build their business if they go the self-employed route. 


Thinking of becoming a holistic nutritionist? Great choice. It’s a rewarding long-term career that’s in need of people just like yourself.

The first step is to receive a diploma in a nutrition-related field or study online through an institution like the CSNN. This allows you to apply for qualifications through organizations like CAHN-Pro. Finally, continuing education through courses, workshops, and online classes allows you to excel in your new career.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a brochure to see how the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition can help bring your dream to life. 

                                     Please note that CSNN does not guarantee a future salary.