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Registration for Feb 2022 session is now open!

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Now Accepting Winter 2022 Registrations

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, the largest northernmost metropolis, and has a vibrant, urban feel while being in the heart of wilderness. It boasts extraordinary nature, world-famous attractions like West Edmonton Mall, top-notch cuisine, and is the host of many unique festivals. CSNN Edmonton currently offers the one-year Natural Nutrition diploma program starting February. The Natural Nutrition Diploma Program is licensed by the Government of Alberta Advanced Education. The holistic nutrition industry has been growing over the past few years and offers many opportunities in the Edmonton area.

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CSNN-Edmonton offers both in-person and a virtual classroom. To read more about the experience, click here.

COVID-19 Announcement

CSNN’s main goals are maintaining students’ healthy, quality of education and academic integrity during times of COVID-19.  For the February 2022 (one year diploma) start date, we will be offering both in-person classes and virtual online classrooms (or a combination).


Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate

Holistic Culinary Certificate

Passionate about food, health and wellness? Turn it into a career in holistic nutrition.  

At the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Edmonton, you can expect top-notch instructors with years of clinical experience and a progressive, hands-on approach to holistic nutrition education that empowers you – body, mind, and spirit.

CSNN is the industry leader and the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada. Click on your desired offering below to learn more:

Start your new career today and learn the medicine of the future!

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Practitioner Program
Changing Lives

We are the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada with 11,000+ grads worldwide.

⦁ Multiple classroom locations + online learning
⦁ Practical, science-based curriculum
⦁ Flexible part-time and full-time study options
⦁ Provincially-licensed classrooms
⦁ Active and supportive Alumni Association

The CSNN Natural Nutrition Program trains highly professional nutrition practitioners.

⦁ Earn a diploma, professional designation, and title
⦁ Comprehensive, foundational curriculum with 1/3 being science courses
⦁ Protective Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics and board exam
⦁ Tools to work effectively alongside other health care practitioners
⦁ Receive intake forms, case studies, and practice hours.

CSNN opens many doors professionally and provides ongoing job support.

⦁ Program provides foundation for a variety of careers
⦁ Strong student services and supportive alumni network
⦁ Job board and job support from CSNN’s Alumni Association
⦁ CSNN provides promotional opportunities for graduates
⦁ Access to workshops to upskill and enhance practice for competitive advantage.

CSNN graduates benefit both professionally and personally.

⦁ Personal growth, empowerment, and self-awareness
⦁ Fulfilling and lasting career
⦁ Tools to achieve improved health and energy
⦁ Critical thinking skills
⦁ Learn about eco-friendly and sustainable practices.


CSNN Edmonton Graduation Report for 2019: The Graduation Rate (of the students enrolled, successfully completed) is 83.5%, and the Employment Rate is 77%.

“I graduated with the class of 2019 and am very grateful for my experience at CSNN. I not only had some of the most educated and experienced teachers, but I also found a community in which I felt I belonged and would become a part of something greater! Coming from a science background, I felt many of the courses were very science oriented and furthermore expanded on topics to dig deeper. I have since began my own business to aide clients with health concerns and health goals and feel competent in doing so. In doing this, and creating wellness teams with other local practitioners, I feel my knowledge is continually validated, not only by seeing improvement in my clients, but also in new research coming out and in discussions with other health professionals. If anyone is interested in the world of holistic nutrition, I would highly recommend CSNN.”

Ashley Piwowar
C.H.N.C., 2019

By blending practical knowledge with hands-on experience in a supportive, student-centered learning environment, CSNN Edmonton provides an education that is truly holistic. Whether your interest in natural nutrition is based on personal growth, family health, or a professional career choice, we welcome you to join us here.