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NEW! AN109 Laboratory Diagnosis & Tests Workshop will be offered starting June 13.

These workshops are available via Zoom so you can learn from wherever you are. Attendance is encouraged, though recordings will be available.

Please see our upcoming workshops below. Expand the tabs below to see workshop details, upgrade hours, schedules, and tuition information.

If you are registering for multiple workshops, you will only have to pay 1 administration fee.

Please read each section below carefully. After submitting the registration form below, we will be in contact to complete your registration and payment. 

AN108 - Nutrition & Athletic Performance

Do you want to understand your client’s lab tests and results?

 Some of your clients will participate in lab tests ordered by their medical doctor. Knowing which tests your client has had or will have, plus the medical purpose of these tests, will give you increased insight into your client’s overall health.  As a result, your client assessment will be more complete, as will your recommendations. By understanding the results of some basic lab tests, you will be able to communicate more effectively and confidently with your client’s medical doctor, should the need arise.

Dates: June 13, 14, 20, 27, July 4, 2023
5:30pm – 8:30pm PST
Mode of Delivery: Live Online via Zoom

Tuition: $270 + tax = $283.50**
Material Fees: $30.00 + tax = $31.50
Administration Fee*: $50.00 + tax = $52.50

Total (including taxes): $367.50

*Administration fee is non-refundable.

**Active CSNNAA Members receive a 10% discount on tuition

Registration Information

Please read carefully prior to accepting contract

SIN Number & Tax Receipt Information

CSNN provides T2202 tax receipts for workshops that are at least 12 hours in length in a month and are provided over at least 3 consecutive weeks. Revenue Canada requires SIN number to be included on the tax receipts. For further information, contact CRA at 1-800-954-8281. CSNN will keep your SIN number private and safe. For workshops that do not qualify for T2202, an internal CSNN receipt will be given. 

WITHDRAW & REFUND POLICY: If the applicant terminates registration at least 7 days prior to the workshop commencement date, a full refund will be issued, less the registration fee. If registration is terminated by the applicant less than 7 days before or after the workshop start date, no refunds will be granted. If CSNN cancels a workshop for any reason, all paid fees will be refunded to the applicant.

RELEASE: “I hereby release The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Inc. and all branches and affiliations from all claims of damages arising from any accident or injury which is caused by or arises from participation of the applicant named herein, during any program or any facility or any location where a program is held.”                     
CONFIDENTIALITY AND DISCLOSURE: Absolutely no part of the contents in the copyrighted publications, course material or teachers notes, may be photocopied or adapted for teaching purposes or shared with anyone not taking the CSNN workshop. BREACH OF THESE RESTRICTIONS WILL RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION.

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