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Welcome to the Toronto Branch of CSNN, where you can attend lectures in real-time with the convenience of Live Online Zoom format. You are fully interactive having lively exchanges with  your instructors and peers throughout the sessions.

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Celebrating 30 Years

Dear Visionary, we invite you to join alongside other trailblazers in the CSNN community to carve a career or possibilities that is uniquely yours!

Being a visionary is daring to challenge the conventional, tread beyond status quo with ingenuity to open what awaits in the potential. It calls for courage, audacity, wisdom, and one’s passion towards the purpose. Also guided by intuition and faith in the outcome of the vision to overcome setbacks along the path.

Can Holistic Nutrition Practitioners Change the World?

At a time when we are increasingly facing rising health concerns, environmental and food quality degradation, food insecurity, our role as holistic nutritionists pivots to being stewards of health.  We help raise awareness with balanced and nutrient-dense meals. It is not just about macro, micronutrients, and calories but also putting emphasis on the quality and properties of food; how it is grown, prepared, carbon footprint, sustainability, and more. We are also lifestyles coaches educating the impact of toxic accumulation from various sources, stress management, lifestyle choices, and mindful eating practices. Following a holistic approach, we empower individuals to take charge of their own well-being, and when necessary, alongside other practitioners, help support chronic and adverse health issues. A holistic protocol goes far beyond physical health; we also place equal emphasis to nourish other realms of well-being: mental, emotional, and spiritual. Numerous studies now recognize that dietary habits and lifestyles can enhance these realms to render productivity, cognitive and mental well-being, longevity, and much more.

Changing the world can be achieved as laid out in CSNN’s Mission that, through teaching the holistic philosophy of health care, wholesome foods, respect for ourselves and others, and respect for our planet, we can help ourselves and others towards optimal well-being, heal our communities, our planet, and ultimately, advance the evolution of mankind.

Embracing the power of food as medicine has not only been the approach of the past, but the present, and will continue in the future. This principle has always been the framework of our Natural Nutrition Program and consistently updated by our curriculum committee.

We have been advocating this inter-connectedness of human physical, mental, emotional, and environmental health in the last 30 years and it is reflected in our curriculum. Come celebrate our 30th anniversary and join us in this mission to inspire and empower.

Our success in 2020 was driven by Instructors and Students here in Metro Toronto location, who made the transition seamlessly from classroom setting to live, interactive virtual learning that takes place in real-time. Students are pleased with the on-line convenience, satisfied with the quality maintained, many are surprised they still have a close knit relationship with their classmates.

We have a friendly and inspiring learning environment with a team of dedicated and experienced practitioner-instructors to encourage student’s ingenuity and contributions. We strive to cultivate and support students to achieve full potential, foster excellence in all aspects of academic, professional and personal life through individual and team projects. The ultimate goal is for each of our student to succeed and have a positive impact in their community and the world while nourishing body and soul.


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If you wish to learn more about how to embark on an exciting, fulfilling career in the rapidly-growing field of holistic nutrition, please continue through our web pages, and call to inquire about our next Information Session or to schedule a meeting.

CSNN is the industry leader and the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada. We offer:

Start your new career today and learn the medicine of the future!

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CSNN Metro Toronto

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Toronto, Ontario
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Tel: (416) 482-3772

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Practitioner Program
Changing Lives

We are the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada with 12,000+ grads worldwide.

⦁ Live Online, Self-Study Online, In-Person, and Hybrid learning available
⦁ Continually updated practical, science-based curriculum
⦁ Flexible part-time and full-time study options
⦁ Provincially-licensed classrooms
⦁ Active and supportive Alumni Association

The CSNN Natural Nutrition Program trains highly professional nutrition practitioners.

⦁ Earn a diploma, professional designation, and title
⦁ Comprehensive, foundational curriculum with 1/3 being science courses
⦁ Protective Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics and board exam
⦁ Tools to work effectively alongside other health care practitioners
⦁ Receive intake forms, case studies, and practice hours.

CSNN opens many doors professionally and provides ongoing job support.

⦁ Program provides foundation for a variety of careers
⦁ Strong student services and supportive alumni network
⦁ Job board and job support from CSNN’s Alumni Association
⦁ CSNN provides promotional opportunities for graduates
⦁ Access to workshops to upskill and enhance practice for competitive advantage.

CSNN graduates benefit both professionally and personally.

⦁ Personal growth, empowerment, and self-awareness
⦁ Fulfilling and lasting career
⦁ Tools to achieve improved health and energy
⦁ Critical thinking skills
⦁ Learn about eco-friendly and sustainable practices.


Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. – PCC # 148878

I chose to pursue holistic nutrition due to going through some personal health obstacles through University. Suddenly my career path and interest changed from Psychology to Nutrition from experiencing first hand the importance of nutrition in how you feel mentally and physically. I chose CSNN because I was impressed with how they were just as serious as I was about quality education and experiences, their full time schedule allowed me to continue to work, and I enjoyed that the classrooms were small so each student could really learn, interact and absorb the material. On Day 1, I thought I had learned so much (all we talked about was water) that for the first time, I actually became really excited to read textbooks and do homework.

Sarah Maughan
R.H.N., 2009

By blending practical knowledge with hands-on experience in a supportive, student-centered learning environment, CSNN Metro Toronto provides an education that is truly holistic. Whether your interest in natural nutrition is based on personal growth, family health, or a professional career choice, we welcome you to join us here.