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International Students

CSNN Metro Toronto is proud to be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) as authorized by Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Study permit applicants require a learning institution’s DLI number to record on their study permit application. Our DLI #- is O263151451182 (please note the first digit is the letter “O” –for organization).

Please review the International Student requirements for Canada here.

Checklist & Guide For Registration


Class Schedule

Be sure to discuss with location manager first to ensure the scheduled class time and days fit your timetable.


Registration Form

On your Student Contract (Registration Form), please select: 1-year Natural Nutrition Diploma Program. You may also discuss with location manager for a possible accelerated schedule.


Academic Record

A copy of your post-secondary Diploma and Transcript assessed by WES or equivalent, if it is not from Canadian Institutions.

If not available, students can apply as a mature student. A Superintendent approved qualifying English proficiency test is mandatory. Arrangement can be made with Manager.

All related fees are the student’s sole responsibility.

The Natural Nutrition Diploma Program is intensive and includes technical, scientific, and medical language.


Student Guideline Policies

Download document to view important policies and procedures. This document requires your signature to indicate your acknowledgement and agreement.


Contact Information

Submit a scan of your government-issued photo ID. 


Study Permit

A copy of your study permit is required. This can be provided separately from the other registration documents, but must be received by the branch at least one week prior to the program start date. Late entry to the program due to extraordinary circumstances may be permitted.  


Consent Form

International Student Consent Form and Notice of Collection of Personal Information and Consent. Download Form.


Student Waiver

COVID-19 Related Information and Waiver. During the pandemic, we have included a COVID-19 Waiver as part of the registration package. Download Waiver.

Health & Safety Plan

The health and safety of our students, instructors, and administrative staff is paramount. Our CSNN Toronto policies are based on current guidelines and will be updated as needed  in line with recommendations and requirements from Public Health Authorities.

Arrival Plan into Canada

Visit Government of Canada website for more details.

International Student Application Fee

The fee is $750.00 (plus applicable tax) to submit upon Registration as per the Student Contract (please review the full tuition and fee details in Registration Addendum A and B). Payments can be made by draft in Canadian funds or Wire Transfer to “Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Toronto”, details upon request. In-person payment or e-transfers from a domestic bank account (if you are already in Toronto) are also accepted.

Please go through all pages in the package. Your signature is required on Registration form pages 2, 3, 5, 8, 14 ,  Addendum H-1 and additional forms in the above check list #4 and 8.

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