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Natural Nutrition Upgrade Courses

NEW! CSNN Toronto is proud to share a new offering for those looking for Continuing Education Units. Foundations of Ayurveda & Its Approaches to Microbiome Health will be offered starting June 13, 2023 via Live Online Zoom. 

With increasing popularity in holistic tools for well-being, Ayurveda is one of the powerful healing traditions to address all aspects of Body, Mind & Spirit to achieve balance and support health. This foundational workshop provides you with insights of many origins of diseases, the knowledge to further enhance the personalized protocol you recommend to your clients, and incorporate the maximum and appropriate nutrients. It also empowers every individual to live each day to the fullest.

You will learn the factors which contribute to the nature of any disease and the tools to support through a variety of resources in this modality:

  • The Tridoshas, how the increase and decrease in the body can cause imbalances of the body. The insight gained will enable practitioners more adaptations to correct imbalances
  • The Dhatus, or body’s tissues, are the building blocks of the body, and how they impact immunity and keep the body healthy
  • The five elements to help understand how the environment and choices can nourish and support various aspects of well-being
  • How the three Gunas define the qualities of the mind so we can better manage the many stressors of life
  • To further support your clients with digestive health as Holistic Nutritionists, we will explore the concept of diet and the 6 tastes for food guidelines, at the same time what to avoid and how to eliminate toxins that cause imbalance and diseases
  • Ayurvedic approach to cultivate your microbiome and a food prep demo

Instructor: Sandra Spenser, R.H.N.

Duration: 12 Hours

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 3.5

Upgrade Hours: CAHN-Pro: 12 | CANNP: 12

Schedule: Classes are 6:00-9:00pm EST – June 13, 20, 21, 27

Active CSNN Alumni Members receive 10% discount.

If you are a member of canfitpro and looking to earn CECs, check out the approved courses below. Click to expand to learn more about the offerings and see upcoming schedules to register. 

Fundamentals of Nutrition (Part 1) | 21 hours

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the field of nutrition, which expands the link between nutrition and prevention of health illnesses. The course explains the role of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and the importance of water to overall health. It introduces the importance of proper digestion to one’s health and how certain dietary habits undermine health and provides suggestions for overcoming these habits. It looks at the effect of pollution on our health and the health of our planet.

Fundamentals of Nutrition (Part 2) | 15 hours

With a diet of high nutritional quality, we can support life at every stage. This course explains the ten key components of a healthy diet and discusses the changing nutritional needs of various age groups during growth and development. Students also learn about specific body imbalances such as fatigue, immunity, weight management and which nutrition helps these imbalances plus the health benefits of and basic guidelines detoxification.

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate | 10 workshops, 20 hours total

A series of fun workshops that gives you a sneak peek into the world of holistic nutrition and provides you with some holistic nutrition tips for you and your family. No prior knowledge of holistic nutrition is needed. Learn about a new way to look at nutrition and the role nutrition plays in your overall well-being. You will receive basic foundational knowledge about healthy fats, good digestion, gut health, and much more.

Holistic Culinary Certificate | 10 workshops, 30 hours total

With 30 hours of experiential learning available, students sharpen their practical abilities while deepening their knowledge of whole foods and holistic health. Classes are taught by Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professionals and professionally trained chefs. They are designed to integrate the benefits of food into the kitchen, provide recipes, and give students increased confidence and skill in the areas of meal planning, food shopping, and food preparation.

Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate | 36 hours

The Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate is for anyone looking to kick start their holistic nutritional journey by learning the fundamental ideas behind healthy holistic nutrition. Students will learn some basic holistic nutrition principles and gain insight into the study of holistic nutrition and how it is connected to health.  Students will gain an appreciation of how gaining control of one’s own health is very empowering.

Starts March 21, 2023 – Learn More

Lifecycle Nutrition - Sports | 12 hours

This course provides scientifically based information on the relationship between nutrition and sports performance. It covers topics such as how food is used for energy, the importance of each macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) in fueling an athlete, proper hydration, sports supplements, and ergogenic aids, as well as how to calculate optimal caloric and macronutrient requirements specific to individual athletes and their goals. In addition, recommendations for plant-based, younger, and master athletes to the competitive athlete. Students also learn how gut health impacts performance and the importance of nutrition for recovery.

These are open to CSNN graduates (from any branch) and other healthcare practitioners. Those who achieve 80% or higher in one of these courses will receive a certificate for that course. Practitioners may earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Please see upgrade course descriptions below:

NN103B Motivational Interview Skills | 10.5 hours

This course introduces students to Motivational Interviewing (MI)—an approach to support clients in achieving positive behaviour change when addressing their health challenges. This course presents the background philosophy and components of Motivational Interviewing and outlines techniques to apply the principles when conducting holistic nutritional consultations. Students will receive resources and practice opportunities for integrating MI into the practice of holistic nutrition.

CEUs: 3.0 | Association Upgrade Hours (CAHN-Pro & CANNP): 11.5 hours

NN104A Hormone Health | 18 hours

The stress of modern-day life has led to an epidemic of hormonal imbalances resulting in low energy, mood issues and carrying extra weight. This course explains the connection between the body’s different hormones, certain health issues and the steps needed to reset the body’s hormones to get back to feeling vibrant and joyful.

CEUs: 5.5 | Upgrade Association Hours (CAHN-Pro & CANNP): 19.0 hours

NN107A Biochemistry & Epigenetics | 21 hours

This course teaches the basic understanding of chemical processes that underlie biological functions, starting with atomic structure, chemical symbols, and the periodic table, and culminating in genetics and epigenetics. It explores the chemistry of living things; the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, the biochemical processes of various functions of the human body, including radicals, antioxidants, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular replication, and the new science of epigenetics that shows how lifestyle and diet can change genetic expression.

CEUs: 6.5 | Upgrade Association Hours (CAHN-Pro & CANNP): 22.0 hours

NN115 Introduction to the Practical Use of Herbs | 14 hours

This general interest course is designed to (1) introduce the properties of commonly used plants and herbs in the kitchen; (2) discuss common culinary herbs for general use and health issues, and how herbs can be incorporated for prevention of health disorders; (3) learn about harvesting, herbal making techniques, and the importance of sustainable practices for the health of our planet; (4) explain how to prepare teas and infusions for common use.

CEUs: 14.0 | Upgrade Association Hours (CAHN-Pro & CANNP): 15.0 hours

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