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Superfood Salad

By Myriam Khouzam, R.H.N.

Salads have so much to offer. They are easy to prepare and, when paired with the right dressing, provide a variety of textures and flavours that are sure to please any palate. With summer in full swing, this hearty and nutritious Superfood Salad is at the top of go-to self-care meals. This vibrant salad is made with the most delicious collection of simple ingredients and will satiate your body and your soul. 

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Detox Recipes

Here are 2 detox-friendly recipes to help support your body’s natural cleansing system: Detox Smoothie and Lemony Detox Cabbage Slaw. Support your digestive system and internal organs by consistently eating whole, nutrient-dense foods like those found in these simple recipes. Learn more about the powerhouse ingredients and their potential health benefits.

Detox Smoothie – Get Recipe
Lemony Detox Cabbage Slaw – Get Recipe

Supporting Mental Wellness with Plants Foods

Article by Denise Massie, B.Sc., R.H.N.

The challenges of the past few years have shown the importance of mental health. We inhabit one body and it is impossible to isolate the state of the body from the state of the mind. Mental wellness is a complex issue and demands a holistic approach. While it is not sufficient, good nutrition is essential, since the foods we choose to eat can either support or oppose optimal functioning.

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Act Now: New Minister

Action #1 Tell the new Minister of Health, The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, to stop Health Canada’s proposal for corporate self-regulation of new genetically engineered foods. Click here to send your instant email from Action #2 Calling all organizations! Are you part of a local, regional or national group? CBAN is asking organizations to sign...
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Ontario – Stop Subsidizing Violence!

Yesterday Nation Rising shared on our social media the news that the Province of Ontario is forking over $14M to help create a “swine research centre” in Elora, Ontario. The purpose they say is to use technology for “several research projects including animal health, nutrition and welfare, nutrient management, and reproduction among others”. As you...
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Election Action: Ask your candidates on GMO regulation

Ask your candidates: Do you support mandatory government safety assessments for all genetically engineered foods and seeds? If elected, would you ensure that all genetically engineered foods and seeds are regulated? New Action Resource! Click here to download the one-page to give to your candidates, or use as background when you ask your question at...
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The CFIA is proposing to exempt many new GM seeds from regulation

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has launched a public consultation on a proposal to exempt many new genetically engineered (genetically modified or GM) plants from government regulation for environmental protection. This consultation on GM seed regulation follows a similar proposal from Health Canada that would hand many GM food safety assessments over to product...
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These fish stole an antifreeze gene from another fish and became natural GMOs

Evidence suggests gene moved from herring to smelt in process similar to genetic modification in the lab Millions of years before scientists created genetically modified Atlantic salmon with genes from two other fish, nature created genetically modified smelt with a gene from herring, growing evidence shows. And now the Canadian scientists who first proposed that...
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Urgent Action: Demand Health Canada regulate all GM foods

Demand mandatory safety assessments for all genetically engineered foods and crops. Take action today. Click here to send your instant letter to the Minister of Health. en français – Passez à l’action : Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) appear ready to propose removing regulation for some GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Health...
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