Natural Nutrition Program: Length of Program

1. Classroom Study

Program hours include classroom instruction, clinical studies, and supervised practicals*, totalling 632 hours plus approximately 550 hours for homework assignments and class preparation (approximately 1200 hours in total).

One Year (Full-time)

Students attend classes two to three times per week, plus scheduled practicals*.

Two Year (Part-time)

Students attend classes one to two times per week, plus scheduled practicals*. To find out whether a branch offers part-time day or night program, please contact the branch.

*called practicums, workshops, or co-requisites at some locations.

Accelerated Learning

At some branches, the CSNN Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol may be completed in a shorter amount of time. For example, a day student may wish to attend classes 4 days per week and take 2 modules simultaneously in order to complete the entire program in one semester rather than two. Students who opt for this accelerated course of study should expect to undertake a very heavy workload, and some courses would be taken out of sequence. An accelerated evening program is also available at some branches. Students wishing to register in an accelerated program are required to pay an additional administrative fee of $100.

2. Online Study

CSNN Distance Education